She grinned and said that these two people are really interesting Duan Zhenniang also came over to look curiously and asked who gave it to

Qin Wanru eats, drinks, plays with cats, plays with birds, and happily lives the happy life of salted fish until she is about to reach the end of time. The system forces the host to start the task.
Learn about Huang Daopo’s cotton spinning wheel with three spindles, liberate your hands, wrong yarn, color matching, heald thread, flower weaving technology, open your door to a new world Turned into a starling, oops, I interspersed with the male protagonist and made him fat.
Excuse me, I accidentally took the whole family away. Qin Wanru’s painting style became more and more strange. Later, the planting base of the salted fish boss expanded from a village to a county. Going to a state or even all parts of the country accidentally promoted the major reform of the entire textile industry and drove the country’s economic leap Wang Jian, the empress dowager of the current dynasty, and even his siblings, and the new emperor’s youthful friendship. The future is like the favorite son of heaven.
The future is bright.
The Zanying family in Jingjing all want to cling to power and embrace Wang Jian. Such a good son-in-law, but Wang Jian is proud of his talent and has a high temperament.
Ordinary people could not catch his eyes until one day Wang Jian was assassinated by the deposed prince and a party, fell off a horse and fell unconscious. By accident, he became Qin Wanru’s starling Wang Jian. He silently looked at the birdcage in front of him.
Gu Lulu is staring at the big fat orange cat Qin Sanniang, who is licking his paws, this is how to use your golden finger skill by mistake Gengtian Brain Hole Goldfinger went to Britney in both directions Content tags Traveling through time and space system Shuangwen search keywords Protagonist Qin Wanru Wang Jian supporting role Next book I ran away after transmigrating into a room Introduction The big guy salted fish lies down and wins daily intentions I strive to promote the reform of cotton planting and textile technology Wrapped tightly in a winter coat, it reveals a lively and delicate spring spirit. On the official road, there are people begging for a living, and there are several carriages accompanying them. It seems that the whole family is moving.
Qin Wanru is lazily sitting in the carriage, holding a book.
County annals to pass the time The older girl on the opposite side is sitting well-behaved, dressed in plain and elegant clothes, she seems to be displeased with her shapeless demeanor, asks third sister, where is your waist, Qin Wanru, the other girl next to her is playful She pinched her round face vigorously, her youthful and bright face was filled with thick teasing, the third sister is so gluttonous and lazy, she might be like Mrs.
Chen, Qin Wanru silently touched her waist Meat replied that the second sister was talking nonsense that she was born delicate and naive, and she just reached the age of Ji, with a good appetite, a round face with baby fat, and a pair of smart cat eyes and small dimples, which are rounder and more pleasing than the two elder sisters Qin Erniang always like Touching her chubby and greasy hands feels very good Qin Wanru is ticklish, the two twisted together, attracting the outside Mrs.
Chen said, little ladies, don’t fight, if the mistress finds out, you will have to be reprimanded again Qin Erniang said coquettishly You care that there is no sound outside, you accidentally touched Qin Wanru’s chest Erniang Qin groaned and said, I didn’t expect you, girl, to hide the material Seeing her becoming more and more unseemly, Aunt Qin reminded the second sister, don’t go crazy, be careful Mrs.
Chen complained that there was a lot in the carriage Hurry up and go to Beijing. The road is exhausting and the Qin family has been traveling for several days. Now that they think about it, they all find it incredible. Father Qin has been the magistrate of Anyi County for eight years.
He thought he would spend his entire life in this remote area to death Unexpectedly, great luck came from the heavens. Last year, on the way to visit relatives, the couple met Rui Wang who was going to Changzhou to investigate the corruption case. Rui Wang was unlucky and was robbed and killed by mountain bandits. Fortunately, he was rescued by the Qin family couple and was lucky enough to save his life. After finishing his official duties, Rui Wang returned home. Beijing felt that the husband and wife were kind and benevolent, so they recommended Father Qin to the Ministry of Officials.
After an assessment, the Ministry of Officials believed that Father Qin had managed Anyi County well, so he was promoted to Beijing to take office, and the official position of Dali Temple Chancellor was promoted from Qipin to Cong On the sixth grade, it is a blessing. After entering the Gyeonggi area, it rained continuously for several days. The family stayed at the official post in Tuoyang Town. Qin Erniang was idle and bored, and took Qin Wanru to the pavilion to watch the rain. Poked her, Qin Wanru turned her head to look, and saw a bright red oil-paper umbrella intruding into this quiet place in the hazy drizzle He wears a moon white round neck and narrow-sleeved gown with leather waist and leather boots, wearing a black hood and cloak. His posture is extremely coquettish. The surrounding area is surrounded by a piece of greenery.
Suddenly, a streak of red breaks in. It outlines a beautiful scene that makes people unable to resist.
Take a look at Qin Erniang’s greedy eyes because of her good manners, she really wants to take off the oil-paper umbrella to see the appearance of the gentleman.
Unfortunately, soon there will be people from the official post to greet them in the rain, and they are facing the house on the right Qin Erniang said, “I’ll go down first.
” Qin Wanru knew she was curious, temperamental and rebellious. She must have gone to peek at the mansion. Only the servant girl was left to take care of her. For a while, it was so silent that only the sound of rain could be heard. Qin Wanru was lazy. Lying on the railing, looking at it comfortably and comfortably.
Although my father is a sesame official, but my mother’s family is well-off, the daughter of a country gentry has given a lot of dowry and is good at running the business, so their small life has been pretty good these years.
Now Qin Wanru has spent his previous life. Her experience is almost forgotten. In her previous life, she was like the string of a bow.
She was a child from someone else’s family in her parents’ mouth. She returned from studying abroad and joined a scientific research team to conduct research on artificial microstructure physics. Tired of dying from overwork