She answered and comforted Qiqi told her to take good care of Lu Xueying then put down the phone Lin Muyang looked up and saw

Source 80 e-book uploaded with integrity and traveled all over the world Time words Decades of return awakened Lin Muyang’s heart to find out the cause of death of his parents and protect his best friend’s sister The steely man embarked on a bumpy road to rise Chapter 1 Fiancee Chapter 1 Fiancee Auntie, are you crazy? Did you tell me to marry a woman I’ve never met before? Is this because your menopause is ahead of schedule? There is a twenty-five-six-year-old among the crowd at the exit of the Jinzhou high-speed rail station. A young man with neat short hair and a half-worn denim jacket is holding an old Huawei mobile phone and calling Auntie, you are threatening me. I just entered China and received a text message that made me despair. Switzerland All the 500 million dollars in the bank were frozen and the villa in Jinzhou was also sold.
You want me to live on the streets, and you want me to get married with the number one beauty in Jinzhou. You have to go right away. If you don’t go, you will kill me. Hey, hey, hey, hey, just as the young man was talking about the critical moment, the old mobile phone suddenly ran out of power, so he almost dropped the mobile phone, and the passing passengers all looked at him with weird eyes.
The young man didn’t care about other people’s eyes. The only thing that bothers him now is that his domineering aunt actually pulls a woman whom he has never met once and said that she wants to get a marriage certificate with him, and she still can’t refuse. This is simply absurd. The young man sighed softly. Just came back and encountered this kind of thing. What kind of baby kiss, what is the number one beauty in Jinzhou, what kind of family is rich, who is an upper-class person. These things have nothing to do with him. His main purpose now is to find Yang Jieer, the younger sister of his deceased friend Yang Fan. Looking at the screen The dark mobile phone Lin Muyang has a helpless smile Lin Muyang, Lin Muyang, you said that you have participated in various rebellious wars overseas for many years and led the wolf mercenary group through life and death, and brushed against death countless times. Why are you in a small town today? Lin Muyang was thinking about the little girl’s body, thinking about his life as a mercenary overseas, Lin Muyang was filled with emotion. If other mercenary regiments in the world knew that the famous leader of the Flying Wolf, Qinglang, would be deterred by a woman, they would all be surprised.
After hitting the ground and leaving the station, Lin Muyang found a taxi and went straight to downtown Jinzhou. Just now, on the phone, my aunt had already told her where the other party was located. The outlying island western restaurant on the seventh floor of Jinzhou Huashang Building is one of the famous western restaurants in Jinzhou. It’s the weekend, the restaurant is full of diners, the gentle music and the elegant environment all reveal the high-end atmosphere here.
The elevator door opens, and a young man with short hair and a half-worn denim jacket walks out of it. As soon as he stepped into the restaurant, he immediately attracted the attention of many diners.
Many people showed surprised eyes. How could such a high-end place let such shabby people in? Let’s see what’s going on in this restaurant. Why did you let him in? Does the waiter here care about anything? I really hate seeing people like this getting nauseated and affecting their appetite. Maybe it’s the delivery restaurant. There are many people whispering in the restaurant, ten miles away from Lin Muyang.
On a table by the window one meter away, a woman with exquisite features wearing black-rimmed glasses, wearing a white shirt and a tunic skirt frowned slightly, and a look of indifference flashed in her big eyes.
Lu, that man seemed like It’s the person in the photo. The young woman in clothes sitting beside her handed the photo to her and said in a low voice, there’s no need to take a look. We don’t need to take the initiative to greet him.
Lu Xueying felt a sense of boredom with this man who appeared out of nowhere.
She was completely bored. Unexpectedly, her father would suddenly call and tell her that she had to go to the Peninsula Western Restaurant to meet a man named Lin Muyang within half an hour, and also had to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with this man to get a certificate. The next time I came, I planned to make it clear to this Lin Muyang, so that he would not be wishful thinking.
The moment this man stepped into the restaurant, Lu Xueying guessed the identity of the other party, but she did not expect that this man would dress so casually, which made her feel more disgusted with this man. Lin Muyang casually glanced at his eyes and inadvertently found Lu Xueying who was peeping at him. Although there was no picture of this woman, he was sure from the indifferent eyes of the other party that this woman was the number one beauty in Jinzhou. Lu Xueying just made him feel uncomfortable.
The woman praised by my aunt is so impolite, which makes her a little disappointed.
She is the number one beauty in Golden State, graduated from Harvard Economics, and a strong woman.
It seems that these are all nonsense. If my aunt hadn’t taken her to Guantanamo Something threatened him that he would never come to see this woman standing in the middle of the aisle of the restaurant, listening to the whispering voices around Lin Muyang felt very uncomfortable, it was obvious that he was fooling around watching the woman’s cold gaze passing by the corner of Lin Muyang’s mouth With an evil smile, he secretly thought in his heart that if he wanted to mess things up, then he would make it bigger.
Lin Muyang plucked up his confidence and suddenly shouted, Lu Xueying, come out, your husband, I’m here to find you, Lu Xueying, come out, your husband, I’ll take you home. Lin Muyang’s sudden shout stunned everyone present. The name Lu Xueying is known to everyone in Jinzhou, and everyone is a little surprised to hear this man dressed as a migrant worker call his name so directly. Let me go here Is this guy crazy? Calling the number one beauty in Jinzhou by the name, this guy is definitely mentally ill.
Why is the number one beauty in Jinzhou here? I think this person must be a lunatic.
If he ate the plate, then how could Lu Xueying, the number one beauty in Jinzhou, fall in love with him? This is absolutely impossible.
People around were talking about it, and Lu Xueying, who was sitting in the distance, had a face as cold as an iceberg that would never melt for thousands of years. Trembling slightly, a pair of willow eyebrows have frowned into a Sichuan character