She doesnt have the slightest fighting spirit she doesnt want to hurt any innocent people anymore Yasuo lets run Riven whispered run away Yasuo was

Keen picked up his Doran blade at the end of the day and was ready to kill.
As a native of Ionia, Keen was a gentle, humble and idealistic youth who hated killing. Two years ago, Nok The war between Sass and Ionia was on the verge of breaking out, and the moment the war burned his village to ashes, he went from a big boy to an iron-blooded soldier who liked to kill and got into the habit of killing Keen hated the dark but Keen En always thinks that the night in Ionia is black and the sky is burnt red.
You can see Kean in black, followed by a person.
It is a man in his twenties wearing denim and jeans. Cowboy hat, red cape, just a western cowboy, the only weird thing is this guy has a lot of bullets in his wallet and a long scabbard on his waist, hey Yasuo, hurry up, we don’t have a lot of time, Keen Couldn’t help urging the man behind him. That man was Yasuo. He rescued him a month ago. He helped him several times in several operations. Although each time it was for money, Keane still felt that he Yasuo and Yasuo should be regarded as friends. Husband and wife are originally the same forest bird.
When the catastrophe is imminent, they will fly to fight together. There are very few people who are willing to suffer together. Couples are unreliable. True friends are not many.
He took a sip of wine from the bamboo cup and said casually, “Brother, you are really going, that’s the master of the shadow stream, Jie, brother, what is the difference between going and dying, listen to my advice, if you don’t die, you won’t die. Keen has no choice but to say no.” Is there any way Ionia is my home, I have to fight for my homeland Keen has performed well in several battles against Noxus, and now he has made outstanding achievements in the battle, and the most difficult mission in his life is an assassination mission Assassination of Shadow The lord of the stream, Jie Jie Keen, felt disgusted when he thought of that shadow ninja wearing a mask.
He was also a murderer.
Now he betrayed Ionia, joined Noxus and killed the elders, and also betrayed Ionia, Yasuo, the Gale Swordsman. These two traitors, Keen, feel disgusted when they think of the name Yasuo. En’s eyes fell on Yasuo who was behind him, but he quickly shook his head, as if denying something. Of course the sword master uses a sword, but this Yasuo uses a pistol. Obviously this Yasuo is not the sword master, just the same name. Suo knew what Keen was thinking, but he didn’t care about how to deal with Zed. Although Yasuo didn’t like Zed, he had to admit that Zed was very strong.
He is the kind of person who wins the rule by strength, and Zed is one of the best assassins in Valoran. Going to assassinate an excellent assassin is obviously a stupid act. Yasuo doesn’t want to die, so Yasuo looked seriously at the Ionian youth who was dying for his family and said, you must go to Keen Nodding lightly but firmly, Yasuo said, I can tell you that if you don’t have foreign aid, you will die in this mission and you may have one. You know, brother, I haven’t had this thing since the Noxus cavalry stepped through my village. Keen pointed to the left chest and heart and smiled.
I’m a soldier, a warrior, I can’t kill myself, I need one How to die as a soldier If you don’t want to go, you can wait and follow Bruno to go first. At this time, a young man came out from the grassland and stood in front of Keen. I will go with you. This is our mission, Brother Yasuo, if you don’t want to Go, let’s go first, I’m sorry I can’t send you off Yasuo is not a face-saving person, but there are some things that Yasuo feels must be done, so Yasuo took a sip of the wine and said lightly, give me three hundred gold coins, and I’ll do it. Keen smiled bitterly and said yes If you don’t have three hundred gold coins, then you owe it first, Yasuo didn’t say anything more, got up, took a sip of wine and started to walk, Keen picked up the blood-stained dagger and led Bruno to keep up with Yasuo Some things are impossible, but There is still something to do, because there are some things that cannot be given up.
I have been on my way.
Before I know it, dawn has dawned. The soft rising sun cast by the sun, Yasuo pressed the cowboy hat on his head, and his handsome face is facing the warm and bright sunshine, but he can’t feel it. The existence of the sun, Yasuo found himself shrouded in shadows. The temple where Zed is located has arrived. It is a magnificent and magnificent temple.
Under the golden sunlight, the whole temple is a beautiful scenery.
Wow, it is so beautiful. Is it really a hijacked place? The youngest Bruno couldn’t help but screamed.
Keen on the side didn’t speak, but he could tell from his expression that Keen was fascinated by this temple, but Yasuo felt a chill towards this temple. He could clearly understand it. Feeling the coldness of this temple, it’s like darkness envelops Yasuo, he has been to this temple, he hates ninjas, this is the temple where he and his brother Yone came to kick the temple a few years ago, this temple is very It is famous, so Yasuo still has a fresh memory of this temple. He remembers that this temple is the famous ninja organization of Valoran in Ionia, the Balance Sect.
When he came here, everything seemed so balanced.
A big rat who can discharge electricity, a female ninja who can throw smoke bombs, and a messy team who taunts Shen who is specially beaten in the face, and Zed who kills people invisible, and Yasuo doesn’t like ninjas, but Yasuo has to admit that at that time The Kinkou sect is indeed thriving, giving Yasuo a good feeling, but now there is no balance here, only coldness, because there is only Zed here, and Zed is no longer a ninja of the Kinkou sect, but the master of the shadow stream, who really kills people in the invisible Blade thought of the word betrayal, and Yasuo felt depressed for a while, sighed and said in a calm voice that too much beauty often hides deadly danger, dude, don’t be fooled, Bruno said seriously