She lowered her voice and said what are you doing It sounded like it was whispering in the ear Zhou Shu also lowered his voice

Chapter 1 You must have knelt again In a notebook, they loudly yelled that you must have knelt down again Zhou Shu opened his eyes wide and said, why are you so filthy? Innocent? I saw you play Riven the day before yesterday and was hanged and beaten by Galen. Zhou Shu swelled The blue veins on his forehead burst out, he argued, Riven’s loss to Garen can’t be considered a loss, let alone a match, if it’s not a serious game, can it be considered a loss? Everyone burst into laughter, the classroom and inside and outside were filled with a happy atmosphere.
Zhou Shu stopped arguing with them. He didn’t do the nine homework subjects. I copied all the homework as usual, a morning self-study and the time after class passed like this. After the first period of history class, Zhou Shu finally fell asleep under the teacher’s thoughts. Salted fish’s high school life is so comfortable At this time, there is also a Zhou Shu in a different time and space in a different world.
He looks much more mature than the current Zhou Shu. His eyes are full of melancholy and reluctance.
He looks at the e-sports news on his phone. The veteran broke the link. Under this news, countless fans and blacks are spraying at each other.
Some people are sad, some people feel sorry, but most of them are people who shouted happily. The hot chicken is easy to leave and I can do it.
Thank you for giving the newcomer a chance.
Looking at these comments, Zhou Shu felt heartbroken for a while. He is the rookie who retired. He chose his best output in the semi-finals of the series not long ago. Since then, the godhead has fallen from the pride of the national server to a The disgrace of the national server.
Some people know that he caught a bad cold on the day of the game. During the game, his mental state was already extremely poor, and he was targeted too much by the opponent in that game, but even if he said these things, they would only be used as excuses.
If you lose, you lose.
There is no reason to bear such infamy.
Zhou Shu finally chose to quit. After all, he is indeed old. Even if he hadn’t originally planned to retire after finishing the last game, he didn’t expect that this battle would be a letdown. I can’t guarantee it at the end of the festival, but this is life, right? There’s nothing to complain about. Zhou Shu turned off the screen of his phone and stopped thinking about the abuse. He was about to drag his suitcase and leave when he heard a commotion.
When Zhou Shu realized it, he was already in front of him. Zhou Shu only saw the flustered look of the female driver inside, and he felt like he was flying up. Why the hell wouldn’t you step on the brakes? This was Zhou Shu’s last thought before losing consciousness.
I don’t know how long it has been in the darkness.
Zhou Shu suddenly felt a hand slapping his head. Who is it? Zhou Shu stood up very irritablely and at the same time yelled unhappily.
He opened his eyes and found that something was wrong.
He was in a classroom.
All the students in the classroom looked at him in shock. In front of him was an old man with a book.
This man looked familiar Zhou Shuyi. With a dazed face, the old man shook his head helplessly and said, “I’ve never seen someone who sleeps so soundly in class.
Shall I give you a bed, my classmate Ha Zhou Shu hasn’t figured out what’s going on. The old man said, young people, don’t laugh.” In the future, let’s change the topic, you can stand in class first, students, let’s continue to talk about the representative thought of the Mohist school. Generally speaking, it is both love and non-aggression. He was treated equally, and there was laughter in the classroom. The old man didn’t bother with Zhou Shu.
When what happened just now didn’t happen, he started lecturing again. Mr. Zhou Shu, you are so skinny, do you know the principal? Zhou Shu stood in a daze for a long time, and suddenly remembered Isn’t this old man Cao, my history teacher in high school? Although this teacher is old, his lectures are very interesting and trendy.
It is said that his hobby is reading jokes on the Internet. The classmates sized them up and matched them one by one with the somewhat blurred impressions in his mind. Finally, Zhou Shu came to a conclusion that I was reborn, but Zhou Shu was not very excited because reliving once again meant that he would have to reincarnate the past again. What a pain it is to go through the misery once again.
Classmate Zhou Shu made you stand up and be dishonest.
After class, go talk to your head teacher.
I don’t want to lose face when I’m sleeping in class. I don’t want to lose face when I stand up.
Zhou Shu saw that old man Cao was really angry.
How long did it take for class to end? Old man Cao walked out of the classroom with a book in his hand.
He didn’t forget to say to Zhou Shu that I’m waiting for you in the office.
This time, we are doomed. The boss told you not to cultivate immortality.
Look, now you’re going to cross the catastrophe, Zhou Shu. The person who spoke to him was his bad friend Mo He in high school. At this moment, a small piece of information suddenly appeared in Zhou Shu’s mind.
The scene full of slots like Kong Yiji was the picture in the head of this bad friend. Zhou Shu suddenly realized that this was probably his previous memory, but he was already very good at playing games in high school, how could he be laughed at as if some things were not the same as before? Zhou Shu had this kind of doubt Walked out of the classroom and walked in this familiar teaching building again