She doesnt belong to him anymore because she is still thinking about other people Wen En doesnt know whether to push him away to resist

Copywriting Fast food Relationships take what they need, nothing to do Love just lost my heart in the end Wen En If I were given another chance I would not choose you Yi Shaokai I am glad you chose me and I am not going to let Wen En please Let me go, shall we be strangers? Yi Shaokai, it’s impossible. It’s you who started the game.
It’s up to me to say the end.
Some things are out of control from the beginning, and the end will not be expected. All we can do is obey our own heart. For you, I am only brave this once. A one-night spring breeze contract loves unmarried children and abuses women first and then men.
The woman said to Wen En that Wen En began to become anxious and worried that something was about to happen. The screen changed, and a man with a strange aura whose face could not be seen clearly told her that it was you that night.
Do you think you can hide from me? Wen Eun argues that it’s not, I’m the one who looked at her with a half-smile and didn’t speak anymore, but there were suddenly many people around who seemed to know each other but couldn’t name them, pointing at her and scolding her Shameless, self-loving, misunderstood her, Wen Enda Said loudly, she didn’t pull everyone to explain, but no one listened to her, no one believed her, well, you disappointed me, Wen En pulled the woman’s sleeve and said that mother is not like that, you listen to me, the woman refuses Listening to her explanation, she pulled out her sleeves and turned to leave. Suddenly, those people disappeared out of thin air, leaving Wen En alone in the dark world, screaming every day, not working, no one answered until his emotions collapsed. Wen En suddenly woke up and opened his eyes. Looking around the abnormally quiet compartment, I realized that she was on the bus and she was still asleep and dreaming instead of calming down a little in the dark world Wen En got out of the car calmly, it doesn’t matter what others think, as long as the dream is not real, it’s fine, even though it’s not true, but it’s also a wake-up call for Wen En, what’s going to happen a few days ago? Well, I have a new idea. Guess who the beautiful girl sounds like my girl.
Hey, guess what the brisk female voice is doing on the phone. Why are you answering the phone so fast today? You usually call at this time, so I wear it all the time. What did you do at home today? Are you tired? The female voice softly asked the woman on the other end of the phone if she was not tired and nothing happened. Don’t worry about me being outside. Take good care of yourself and don’t save money.
Buy what you should buy.
The female voice is a little choked up. Suppressing the tears and sadness that were about to pour out, I forced a smile and said, Mom, I know you don’t know that I’m just a prodigal son, how can I save money? The woman on the other side of the phone sighed and didn’t refute her, how could the daughter she gave birth to not understand? What kind of person is she pretending to show her strength? I won a lottery at the company’s event today. I won the induction cooker. Next time I go home, I’ll bring it back to you.
Don’t use the ground fire. It’s so hot, drink more water and go out less. eat alone It doesn’t take much effort to eat.
You can stay there. If you want to improve your life, you can make something convenient for yourself. The woman on the other side of the phone rubbed her legs and told her daughter that she didn’t want her daughter to be too tired and she didn’t want her to lose what she should have enjoyed at her age. Privilege and entertainment Mom, I know I’m fine. I’m fat again.
I should lose weight.
If I get fatter, I won’t be able to marry.
The female voice is trying to make her voice sound happy. I’m not fat.
How can my girl not be able to marry? Mom, let me show you at home If you have a suitable one, you can talk about it. Generally, when it comes to this issue, my daughter says that if she doesn’t get married, she will stay with her for the rest of her life, but she will always grow old. How can she really stay with her for the rest of her life? She knows that her daughter is afraid of her loneliness, but she is even more afraid of her daughter.
I’m too tired and unhappy, okay, you first check it out for me, mother-in-law, it’s not a big problem for me after I pass it, Wen En made my mother happy, Enen, you have to live for yourself, Wen En is different from the laughing and laughing just now, Mom, I know I’m for it I live by myself, I will not live worse than others, I will not let you suffer any more, you just wait for the end of all hardships to enjoy yourself, the woman is opposite to each other, happy to bloom and imagine the future with her daughter, it seems that the kind of life described by her daughter is really in front of me, Mommy My colleague asked me to go out for dinner, and you should eat and go to bed early, so she hung up the phone in a hurry, she didn’t know if she would continue to cry, and hung up the phone Wen En sat on the bed, the only place where she could sit in the room, and looked around The place where she lives is not the personal apartment that she told her mother, but a dilapidated basement.
No colleague asks her to go out to eat, because she wants to save money, she usually finds an excuse to decline.
Generally, colleagues have to pay back for a treat, which is beyond the budget. Today, there is no so-called company lottery. The induction cooker is bought by herself.
Only in this way, my mother will accept that there is a large bed in the room. Half of the table I bought is filled with books and some scattered small things. On the right side of the bed is a simple wardrobe I bought.
It is half a meter wide and 1.5 meters high. It stores all her clothes throughout the year except for these rooms. There’s really nothing she can’t say to mom she doesn’t want her to know she’s not doing well she knows she’s mom’s support like mom is her support she keeps telling mom she’s doing well don’t know what mom really is Believe it or not, it’s time to get a part-time job.
This is Wen En’s 22-year-old life. To save money, he lives in a basement.
To save money, he has no social activities.
To earn money, he does three jobs a day, two of which are part-time jobs.
Her biggest goal, but it’s all worth it. Life will get better.
She keeps telling herself that she really hopes to get better soon. Wen En is a graduate of this year, and she is considered lucky in the graduation army.