She didnt really hate him when she knew she was pregnant She didnt really hate him when she fainted from pain during the miscarriage but

Ruan Jin Buddha was like a brick in his daily life after signing with an artist company. Where did he need to move his agent? When the agent found out that the year-old Ruan Jin was running. Liao made a small film. Investors frantically chased and invested tens of millions of special effects. She was a villain who received rave reviews in the whole drama, was framed by her peers, and took over a reality show in the wilderness, just happened to meet a popular national male god, experience life, the ratings were overwhelming, and the experience clips in the wilderness, the high-altitude tree house was small and unbearable, and Ruan Jin gradually approached the man. She hugged her warm breath, lingering in her ears, the camera was cut off, and it was pitch black. The staff below were stunned to watch the tree house above her head shake and the leaves rustled and fell. The director forced himself to calm down. Wilderness Goubai Wilderness Survival Experience The editor and director sank up to have a look Edible GuideBuddhist Actress Becomes Popular Struggle History Aojiao Male God Zhenxiang Chases Wife Lu Tianwen Welcome to the Pit It took a year and a half to travel to nine cities, and it was successfully completed today.
As director Lin Zhiyuan’s new masterpiece after the phenomenal court drama Nancheng Yezheng, this drama has received wide attention from the industry since its launch.
Major entertainment headlines The Internet is full of related news like this. Lin Zhiyuan, the director of this drama, filmed his last drama for two years and it exploded when it finally aired. Therefore, now the famous investors are rushing to invite several leading actors.
They are all popular stars, except for Ruan Jin, Ruan Jin is a veritable talent. She has been in this circle for 15 years before she was only 24 years old. She has perfected her acting skills, but she has never been well-known.
The role she got this time is not bad.
Bai Yueguang, whom the male lead has been in love with until he met the female lead, can be regarded as the third female lead, who will not directly confront the female lead and make the audience feel disgusted. Of course, the most important thing for Ruan Jin is that she has a lot of early appearances in this drama.
The pay is high. As a young actor who can’t reach the third line, Ruan Jin sighs heavily.
Finally, she no longer has to wear a thick fox fur to play the role of Bai Yueguang in this hot weather. The production team’s wrap-up banquet is coming to an end. Ruan Jin leaves the seat and walks to the balcony.
The floor here is high and the cool wind blowing on the face in the dark night is still sober.
Looking at the endless bustling night scene in front of me, the lights are red and the wine is green.
It was only then that I came back to my senses and turned around to realize that there was another person beside me.
It was Lin Zhiyuan, the director of the show. Lin Zhiyuan just came back from outside the box and saw Ruan Jin standing here alone in a daze, so he took a bottle of cocktail to the side to accompany her in the entertainment circle. Unscathed for many years, Ruan Jin’s ability to know people is still there.
Although Lin Zhiyuan was very serious when filming, he was also serious and responsible for his work.
He also treats actors equally.
In short, people’s minds are considered good in this entertainment circle.
Ruan Jin respects them very much. His Ruan Jin smiled at him respectfully Dao Lin Dao Lin Zhiyuan asked, seeing how they were having a good chat, why didn’t they play together inside, it felt a little bit After getting bored for a while, I saw Lin Zhiyuan opened his mouth to speak, but then stopped Ruan Jindao. Director Lin had something to say, nothing, just wanted to ask you what is your plan for the next step, there is no scene to shoot for the time being, go back to the city to rest for two days, Ruan Jin raised it Lin Zhiyuan took a sip of the glass of red wine, opened the bottle and said, I have a new drama in the next step, and I think it will start filming in a while. There is a second female role in it, which is very suitable for you, and Ruan Jin, who has a lot of roles, will enter the drama soon. The filming is very serious, whether it is the eyes or the body movements, everything is just right. Many times, you don’t need a teacher to teach you to understand the essence.
Compared with the current traffic florets who rely on their faces for food, Ruan Jin smiled and apologized for the recent state of Director Lin. Not good, I want to rest for a while. I think you are lazy. I don’t see why you are not in a good state.
After getting along for more than two months, Lin Zhiyuan has probably figured out Ruan Jin’s temper.
She is very silent most of the time. She doesn’t mind meddling, just keeps her head down and does her part, and it can be seen that her mind is still not on filming.
Lin Zhiyuan is very sorry for such a talent.
Ruan Jin curled her lips and said nothing. Ruan Jin, you are a good seedling Yuan paused for a moment and continued to talk, but although this Miaozi really didn’t want to get taller, it was useless. Ruan Jin lowered her eyes helplessly and shook her head with a low smile. Ruan Jin, who would catch a cold after blowing for a long time, nodded and drank the wine in her hand, and then followed into the private room. The people in the private room were ecstatic, some people from the crew were flattering the investors, some actors came to flatter the director, everyone’s faces were full of embarrassment.
Laughing, everyone is always enjoying it.
From the beginning, when they saw this kind of scene, they would be scared and panicked. Now they are used to being tired of facing Ruan Jin. The expression on Ruan Jin’s face is not much. After the finale banquet, Ruan Jin caught the plane overnight and went home.
Lying on the bed, feeling drowsy, just about to fall asleep, but was woken up by the ringing of the mobile phone, and fumbled to open the answer button. The growling sound of the manager Jiang Xiancheng came out immediately. Ruan Jin didn’t care about being interrupted. Ruan Jin sat up from the bed very depressed and powerless and asked, “You called me in the middle of the night just to say this. It’s said that the investors were impressed by your acting skills after watching the rough movie.
” I am very confident that an additional 60 million will be added to the post-production.
I said why the crew is so poor with so much money. It turned out that the big move was all on the special effects.
Seeing this conscientious production, the praise from netizens and other things are not related to the agent. Excited and joyful, on the contrary, her voice was flat and not very emotional, the manager seemed to have been splashed with cold water head-on, and said no more Seeing that Ruan Jin was silent for a long time without answering