She fastened her collar with her fingers turned around turned her back to Jiaojiao and said nothing she was angry Jiaojiao was a little confused

If you are interested in the same type of theme, you can go to the special column to view Jiaojiao is the darling of the will of the abyss. Every time I go to a new world, the male protagonist and supporting role will fall in love with her at first sight and become paranoid. The hostess, you are the chasing wife, the crematorium, the soft house, the high-ranking abuser. There was a dispute with Bai Yueguang, so I just pointed at you You became his concubine Yes, you became a victim of their flirting World 2 I am the true and false daughter of a female abuser You are chasing a wife and a rich family in a crematorium True and false You are the twin daughters of the Lin family, the richest man in Haicheng, but three days after you were born, you were viciously switched by the nanny and her daughter in the world.
You are the heroine of Chasing Wife, Crematorium, Anti-Master and Disciple Xianxia Sadomasochism, the heroine of the article, you are Qinglian Emperor Ji of the God Realm, you were born with a mission to cross the God Realm, and the five immortal emperors wait for the five immortal emperors to return After you are in the position, you will also complete your meritorious deeds and complete the laws of the God Realm with your body. Your status may seem noble, but in fact you are just a pawn to maintain the stability of the God Realm. Content Tags Traveling Through Time and Space Sweet Text Fast Travel Search Keyword Protagonist Jiaojiao Supporting Role Another Word Introduction Chasing Wife Crematorium Delicate and common room High-ranking female protagonist Your male protagonist is the Prince of Zhennan He has an untouchable white moonlight in his heart, but that white moonlight is now his stepmother After he got drunk, he had sex with Bai Yueguang There was a dispute, so he casually pointed at you and became his roommate. Yes, you became a victim of their flirting. After entering a room, she subconsciously looked up and saw an elegant woman crying with pear blossoms and rain and a little maid glaring at her.
The woman gently wiped her tears with a handkerchief and married the prince.
I’m so angry, the little girl looked at the lady, don’t cry, she stared at Jiaojiao on the ground with a disdainful look, how could the prince like her, I’m afraid I was just talking before, and I’m going to get angry with you with this lowly girl The girl just shook her head, I’m his stepmother now, we’ll never be able to, he’s nineteen years old now, he doesn’t have a wife, not to mention that he doesn’t even have a maid around him As for me, now that he points to Yuer, it’s Yu’er’s good fortune. So my name is Yu’er. The woman gently squatted down and looked at Jiaojiao gently.
Your eldest son is beautiful and beautiful, you are so ugly, the little maid looked at her in disgust, she said ugly, Jiaojiao frowned subconsciously, the two masters After the servant finished speaking, he left. Only Jiaojiao was left alone in this strange room. Slowly stood up, Jiaojiao looked at the layout of the room in distaste. Jiaojiao blinked her eyes and walked into the compartment. There was a diorama looking at herself in the mirror. Jiaojiao finally understood why the little maid called her ugly.
The woman in the mirror had thick hair. Liu Hai’s complexion is dark and her figure is flat and youthful, especially when Jiaojiao doesn’t deliberately show herself, her own temperament is also gloomy and obscure, which is very unpleasant, not to mention compared with the woman just now, even the little maid who mocked herself Jiaojiao’s body looks much better, but Jiaojiao pressed her tightly stretched chest uncomfortably, and she gently opened the front of her skirt. Sure enough, her body was covered with a thick layer of chest cloth. Jiaojiao endured the pain and pulled If you look at it, it is white, glowing, and the waves are turbulent. You don’t need to think about it. You can understand that this must be the body trying to hide. If a powerless little girl has a body that is ecstasy again, I’m afraid she will really be eaten by this person. There is no dregs left in the palace, especially in my memory, there seems to be a childhood sweetheart who has been waiting for me outside. If my memory is correct, this body will have enough money to redeem me in three months, but it’s a pity. Jiaojiao blinked her eyes. It’s a pity.
Became the victim of the forbidden love between the new mistress of the palace and his step-son, and this face is tenderly rubbing against her cheeks, and sure enough, it is black and gray.
The thing smeared on her face seems to be a childhood sweetheart who smuggled into the palace for her.
Looking at the facial features in the mirror, this body is almost exactly the same as Jiaojiao herself, so how could it be ugly? The thick bangs and dark complexion are just a disguise, so that she can redeem herself smoothly when she is old.
Jiaojiao The brilliance in Jiao’s eyes is obviously sealed by the thick bangs and dark complexion, but it somehow gives people an indescribable charm and charm. Although it can’t be destroyed, Jiao Jiao chuckled and only hoped for the memory.
The Prince of Zhennan can hold on for a little longer to have fun.
After all, there is white moonlight in his heart, isn’t it? Concentrate on your own brilliance Jiaojiao walked into the prince’s bedroom, knelt and sat in front of the bed. He started to cry, and the cry was thin and weak, with boundless sadness.
His son Gu Yuanjun heard such a voice when he came in irritably. Who was he? Jiaojiao, you are the servant girl next to Madam, why are you here? Jiaojiao wiped her eyes indiscriminately and timidly raised her head to look at Gu Yuanjun.