She is more worried that if Kim Taehee and others cant Accept what she should do but Kim Taehee is Kim Taehees ability to control

I am reborn hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I am reborn I am reborn From now on I will be invincible and become the most amazing man in the world hahahahahaha everyone in the quiet and strange ward is dumbfounded looking at a domineering The radiant young man growled and said shocking words, and the other patients covered their chests with their mouths wide open, not to mention taking the medicine, and there is no problem with taking the medicine bottle. Unprepared for the situation, the pretty and lovely nurse was writing furiously while looking at the young man with tears in her eyes, as if she wanted to record this great moment so as to leave a heavy mark in the future history books. Shi Zhenqiu was sure that he would definitely meet When it comes to the legendary rebirth, an opportunity that can only be met by a genius who has so much hatred, otherwise, why did I change into a hospital uniform when I was wearing a military uniform just a moment ago? The sudden disorder of time and space can only be reborn And time travel can prove that only my appearance has not changed, so it is not time travel but rebirth, but it doesn’t matter whether it is rebirth or time travel, Shi Zhenqiu knows that he is going to develop. God is indeed merciful to know that he has lived his life in the past 23 years.
It is extremely desolate, so I use this method to make myself shine.
As long as I think of this, Shi Zhenqiu is so excited that I can’t calm down, so I can only use the most explosive roar to announce the arrival of a great man to this brand new world. I have the advantage of being reborn and going back to the past. Will there still be rivals in this world in the future? What’s so great about the president? Is Samsung very domineering? In the future, the chairman of Hyundai will drive for me personally, and those extremely beautiful female artists must be replaced one night. Not daring to spit at myself, as long as he thinks of the beautiful and dreamy life in the future, Shi Zhenqiu immediately drifts away, looking at the little nurse beside him who has not yet struggled out of the throbbing of worship, he raised his eyebrows, girl, you are lucky to have witnessed this world How did the most amazing man in the world come into being? Now that you have this chance, tell me what kind of gift you want.
Just say what you want. Even if you want the Blue House, I can give it to you. The little nurse has more expressions. Write it in the notebook The speed of the movement is a little faster, which is good. I know that the great deeds of this great man will be recorded to avoid being buried in the history made up by such a talent. Shi Zhenqiu feels that he should be more generous.
After you are here, Gwangju is your territory, you can do whatever you want, warm smile, easy-going attitude, personable and generous promise, where can I find such a perfect man? Living in this precious gift, I took a few steps back and leaned against the wall to not be crushed. In Zhou Xingxing’s words, the ups and downs of life are too exciting. As the saying goes, the birth of a great man is always is accompanied by Shi Zhenqiu of the vision is no exception. When he was reminiscing about rebirth and fantasizing about taking control of the world, there was a sudden gust of wind in the originally peaceful ward, flying sand and rocks, and then it seemed that a thousand catties of gravity hit his head.
What’s the matter? I am destined to be a great man. Before his body collapsed, Shi Zhenqiu roared so loudly, intending to use his supreme will to fight against this catastrophe, but in the next second, he let go so hard that his ears will fall. Ignore Shi Zhenqiu screaming like a pig butcher. A middle-aged woman is wearing shoes while yelling and cursing with even more vulgar words. I don’t even care about it, you bastard. What kind of evil wind are you playing? Is it an honor to have your head smashed? Isn’t it shameful enough? Endure it With drool all over his face and the pain of his ears about to break, Shi Zhenqiu finally recognized the reality.
His pretentious journey only lasted five minutes, and he was suppressed by the appearance of a middle-aged woman. What are you doing? If you don’t want to If you go home, get the hell out of my way.
Without you, my son, Shi Zhenqiu, immediately turned into a gray grandson, hurriedly got up from the hospital bed pretending to be dead, and hurriedly packed up his things. The little nurse who was so frightened obediently came up to the guest.
Your son may need to change to another hospital. What do you mean? The middle-aged woman couldn’t turn around for a while.
The duty of an angel in white clothes to travel Your son’s behavior just now may be a bit problematic The little nurse made a gesture next to the cute nurse hat, but it’s a pity that Shi Zhenqiu’s eyes are not cute at all. Ji Shu, Shi Zhenqiu suddenly thought of something, snatched the notebook from the little nurse’s hand, but just looking at it, he couldn’t help himself with grief and indignation, Xiba turned out to be a summary of symptoms, after a lot of tossing, Shi Zhenqiu finally bid farewell to the hospital with a strong smell of formalin Facing Nian Gaotang in front of him like a log, but the crow-like croaking noise in his ears made his mood not better at all. Yigu really retired and was smashed by the plaque of the barracks.
Everyone in my hometown is laughing at our family? Get this unlucky guy out? I’ve had enough of him.
The middle-aged woman is actually Shi Zhenqiu’s mother. A very typical Korean rural woman also has a typical Korean village woman. The name Park Chunhua is just the heavy housework for many years, but Park Chunhua does not have the warm personality like her name.
Damn girl, if you dare to say a word, I will hang you on the boat and blow the typhoon.