She left my place long ago and hasn’t returned to your place yet Ya she is angry with me and doesnt answer my phone you

In order to find his girlfriend Lu Yang, he had to go deep into the treacherous domain time and time again to search for the cruel truth behind everything.
The familiar neighborhood suddenly became silent and unmanned. The gas station’s urn appeared strangely.
The mysterious and beautiful hilltop village. What kind of world is it covered under the black mist? Chapter Apple I want an apple for my birthday the day after tomorrow, you can buy it for me When your settlement wages arrive, you can just pay back the money you swiped the card. What good is it for me to take such a big risk? Hey, the night after tomorrow, I can do something and officially start a new life with me. Can you think of something healthy for this kind of thing? What do you think I am thinking? Hehe, it would cost a few thousand oceans to be with you. I might as well go to a roadside shop for fifty yuan.
You really have no taste.
Yiyi shook her head and eyes. Looking around, looking around, what are you looking at? I’m looking at whether an apple will fall from the sky, it’s better to drop a gold brick and hit you on the head, and you’re going to die.
A man in black was talking on the phone loudly, stood up suddenly, rushed to the side of the street in a hurry, Yiyi seemed to have found something, hurriedly ran to the bench and sat down, then solemnly took out the small mirror and took out a colorless What are you doing with lipstick on your lips? Lu Yang walked over and looked at Yiyi in a strange way. Tired from walking, he couldn’t sit for a while.
Glancing in the direction, he watched the man rush into a taxi and disappeared at the end of the street. He was almost home. Where should he sit? Go back to cook.
Lu Yang glared at Yiyi and stretched out his hand to pull her up hahahaha Yiyi smiled smugly It’s nothing to make a fuss about.
My mother taught me when I was walking to pay more attention to the ground and surroundings. I’m sure you can find Qian Yiyi excitedly stretched her hand behind her back. Didn’t your mother teach you something nice, like an old lady? Lu Yang, who fell down and wanted to help, shook his head and looked at this Yiyi suddenly pulled out something from his back.
Lu Yang couldn’t help being stunned. It was Apple that the man pulled down just now.
What happened to fall from the sky? Yiyi held it in front of him with great pride, and carefully glanced at the half-bitten apple behind him, then turned off the power on the upper corner.
Yiyi let out a low cry and looked at himself.
What is it? Returning things to others? Lu Yang stared at Yiyi in dissatisfaction when someone pulled something back. His first reaction should be to stop him and return the things. It’s your own. You don’t care if I take advantage of it. If you don’t buy it for me, I pick one up. It’s none of your business.
Yiyi turned around and studied it seriously.
Then you go.
This is illegal possession.
Be careful, call the police and the police will take you Caught in, Lu Yang shook his head and leaned on the back of the chair just now The man who was in a hurry to leave was a little surprised that the weather wasn’t too cold today, yet he was wearing a black coat.
If there was something urgent, he would leave it alone. I caught him in, and you should cook and deliver food to me every day.
Hey Yiyi turned around I glared at Lu Yang, thinking beautifully, you deserved it for going in, I don’t care about you, let’s go back, it’s bad if that person finds it back, Yiyi studied it for a while, then suddenly realized what happened, and quickly put it in the bag Li hurriedly looked left and right, then got up and prepared to walk to the rented place, wait a minute, he returned the things to others when he found them. Lu Yang held back Yiyi, not determined not to return them. Quickly walked over to the rented place, you, who are you, be careful of retribution Lu Yang sighed and wanted to say something to Yiyi, but she had already run far away, in the end Lu Yang had to follow Yiyi back to the rented place, along the way Yiyi Yi has been looking around with a guilty conscience until she entered the door, and then happily took it out of her bag and took it into her hand.
She sat on the broken sofa and studied it carefully.
Go shopping and study it later. Lu Yang went to the sofa and pushed it. Yiyi, don’t make trouble. I still have a potato and a tomato. I’ll go buy it tomorrow. Yiyi pushes Lu Yang’s hand away in displeasure, then go cook! Sit down and start searching online for some information that needs to be searched during the day.
I know that Lu Yang is a decoration worker, hydroelectricity, masonry, tile, and carpentry.
Yiyi’s younger sister, Yiya, who is in college, works as an intern designer at Jiahui Decoration Company, a subsidiary of Yida Group. Lu Yang It was because of an accident that I met Iya before I met Yiyi who came to see my sister. The university Iya went to is nearby. The place where she doesn’t live in school and rents is in the same community as Lu Yang. Iya and her two A female classmate shared a 70-square-meter, two-bedroom, one-living room, and Lu Yang rented a fifty-square-meter, one-bedroom, one-living room. Sometimes Iya would come to Lu Yang with an apple she bought herself if she thought it was too noisy. Online Yiya is very beautiful and arrogant, naturally she won’t fall in love with Lu Yang, a street decorator, but her sister Yiyi doesn’t have as high a vision as hers, and she doesn’t have any ideals, just want to find someone who is not too bad to marry every day Even if you help others wash clothes and cook, Lu Yang is just a street decoration worker, but he is very hardworking, asks for a low price, and has good craftsmanship.
He has made a certain reputation in the neighborhood and earns seven or eight thousand a month when he is good.
At the time, there were three or four thousand, although many people would look down on earning such a small amount of money a month, but in Yiyi’s eyes, it was considered pretty good, so one day when the three of them had dinner together, I wondered if it was Yiyi’s instigation.
Yiya took the initiative to say that Lu Yang and Yiyi are a good match, although Lu Yang secretly likes Yiya a little