She glanced at Chu Yao took the jersey and went straight to the bathroom wouldnt it be another routine The other bathroom has been washed

Obtaining the Love Shenhao System Every time you spend a dollar for your sister, you will get a hundred times the return. Brother, I know you love me, but can we not be so prodigal? Chu Yao, you know that I am a wooden emotional money-making machine and you are just Tool Man Chapter Love Shenhao System Yaoyao going to eat hot pot at night? This month’s salary has just arrived Chu Yao can’t wait to send a message to the goddess Ren Siyao. This is the goddess she is currently pursuing. Chu Yao had a crush on Ren Siyao when she was in college.
For four years, I have never dared to confess that after graduating, I went my separate ways. I just didn’t expect that after working for two years, she would switch to her own company. Rekindled the offensive and launched an offensive, don’t you eat it? Just after paying the salary, I wanted to make a smile on my face. About half an hour later, Ren Siyao replied to the message.
Chu Yao, who had been guarding the phone all the time, replied as soon as possible.
Let’s eat, let me save face, Ren Siyao I’m so sorry that I really made an appointment tonight.
My best friend celebrated her birthday with a big party. Chu Yao, can you take me with you? Get in the car, open the door, get off the car and walk around.
Carry a bag with your own paper towels, wet wipes, aunt’s towel, mineral water, chewing gum, bank card, 360 degrees Caring nanny-style service work for two years is still in sales Chu Yao has already cultivated his face Lick him again and again Lick him every day Lick him and feel comfortable Lick him without you You don’t feel used to it Then why can’t you get the order Ren Siyao returned the ellipsis Seems to be speechless Chu Yao retreated and begged Then I said okay, then I won’t bother you, then I’ll make a hot pot appointment tomorrow, if it doesn’t work today, it’s no big deal, Ren Siyao won’t make it tomorrow, I’m going home to see my parents, tsk, the meaning of rejection is obvious, but Chu Yao also Not discouraged, I thought about it and wanted to continue, then the day after tomorrow. After this news was sent out for a while, Ren Siyao went crazy The conditions are really high, you need to have a car in the local area, at least if the annual salary is more than 500,000, no matter what you think, I am such a materialistic woman, so please don’t bother me, okay? I’m really not in the mood for long. It can be seen from the long paragraph that she was very emotional. After watching for a while, Chu Yao shook her head and smiled.
Why do you say that I seem to like you a little more? Women are all material things, but it’s good to have the courage to admit it. Yan Chuyao didn’t send any more messages to Ren Siyao. After thinking about it, I thought about clicking on the other girl in the phone address book, Xiaoxiao, is she going to eat hot pot at night? I changed jobs because of conflicts, but I still keep in touch. I like this girl, Chu Yao.
Sometimes Chu Yao also feels her. I should be very interested in myself.
Occasionally, I will talk about two ambiguous topics at night, but they are just point-to-point. Sorry, I am married and now I am pregnant. My husband strictly prevents me from going out.
Well, well, I wish you happiness and casually sent a sentence. The other party didn’t reply. Chu Yao didn’t say anything else.
Continue to click on the next Yingying.
Go to eat hot pot tonight? Two years younger, now she should be a senior girl. She is younger and has a lively personality. She loves to play. In Moments, she often posts content about playing cats, dogs, hot pot, board games, and dancing. Of course, selfies are also indispensable.
Chu Yao has eaten with her.
The so-called feeling is the feeling of a spare tire. Eating, drinking, singing, dancing, you and I will experience it. Guaranteed to be very good.
When the wine is strong, I pull my little hands and kiss and hug. Maybe it can be very like love. But I want to take a step closer, sorry, don’t even think about it, so I blocked it, so in comparison, Chu Yao still thinks that Ren Siyao is better Let’s go eat hot pot. Let Su Yingying quickly reply to Chu Yao. Well, Wanda’s at 7:00 p.m. But after the meeting is over, the chat is over.
Chu Yao slumps in the chair with a wry smile on his lips. For a moment, he feels like A male dog in heat can’t do anything about it.
She has been single for 25 years. She has never been in a relationship. When she was in school, she was poor and ugly.
It can only be called the unremarkable condition of ordinary people walking on the street. Is there any other way to fall in love besides licking? Walk into the palace of marriage with her, get married, have children, and grow old together, but it seems that this is hell.
To put it bluntly, it’s all about making money and wanting to eat farts. It’s harder than falling in love.
At least as a licking dog, maybe you can find a girl who is truly moved by you. And money-making capitalists will not be moved by your sincerity.
Just as Chu Yao was thinking about these bitterly and irritably, a voice quietly sounded in his mind.
Every dollar you spend on a girl will give you a 100-fold rebate reward. There is no cap on the system rule 1.
The source of funds is absolutely safe, and the second transfer is seconds. System rule 2. The host can see the favorability of each date. Get any rebate system rule three