She is an expert in eating Yu Sanjin is still thinking about the delicious meal at Baijia Restaurant yesterday and said Yuan Qing looked at

One cultivation realm division one spiritual level monk three realms spirit cloud realm species root spirit pool realm building dao base spirit pill realm monastic platform two yuan rank monk three realms Yuanying realm conceiving Yuanying Yuanshen realm casting true spirit Yuantian realm opening the gate of heaven Second Kung Fu equal-level division Low-level corresponds to Lingyun Realm Middle-rank corresponds to Lingchi Realm High-rank corresponds to Spirit Pill Realm Human rank corresponds to Yuanying Realm Ground rank corresponds to Yuanshen Realm Sky rank corresponds to Yuantian Realm Three professional rank divisions include alchemist refining Artifact master, array, mage, etc.
correspond to the same level of elixir, magic weapon, array, etc.
The first low-level one corresponds to the early stage of Lingyun, the second rank corresponds to the middle stage of Lingyun, the third rank corresponds to the late stage of Lingyun, the second middle rank, the fourth rank corresponds to the early stage of Lingchi The sixth rank corresponds to the late stage of the spirit pool, the third and the highest rank, and the seventh rank corresponds to the early stage of the spirit pill. The thirteenth rank of the five earth ranks corresponds to the early Yuanshen period. The fourteenth rank corresponds to the middle Yuanshen rank. The fifteenth rank corresponds to the six-day rank in the late Yuanshen rank. The sixteenth rank corresponds to the early Yuantian rank. Materials, earth treasures, spirit grass, monsters, ores, etc. corresponding to the same rank, such as elixir, magic weapon, formation, etc.
, low-level, middle-level, high-level, human level, ground level, sky level, and fifth follow-up level description.
There is a higher level, please forgive me for the time being to keep it secret in order not to spoil the prologue. In the middle of the night, there was a crisp beep from the mobile phone in Yu Yi’s hand, watching the word he just typed bounced and appeared in the book review area of ​​a certain fairy tale masterpiece at the starting point, and immediately attracted many comments. Who is Yu Yi with a sense of accomplishment? Yu Yi is just a freshman in an ordinary university. Yu Yi can’t be said to be unwilling or frustrated. There are 6 billion people in the world. How many people can really make a difference? There are people like him everywhere under the lights of thousands of families. Since the third year of junior high school, Yu Yi has been fascinated by online articles.
For more than four years, he has gradually turned from Xiaobai to Laobai.
Today he is an out-and-out old bookworm. When he has nothing to do in his daily life, his favorite thing is to search for books on major online literature websites.
It’s the fairy grass of the Xianxia category, which is his favorite.
I can’t say the reason.
Anyway, I like the feeling of transcending the world in the Xianxia novels.
Only then can I find the passion in my heart so that I can forget all the helplessness in real life and run out of books. Yu Yi exits the system in disappointment and checks that the time is already one o’clock in the morning. Some of my roommates are still holding their phones.
Playing mobile games, some are holding textbooks to light up night battles, and some are meeting Zhou Gong early in life.
Yu Yi puts his phone aside and closes his eyes before falling asleep.
Carried by a strange ancient bronze ship, it travels through the boundless starry sky.
There are stars everywhere. Meteorites are everywhere. Sometimes there are void cracks, thunder and lightning flashing beside me. I don’t know how long I have traveled.
The dizzy feeling of time and space With a sound that felt real but extremely real, Yu Yi was dragged into a strangely shaped six-storey hexagonal tower. In the middle of the tower was an altar.
A weak baby in swaddling was placed on it.
The eye-catching rays of light finally merged into a mysterious Tai Chi Eight Diagrams map covering the baby’s head. The Tai Chi Eight Diagrams quickly rotated to form a deep black hole, giving birth to a strong suction force. After a while, a smoky shadow of the soul emerged from the baby’s eyebrows. Escaping into the black hole, and at the same time, Yu Yi rushed into the baby’s eyebrows. Chapter Jianglin has a son, Yu Sanjin, who fell into the fairy river. After half a circle, if a tail-flicking dragon breaks free, it rolls up countless waves.
Jianglin Town was originally just a secular town, with no hustle and bustle and no competition with the world. If you want to talk about the bright spot of Jianglin Town, it is a strange fish with slender eyes and transparent fins that are only a foot long.
The whole body is crystal clear and green.
The waters of the Yunxian River within a hundred miles of Jianglin Town have extremely delicious meat. It melts in the mouth and has the effect of prolonging life. Ying fish are hard to come by. There are hundreds of fishermen in Jianglin, but there are very few people who have actually caught Ying fish.
The latest catch record has been for ten years. A monk with great magic power set up a net in the hundreds of miles of waters in Linzhen, Yunxian River, wanting to catch Yingyu, but it took a long time, but there was no harvest. In the end, he had to sigh. Therefore, Yingyu is also called Yuanyu by the comprehension world.
It is said that Yuanyu is of great use to cultivators.
You can send one person into the sect to practice. Although the Shenmen sect is only a small sect at the end of the Cangyun Kingdom, no matter how small it is, it is an existence that the secular people look up to. Who doesn’t want someone to be able to cultivate Taoism and become a fairy?