She knows what Ru Dong thinks the milk and birds nest will be brought by her own maid she is not hungry at the moment

Chapter 1 Rebirth In late autumn, the air is full of desolate chills. Thousands of miles of yellow clouds cover the sun. The sky is gloomy and gloomy.
From time to time, gusts of cold wind blow on the body, making people shiver involuntarily.
The team looks so abrupt. I don’t know if it’s because it’s too cold.
The joy played by the drummers is three-point cold, and they can’t help the lively atmosphere. Even though pedestrians in twos and threes have no intention of stopping to wait and see, they can’t help but sigh. There are so many dowries.
I don’t know. What kind of rich and noble family married their daughter? How did you choose such a ghostly weather? If Yin Zhi, who was in the palanquin, was awakened by the shaking, he secretly wondered where it was. The shaking was so strong. Could it be an earthquake? Looking down from the box or the sedan chair, I saw that my body was also bright red, and even on my feet were a pair of red soft satin shoes, each with a big pearl on the toe, and a pair of embroidered lotus shoes with a thumb and a big pearl, and I was holding a bright red apple in my hand, she thought.
When she got up, she was forced by her grandpa Qing Yuanhou’s son Qiu Yiran to take the blame for his new favorite Aunt Wan and then killed her first wife’s estranged son. How could the Qing Yuanhou’s mansion let her go? Qiu Yiran came forward to intercede for her. One hundred sticks and the heavy punishment of being expelled from the house made her apologize with death. She was very tired.
She had already lost all hope. Death was a kind of relief, but she deeply regretted that she didn’t wake up sooner.
If time could turn back, she would definitely She would choose a completely different path of recklessness. The most regretful thing is that she didn’t save her younger siblings at the first time. They are her relatives.
But she only remembered what her father said when she was married.
No matter what happens, remember to protect yourself first, so that you can live a good life, and what mother said, you are married, you are the wife of the Qiu family, and the Yin family has nothing to do with you.
You must be good.
She was a little strange at the time, but she still acted obediently. She nodded in agreement after the bad news came, and she realized that her parents at that time were already explaining the funeral. They only wanted to save the next one, so they almost turned the entire property of the Yin family into her ten-mile red makeup. She was obedient. It’s a pity that after handing over all the dowry, she changed from wife to concubine and stayed in Qiu’s house. Not only did she miss the opportunity to rescue her younger siblings, but she also couldn’t let herself live well. With a resolute smile, she changed into the big peony, silk, and gold silk double-layer dress with large sleeves, lotus embroidered shoes, and a phoenix crown.
She stepped on the pier and hung it on the beam. The three-foot white silk dress, the embroidered shoes and the Bu Yao are the three most expensive pieces of clothing she has left.
They have been wrapped in oiled paper and carefully hidden under the tree. Otherwise, where can they stay? Thanks to the loyal Rudong herself I don’t know whether wearing them on the road is a mourning for the parents who cherish her like a jewel in the palm and prepared ten miles of red makeup for her, whether it is a satire of my own stupid choice and ten years of miserable and humble life, or a silent accusation of some people and certain things I thought it was going to be wiped out, how can I open my eyes again, is she not dead, or is she in heaven or hell, why is there an extra apple in my hand, and why is there no energy in the sedan chair? Ruo reached out and opened a corner of the thick curtain on the right.
The cold wind came in and made her shiver. A yellow leaf came from nowhere and landed on her lap.
Looking up, there happened to be something beside the road.
A few sycamore trees, the cold wind in late autumn has blown the leaves of the trees into light yellow, mercilessly blowing them off the branches, the dead leaves on the knees floated over like this, the people walking beside the wedding sedan did not notice that the curtains of the sedan chair were lifted One corner of Xi Po is shouting at the top of her voice, blowing, knocking, cheering up, this is going to the Qingyuanhou Mansion soon, the Hou Mansion will not treat everyone badly, hehe, there will be hot fish, meat and fine wine in a while I will prepare two tables for you in the side courtyard.
It’s not that the Qingyuanhou’s mansion is not as good as before, but the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. It’s just because the bride has such a generous dowry.
It’s not today, but the prince of the Houfu The big wedding is about to go to the wedding banquet at the Marquis of Qingyuan.
What is going on? Is she dreaming? Why does it seem like it was ten years ago when she got married? There was a dizziness on the forehead, and the memory came overwhelmingly, except for the memory of Yin Zhiruo in the previous life, and the memory of Yin Huien in the previous life, she was completely stunned, and suddenly the wedding sedan was jolted to the ground, and there were voices in twos and threes outside. Ah, the bridegroom officer hastened to shoot at the sedan chair door, Yin Zhiruo, the eldest daughter of the North General’s Mansion in Dayingchao Town, is also the president of Yin’s Clothing Group in the 21st century, Yin Huien hurriedly sat down, and a sneer appeared on his face.
There was still time for the sedan door to open after three puff puffs, and Yin Zhiruo could see from under the Xipa that it was still Xipo’s hand reaching out to help her get off the sedan chair just like in the previous life. Xipo stuffed the end of the red silk into her hand and muttered The same auspicious words, melons, love, love, husband, wife, bead, wall, bride, walk with the groom, cross the brazier, worship heaven and earth, Yin Zhiruo is quiet and obedient, now of course she knows that Qiu’s family was delayed until the end of the worship, and I was surprised to hear the reason for the accident in the residence of the Great General of Zhenbei, bye She is Qiu’s wife. If she leaves, she will be abandoned.
At this time, Heli will also be abandoned.
The abandoned woman has no protection from her mother’s family.
How can she find a good marriage? In ancient times, even in folk customs Even if open women can go to school, show their faces and do jobs, and can establish a female household, Dayingchao is still a poor and difficult Yin Zhiruo, who is poor and difficult, sneered secretly again.