She looked at Chu Yue in my arms and yelled Why why are you saving him regardless of your own life Do you know I

Youxian’er was angry with grandpa and forced me to go to watch for the widows in the village in the middle of the night. On the first night, I heard that there was a watch in the coffin. Some helped widows carry water and some helped widows do farm work. But have you ever seen a widow standing in front of the widow’s door? There are many right and wrong, not to mention it’s still such a trivial matter, but my grandfather is old and confused, and insists on going to this muddy water.
In his words, he has lived a long life and doesn’t care about it when he is old. But the problem is that he doesn’t care, and he can’t push my grandson out.
What’s more, things like guarding the spirit are done by the children. My grandfather asked me to go here, so it’s obvious that I poured dirty water on myself? People in the village also persuaded my grandfather to let him not care about it. It’s over after the ground is buried. Why do you want Tengzi to watch the spirit? I don’t know if it’s because grandpa is old and confused, or he just wants to trick his grandson.
He doesn’t listen to anyone’s dissuasion. He insists on forcing me to watch for Widow Zhang and says that if I don’t go, I don’t need to recognize him.
Grandpa is gone, I pee without parents.
Grandpa brought me up with the impression that he has never blushed with me, but this time he quarreled with me a few times because of Widow Zhang.
He bit the bullet and agreed. Grandpa still didn’t know where he found a white filial piety. He told me earnestly that now I may not understand what he did, but one day I will understand.
Grandpa is right, not only I don’t understand the whole village People don’t understand, and even gossip spread in the village soon, saying that my grandfather and Widow Zhang have an abnormal relationship, and that I am the illegitimate child of Widow Zhang to my grandfather. In short, the rumors are very ugly.
Walking in the village, there are always people poking behind my back. Don’t mention the spine, he’s so upset. At noon, Guo Ergou also came to me because of this matter and asked me if I really planned to go to the widow’s wake. I told him with a reluctant face that I didn’t want to, but my grandfather’s temper is famous in the village. I can’t help it because Ergou suddenly came to my ear and asked me mysteriously if I knew how Widow Zhang died.
I looked at Ergou inexplicably and thought that Widow Zhang accidentally fell into the rice field yesterday morning. No one in the village knew about this matter in Xipaozi. Why did you ask Er Gou? Scared me, swearing and punching him hard, the vigilante was so scary Ergou still made jokes like this, I took him by the arm and asked him to go with me to guard Widow Zhang at night Ergou listen to me Shaking his head like a rattle drum, he went straight to the door and said that if he really went, his father would find out that he had to peel off the skin for him. Seeing that the sky was getting dark, my heart skipped a beat.
Grandpa handed me the white filial piety clothes.
Let me put it on and say it’s getting late, and I’m going to send me to Widow Zhang’s place.
In front of Widow Zhang’s house, Grandpa pointed to the inside and let me go in. Although I was full of resistance in my heart, I still bite the bullet and walked in, but just as I was walking When I got to the door, my grandpa stopped me suddenly and told me to go in. Remember to light the seven tall candles in front of the mourning hall.
When I go to bed at night, I should be vigilant and don’t go out if there is any movement. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Shou Ling, but when my grandpa said this to me, I always felt that his tone was a little weird, especially the expression on his face, as if he was hiding something from me, but I didn’t want my grandpa too much. Be careful when you go back.
It’s dark.
Don’t stumble. Grandpa waved at me and signaled me to go in. I sighed helplessly and turned around to enter Widow Zhang’s house.
After entering the house, there was a striking red coffin beside the door. The hall has seven unlit tall candles scattered in front of the hall.
Our village is relatively backward and the folk customs are relatively feudal.
There has always been a tradition of keeping spirits, so I have seen many mourning halls like this when I was young, but it is somewhat strange.
No wonder I lit the seven tall candles that were enough to burn for one night according to my grandfather’s wishes, then knelt down in front of the coffin, looked at the big red coffin, and thought in my heart that this widow is really miserable.
It’s also quite aggrieved, but the most aggrieved one is me, and I still want to be here with her, but after thinking about this widow’s miserable life experience, I think it’s because I did something good to give her a ride, because it’s a hot summer night.
The white filial piety clothes are very hot on my body.
Anyway, this widow is not related to me. I don’t have to be so particular about it, so I just took off the white filial piety clothes on the upper body, but when I took off the clothes, I was directly on the clothes. There was actually a Xizi embroidered with red thread on the inner lining of the shirt.
I thought I was dazzled. I took it over and took a closer look. It was indeed a Xizi. Grandpa was really confused.
It’s too unlucky to find someone to make a filial piety and make a mistake. Fortunately, I found it. Early in the morning, I frowned and quickly turned my clothes over and threw them aside. I don’t know how long it took, and I fell asleep on my knees on the ground in a daze.
When I woke up again, it was a dog in the village that raised dogs. It’s not uncommon for dogs to bark at night.
I looked at my watch and it’s already two o’clock in the middle of the night. Right now, I’m having the urge to urinate.
I used to deal with it at home in a chamber pot, but now I’m guarding Widow Zhang’s body.
I’m sure I can’t urinate. After I got out, I found a corner and prepared to solve it.
As soon as I unbuttoned my pants, there was a sound of ticking water.
I lowered my head and looked down to make sure I hadn’t opened the gate to release the water, but where did the sound of water come from? I pulled up my trousers and followed the sound of the water, but the sound of the water was intermittent. Whenever I pricked up my ears to listen, it stopped. After listening for a long time, I realized that the sound came from Widow Zhang’s house. The widow in the picture was drowned, and now there is an inexplicable sound of water coming from the house, which made me feel a bad feeling.
I swallowed and stood outside the door, feeling a little scared and hesitant. Do you want to push the door and walk in, or Ergou will see me like this?