She has to be angry with herself again before returning to China right After Tang Yi finished speaking he wiped away his tears tilted his

The text of this article is to make everyone smile and hope that the little suns will continue to support it, thank you so much He once saw my chrysanthemums and knew about my history of hemorrhoids.
Your love starts from the chrysanthemums, reading the guide. I am obsessed with chrysanthemums.
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It was so painful that it made her cry, and what made her cry even more was that her chrysanthemum was not right, to be precise, it was the little grape on her chrysanthemum cough, to be more accurate, it was her hemorrhoids.
It’s because she insists on eating hot pot on a hot day and spicy food, isn’t she asking for trouble? This is not a meal of spicy and spicy hot pot. It didn’t take a few hours for her to feel sick to her stomach.
Chrysanthemum was even more uncomfortable Tang Yi.
After sitting on the toilet for a long time, I came out to wash my butt, then went to the bed with grinning teeth Hot Pot Tang Yiyan said that Mother Tang understood the pain as soon as she heard it, Tang nodded solemnly and said that just now my little chrysanthemum called me and said it was burning hot now The little grape turned into a big grape and then wailed and swelled Tang’s mother said to Tang Yi’s serious nonsense, mother said, “Hehe, her face sank, go to the hospital tomorrow, don’t talk nonsense all day long, what does the little girl look like?” Mom, what kind of hospital does Tang Yi go to with a sad face? Let my chrysanthemum Take a break and rest for a while without eating chili. Mother Tang clicked her tongue and went to the hospital. It won’t work for a long time. Besides, I’ve been thinking about going to the hospital for an operation for you. Tang Yi scratched his ass and shook his head. I’m afraid I can’t help it If you don’t go, you have to go, Mama Tang said, I’m going to have surgery now so I can quickly find someone to marry Tang Yi rolled his eyes and muttered, “If I don’t go, I won’t go, I don’t plan to get married, you don’t have to come and push me away” Mama Tang’s hand Without any warning, Tang Yi slapped Tang Yi’s buttocks and slapped Tang Yi, who had a green voice, and howled.
Tang’s mother despised me and didn’t make any effort at all. Let’s sleep in the hospital.
Don’t give Tang Yi a chance to refute. Go back to your own bedroom and sleep.
Tang Yi lying on the bed turned over and stared at the sheets in a daze. Whenever she thinks of using a knife there, she trembles and trembles.
It’s terrible.
It’s too scary, no, no, no, no, no Can go early the next morning Tang Yi took advantage of the chrysanthemum with grapes and slipped away while her mother was cooking until she was crazy outside all day before returning home and when she entered the house, Ge You collapsed on the sofa because of the little grape on the chrysanthemum Still swollen, she performed a very difficult pose. The upper body was completely paralyzed on the sofa, but the buttocks were slightly tilted sideways, and the lower body was doing ballet movements with legs tensed and feet tensed. Mama Tang Black question mark Tang Yi very coolly blew a kiss to his dear old mother There are not many people in the third hospital, right? Mother Tang quickly sat down and figured it out. Tang Yi put down the difficult movements this time and nodded solemnly.
She figured it out.
Tang Yi decisively pretended to be a fool and went to the bedroom for dinner. Tang Yi drank two bowls of porridge. The faint pain in the chrysanthemum made her only stare at the hot pepper and stop her mouth. She watched a large plate of chili fried shrimp being eaten by her mother. Guangguang Tang sighed and complained Mom, you know me and you still cook such spicy dishes, did you do it on purpose? Well, it was on purpose. It really is the mother series that your aunt told you about the marriage last time.
Find a time to let others meet.
Mama Tang suddenly said that Tang Yi rolled her eyes and drank the porridge and said, wait until I get rid of my little grape, can Mama Tang calm down? Your third aunt said that the other party has good conditions, a car and a house, and a monthly salary of 5,000 Tang Yi is speechless.
Asked with blank eyes, what is the height and weight, what are the measurements, do you have abdominal muscles, do you have any deposits, what do your parents do, are there any siblings? Who did you learn from, kid? With so many questions, you are as demanding as you are in finding a partner. Tang Yi smiled slightly, of course I did. I learned from those gay men who went on blind dates, and they demanded so much from their female compatriots.
As a member of the female compatriots, I can’t be less than them.
I stood up and touched my stomach.
I’m full, Mom, you eat slowly. After talking, go back to the bedroom, roll on the bed, pick up the phone and start talking to Lulu and Su.
Su chats, eats, drinks, and has nothing to do, she will go to harass the two of them. Tang Yi’s life is one of the great joys of Tang Yi’s life. What are the chances of being caught by someone on a blind date? roll over