Shangshu Right Servant Shee Gao Shilians eldest son Gao Shicheng E Duke Wei Chi Jingde eldest son Wei Chi Baolin Duan Zhixuans son Baoguo Duke

Prince Li Chengqian of the Tang Dynasty could not see the edge of the dark clouds as thick as ink slowly pressing towards Chang’an City Countless people in Chang’an City 108 Fang looked at the dark clouds in the distance and took a deep breath to absorb the freshness that was getting thicker and thicker in the air A warm smile filled the wet face and prayed that the first rain in early summer would be more violent. Many people in the Eastern Palace of the Tang Dynasty looked up at the dark clouds in the sky, then lowered their heads, hunched their necks and put their shoulders on their shoulders, preparing to withstand the storm.
The baptism dark cloud is about to cover the top of the black cloud, and the city is about to be destroyed. Seven or eight maids with hair combed in a bun, wearing a white silk inner skirt and a red silk skirt, and gray linen shoes on their feet, put their hands on their chests and lowered their heads hurriedly out of the Jiade Hall Going around to the side and walking down the white marble steps quickly, alas, a maid fell down with her foot in the air, got up, rubbed her knees, jumped twice, and walked quickly in small steps. Stepping forward to meet Cailian quickly, His Highness is alright? None of the maids walking out of the hall spoke, but hurried forward. The lady named Cailian who fell down was especially fast, her face was pale and panting due to the rapid walking, but her posture remained the same.
Although the dignified and dignified ladies did not get the answer, they also got the answer.
They quickly made birds and beasts scattered one by one, and left in a hurry.
Pass through the lawn of flowers, pass two pavilions to Chongren Hall, and then head north quickly to a courtyard with blue bricks and black tiles, which is different from other buildings.
There is a plaque on the lintel of the front courtyard. A healthy middle-aged man in his forties walked out of the room in a hurry, His Royal Highness Jiade fainted, doctor Song rushed back to the room with three other doctors, carrying a medicine box, what happened? His Highness kicked the screen, lost his footing and fell down Knocked on the head, Doctor Song trotted anxiously, I asked if there was any anger, Cailian hesitated, thinking that too many people knew about it, and did not dare to hide it The attendant stomped her feet and ran up quickly. Cailian put her hands on her knees and saw that the imperial doctor had gone to pant a few times. She clasped her hands again on her chest, looked dignified, but hurried towards the Jiade Hall. Along the way, there were many maids in gorgeous clothes.
Ladies in palace costumes hurriedly gathered at the Jiade Palace. In addition to the concubine Su, there are also two Liangdi who are the third rank, Liangyuan, the fourth rank, six Liangyuan, the fifth rank, ten people from Chenghui, and sixteen people from Zhaoxun, the seventh rank. The twenty-four members of Fengyi of the ninth rank are under the badge, and they are not qualified to greet the prince directly or take the initiative to find the prince, but at this moment, the prince fainted, which is a major event for the entire East Palace. The prince’s accident, their lives will be dark, and they can’t help them not to be nervous.
The platform in front of the hall is entirely made of white marble, and the whole hall is brownish red. At this moment, the doors and windows of the Jiade Hall are closed. Dozens of maids outside the hall are waiting anxiously.
The young man in jade is lying on a bed carved with dragons and phoenixes on three sides, and there are two servants sitting on the head of the bed.
Dozens of women outside the hospital bed were kneeling on the ground, weeping secretly in anxiety and panic.
The young man on the bed groaned in pain. He covered his head with his hands and squeezed it hard, feeling like his head was constantly gurgling in a boiling kettle. All kinds of memories are popping up in the head, ready to explode at any time.
Those memories are full of tyranny, despair, panic, hysteria, grievance, anger, etc. Negative emotions in the middle stage. When I was established as the prince of the Tang Dynasty, I was excited, but I tried to be calm and depressed.
I am the prince of the Tang Dynasty, Li Chengqian.
I was admitted to a technical school, worked as a temporary worker on a construction site, and worked in a factory workshop. Nine-nine-six is ​​finally about to become a workshop director. When celebrating, I drank a little too much and it hurts, so I have so many memories for no reason. A woman screamed and rushed towards the bed, the rest of the women pursed their mouths excitedly, wept, shouted loudly, and a dozen people rushed to scare Li Chengqian, who was in a daze, suddenly woke up His Highness, His Highness, His bed was tightly surrounded, and more than a dozen beautiful women were eager.
The quality of caring for the princess is too high. The crown prince and concubine already had a splitting headache and were surrounded by so many people chattering. Li Chengqian sat up irritably and yelled, and let the wind stop and the rain stopped in an instant. More than a dozen women, some crying and some resentful Standing open reveals a tall and slender woman in palace attire.
The woman is beautiful with pear blossoms and rain, but the corner of her mouth is smiling, gentle and soft, but also a bit pretty and charming.
The goddess-level figure Su Fei is here! Su Fei walked over and sat down gently with tears in her eyes Everyone else on the bed went down and opened the door and window to let in a breath, shouted coldly, then nodded gently to Concubine Su, this is Concubine Su crying with tears in her eyes, turning her head to look at the other people in the Jiade Hall, who have already left, clutching Li Chengqian His Royal Highness’s personal guard leader, Hegan Chengji, reads He Hegan’s surname Hegan from the Northern Wei Dynasty. He has just been taken away by Zongzheng Temple. His Highness Wang Mouni couldn’t stop him, so he lost his temper in the palace and fell down.
I thought His Highness didn’t want His Majesty to know, so I didn’t ask the imperial physician Song Shiyi to say that His Highness was just angry and took some medicine for clearing the liver and eliminating fire. His Highness took it It’s alright, Hegan Chengji, Li Chengqian’s mouth twitched, and he crossed over.
It’s a bit of a pitfall. He became Li Chengqian, and the guard, Hegan Chengji, was just captured. This is the rhythm of the game.
Two or three days after Chengji was taken away, Prince Li Chengqian of the Tang Dynasty was imprisoned and demoted to a commoner, and then he died of depression within two years of being assigned.