She comforted herself but otherwise Lin Tingxue looked at her like an idiot and dialed the phone at the same time Luo Mingzhus face turned

Chapter 1 Devil’s Prison There is such an unknown small island in the Pacific Ocean, where a regiment of troops is stationed and equipped with various state-of-the-art military equipment, but it is not a military base, but a prison where only ten prisoners are held. Each of them has supernatural abilities. Prisoner No. 1 has the power of force.
He single-handedly killed an entire special force in the United States without any damage.
Prisoner No. 2 was in charge of poisoning. Prisoner No. 3 is invincible in rhythm and is proficient in various musical instruments. He once enchanted the minds of ten chaebols.
Prisoner No. 4 and Prisoner No.
5. The ten prisoners in this prison are all perverts.
It is called the devil’s prison, and the prison naturally needs guards. Many geniuses from all over the world volunteered to subdue these ten prisoners, and some of them have IQs higher than Einstein’s.
They all end up in the same mental breakdown and commit suicide.
A leader once asserted that no one in this world could punish these ten demons. Until a year ago, a special character came and changed everything. The young man knocked on the basin and nine people immediately emerged in the empty prison Prisoner No. 1 muttered to himself, why do I have a feeling of being caged? I feel like a pig. Prisoner No.
2 I think you can be more confident and get rid of the feeling, you are A pig, Prisoner No. 3, why are you making so much noise? Hurry up and eat. If you don’t hurry up, you won’t even have food to eat.
The rest of them immediately shivered.
The meal was eaten up, looking at the young people with anticipation, you did a good job, the young man said, “They look like children who have been rewarded, and they immediately laughed.
If those big bulls who committed suicide saw this scene, they would be shocked.” I have to jump out of the grave.
When did these perverts become so obedient? Let me tell you a good news. The young man said that from today onwards, I will step down as a prison guard and leave here. With tears in my eyes, it’s great that this demon is finally leaving.
They say we are demons. I think this guy is the devil.
This guy has learned everything from us. He is not a demon, but a demon youth among demons.
When your complexion turned cold, why did I feel that you seemed very happy? The prisoners immediately panicked, denied, dared not dare, we are all reluctant to let you go. The young man nodded in satisfaction, then he took off his uniform and came to the door of the No. 10 prison. He just knelt down without saying a word. They kowtowed three times in a row, and the other prisoners remained silent.
They all knew each other well, but they knew nothing about the mysterious No.
10 prisoner.
Fine, this is a kind of fear that comes from deep down, and the ability he entrusted to the young man is also the most mysterious and unpredictable. The young man got up and came to the prison exit, took a deep breath and waved goodbye. After a while, there will be a period of waiting for prisoner No. 1 to suddenly open his mouth and ask you loudly. The young man who didn’t tell me your name and what you were doing before suddenly laughed. My name is Su He. Before that, I was a professional door-to-door son-in-law. The prisoners were messed up in an instant.
He was a disgraceful door-to-door son-in-law.
Ten days later, Jiangnan Rongcheng Su He stood in a familiar street, looking at the high-rise buildings in front of him. In a year, Rongcheng did not change much, but his whole person completely changed.
He was completely reborn. The son-in-law of the Lin family is a worthless person who everyone calls a wimp, and the world bullies him, humiliates him, tramples him, even a three-year-old child dares to laugh at him. His life is not as dignified as a dog, so he was kicked out of Rongcheng by his mother-in-law’s family that day. He is like a lost dog, he swore to the sky that he would be famous, so he went to the Alcatraz Prison to fight wits and bravery with the ten prisoners.
Fortunately, he won. He learned all the skills of the ten prisoners.
The ten prisoners were amazed by the fact that the blue is better than the blue.
Now that I’m back, how are you all doing? Su He’s eyes danced with a strange light. This city has what he loves and more. Those who hate him, he is looking forward to meeting them. Ruolan hasten to leave, it will be too late Ruolan Lin Ruolan Suhe suddenly raised his head and followed the source of the sound, only to see a bright BMW standing in front of it not far away Among the three young and beautiful girls, one of them is the most amazing. Although she is young, she is well-developed. She has two peaks, plump, straight legs, smooth, firm, youthful and beautiful. She has already attracted the attention of countless men.
Su He smiled and walked towards her. After all, the girl is his sister-in-law, Lin Ruolan. I haven’t heard her for a long time. The girl suddenly raised her head.
A look of astonishment appeared on her delicate face.
You, you, Su He, the cheap brother-in-law who disappeared for a whole year, unexpectedly appeared on the corner of the street.
This is definitely a big event.
If my mother finds out, I’m afraid the family will have no peace.
Thinking about it, Lin Ruolan’s face immediately darkened. Why did you come back? Didn’t you say that you were not allowed to set foot in Rongcheng again? You are driving me away. Su He asked Lin Ruolan in a calm tone, a little surprised.
If Su He heard her words a year ago, he would definitely be ashamed, angry and at a loss, but how can he be so calm now? Ruolan, who is he? The little sister next to him is curious.