She has fallen into a deep coma and the Arcturians cast supernatural powers in an attempt to save Blood Moon but in their palms The

Locke’s family is well off, his father is the president of a multinational consortium, and his mother is a member of the royal family of a certain European country.
It stands to reason that he should be carefree in such a family, but he doesn’t know what happiness is because he was born with a different personality. Ordinary people, Locke is tall and handsome, perhaps because he inherited his mother’s noble lineage. He was born with blond hair but a pair of red pupils.
Maybe it’s an atavistic inheritance, or maybe it’s a genetic mutation. Anyway, parents don’t care about their own sons. Locke is not only troubled by the pair of red pupils, but also has a weird dream. Ever since he was sensible, Locke has often dreamed of a man in a black robe. In his dream, the man always wears a silver The mask often stands by a dark and shimmering river, leaving him with only a back view.
That back view gives him such a lonely feeling, but in recent years, Locke has dreamed of a different scene. It is still the same.
There are huge white flowers blooming in the dark and shimmering river, but that figure has disappeared.
Although his family background is prominent, Locke has always acted in a low-key manner. In the eyes of others, Locke seems to be just an ordinary child, but he is indeed different from ordinary people. When Locke loses control of his emotions or encounters danger, the color of his pupils will deepen. It is the same color as blood, and his hair will turn red. At the same time, flames will burst out of his body. Once a child threw a stone at Locke. It burned, and the child was seriously injured. From then on, the children regarded Locke as a monster.
When they saw him, they hid away.
Some children even called him the fire ghost behind their backs.
In desperation, Locke had to transfer to another school. With a withdrawn personality, he always walks alone among the busy traffic in the city, always lies alone on the lawn and looks at the remote and deep night sky, always browses the major websites alone, and always travels to and from the major libraries alone Locke wanted to escape from the crowd, but he often broke into the crowd because he was born with a chivalrous heart and was prone to fight injustice, so he often caused troubles, so he had to keep changing schools, and the parents just thought that their son was still not determined.
Benjamin Locke’s handsome appearance has also attracted the attention of many girls, but he always refuses them mercilessly, so I don’t know how many girls’ hearts have been hurt.
Everyone secretly calls him the Ice Prince every time he goes to a school.
University Locke will go to the local library, art gallery and other places to search for pictures and materials.
He wants to see if he can find clues related to the pictures he saw in his dreams.
Locke is looking for an unknown answer, but he has searched almost everything.
I have also read almost all the universities in the United States on the website. Locke still found nothing, but his intuition told him that his ability and that weird dream are related.
As he grows older, Locke’s sense of justice is getting stronger and stronger.
Last month, Locke taught a lesson in Chinatown.
A gang of Street Fighters trying to rob an antique store. The Street Fighter is a local mafia boss.
In order to get revenge on Locke, he recruits his gang. Hooligans broke into the campus and shot, killing three students and seriously injuring many teachers and students.
The leader even threatened to chase and kill Locke wherever he went. In order to save his family from harm, Locke had to transfer to another school, and he had to bear the burden of the supernatural power alone. Fortunately, Locke’s parents also have many properties abroad. Just last week, Benjamin and his wife went to Greece to discuss business. The couple completed the admission procedures for the University of Athens for Locke.
It was logical that Locke became a freshman of the University of Athens and continued his work. The second chapter of the university that has never been fully read, the girl Angie, today Locke set foot on this strange country for the first time and entered the Faculty of Arts of the University of Athens.
He didn’t hear a word, he was wondering whether to go to the library or the museum after class.
Those who have heard of Athens can only visit the National Archaeological Museum to make a worthwhile trip. Locke then asked the students at the table where the museum is located.
The only girl with black hair in the room was the only girl in the classroom who Locke never looked at girls in the past. He thought they were annoying like a flock of chirping sparrows, but the girl sitting at the next table today was the most beautiful girl Locke had ever seen. There is a special one, she has a pair of black eyes, Locke can’t help but look at her more. When the girl sees a handsome guy strike up a conversation, her eyes light up and she can’t wait to introduce herself. The fluent Greek voice is particularly soft and pleasant.
When she was speaking, those two pairs of eyelashes also flickered, like butterflies about to fly away.
She answered the wrong question.
Locke replied coldly in English, you know English too.
The girl opened her mouth wide and turned around The surprise on Cheng’s face is like meeting an old friend in a foreign land, tears are about to come to tears, the girl is about to speak, there is a bang-bang knocking sound in front of her, all eyes are shooting at the two of them, the two classmates want to talk about love I have to wait until after class to talk about love. There was a burst of laughter in the classroom. Locke’s face is still watery.
The girl’s cheeks are flushed.
Your male classmate, please stand up and repeat what I just said. Brush all eyes on On Locke’s body Achilles and Agamemnon feuded because of quarrels Sing the goddess for the wrath of Achilles son of Peleus His deadly wrath brought untold suffering to the Achaeans and made the warriors strong The souls of the heroes go to Hades and their bodies become the delicacy of wild dogs and vultures Zeus’ will is fulfilled Please begin with the quarrel between Agamemnon, the king of the people, son of Atreus, and the godlike Achilles, Locke You can sit down after a full three minutes of recitation