She couldnt get through her heart jumped up suddenly this assumption was too scary her hands trembled again but she stopped halfway through the number

Chapter 1 Crisis again Is today the old man of the Xu family’s birthday or is it the old rules? There is no outsider at home. Xiao Yu went back to his grandfather’s house before he went. The old man had already written a picture, framed it, and even brought instructions. I wanted to see you this afternoon, Grandpa Xu. I want to take it there, I’m afraid you just came back from Taiwan and didn’t prepare any good gifts to make it cheaper for you, girl. When she put it away with a smile, grandma was making a cup of ginseng tea.
When I came back just now, I saw Nan Nan’s car coming in.
I thought you would Come back together, the old man put the tea on the table in the courtyard. Recently, some people have said that Nannan Company has lost money.
I guess many people want to help you, but Grandpa Xu’s temper is that he would rather let him lose money and go to jail than let people go.
It’s really a big deal, and word spread about her, um, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s just a word of mouth in the yard, and the fast Internet business is rich and rich. I don’t know how many people here are messing with Xu Nanzheng’s side.
Of course, I gave up the fat for others to eat.
She was deeply hurt by this miscellaneous. Going to Shanghai to study in university was a normal thing.
In the end, it was said that the results of the college entrance examination were too poor, and I was afraid that I would stay in Beijing and be seen by others. The joke was sent to Shanghai, it’s like this, other people’s children are bad embryos, only their own is the fragrant mommy Grandma frowned and looked at her fat meat, saying that you have to go to a military school, you have to go to a local university, and now it’s useless to talk Hurry up, haha, I know, I know, I will definitely find someone who knows the basics and get married. Grandma smiled, patted her, and urged her to go out.
Just when I went to the porch to change my shoes, I heard the doorbell ring, and she opened it while putting on her shoes.
The voice-activated light in the corridor is broken, one of the remaining ones is a little older, and it looks rather dim, but under this kind of light, it brings out the beautiful face of the person in front of me even more. I haven’t seen her face for many years, and she is still grandpa’s proud disciple Wang Xiyao. Wearing a light blue cheongsam, casually wrapped in a large dark blue shawl, carrying things in both hands, short hair and ear tips curled up slightly, making her face look sharper, the atmosphere was quiet for a while, no one spoke first Xiao Yu cleared his throat and put on his shoes Straight out of the gate, when did you come back? While talking, he took the things in her hand, turned around and handed them to the sister-in-law Wang Xiyao who came out to greet her, and she gradually recovered.
As soon as she returned to China, she came to see the teacher. Fortunately, my sister-in-law turned around and called grandma, she came out bustlingly and greeted the person in, breaking the deadlock between the two of them.
Before she left, the old man said something to let Nannan have time to take a look.
She hasn’t come for more than half a year.
It’s hard for her to deal with it casually. If you want to see him, it’s hard to work overtime every day.
Don’t think about it. Smile, she suddenly stopped her to say hello to him for me. This time I came back in a hurry, and I probably won’t have time to see him.
An ordinary friend who has nothing to do with her, she let out a hum and heard the door close behind her before she leaned against the wall and settled her mind. She came back and didn’t even look for Xu Nanzheng. Girls come to raise piano, chess, calligraphy and painting and learn everything, and in the end it is the handwriting that is the most admirable middle and high school size She has never been defeated in the competition. She was a teenage girl in the 1990s and sold 70,000 to 80,000 characters, so it is natural that she is the favorite student of her grandfather.
She is often talked about and taught her characters.
In fact, she also practiced characters. The name is just enough to sign the document. I still remember the first time she took Xu Nanzheng to introduce to Wang Xiyao, she said this is my brother Xu Nanzheng, and my name was given by him.
It is said that the two adults drew up more than a hundred The name, he was only six years old, yet he defied all opinions, he was joking, not bad, he was a little overlord at that time, who could offend him? Unfortunately, I called her such a strange name, so she was called Xiaoxiao. Who would have thought of Wang Xiyao and him? Because of her fate, the voice-activated lights in the corridor suddenly went out. In the darkness, she came back to her senses and looked at the watch.
It was 5:36, and it was time to hurry. She arrived at the small courtyard of Xu’s house and settled down.
Just reaching out to ring the doorbell, the door was opened by the old aunt unexpectedly. There was no lively atmosphere, but it was quiet and a bit scary.
She looked at the old aunt inquiringly.
Why is the old man so quiet? She took a quick glance at quite a few pairs of shoes and knew that Xu Nanzheng had arrived.
He guessed that he was offended by the old man’s temper. In this day and age, he even provoked a nearly hundred-year-old man to be furious.
Did the aunt carefully put her shoes away in the study? Well, in the study room on the second floor, the grandpa and grandson have been talking alone for half an hour.
It’s already very serious.
It seems that the last time he gave up the opportunity to study for a Ph.
D. in high school and went to Shanghai to start a company. At the end of the study all afternoon, when he came out, he only patted his shoulder and said, little girl, I’m going to Shanghai. Because of his words, she gave up her Tsinghua volunteering and went to Shanghai with all her heart.
She went to the second floor, stood from the sofa to the single chair to the terrace. There were more than 20 people gathered together, she stopped walking from uncle to aunt all the way down, Xu Nanzheng’s mother approached and said with a smile, why haven’t you seen me and Uncle Xu for a long time, she laughed for more than ten days After finishing the post in Taiwan, I was afraid that she would not understand. I immediately added a sentence, which is the production of the commercial. Xu’s mother from Beijing, who just came back last night, nodded and smiled and said that the children now are really hard. Xu Nanzheng’s father sat on the sofa and put down the teacup in his hand. Said you were still in Thailand, why did you go to Taiwan again? It should have happened last month.
Xu Nanzheng is so busy, and he is often on business trips.
How could he remember every business trip? Of course, this kind of words cannot be explained. She kept silent in a sensible way, but Xu’s mother answered first. Why did you talk to Xiaoxiao? She still thought it was your son? She looked at Xu’s mother innocently and kept winking.