Shan Liang also You don’t have to worry about other things just pay for the small things let the village chief Huang Shiren help you

Hello, text message from Heaven In order to promote the coordinated development of Heaven and Earth, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother decided to establish a Heaven Mall for the exchange of goods between heaven and earth. Therefore, we have to choose a mortal from the mortal world to supply the Heaven.
I am very glad that you are the lucky one, please. Click the link below to download Tianting Mall and register in the background. I am customer service Seven Fairy Zier, who is spreading fish by the fish pond, Shan Liang looks at the text messages in the smartphone that he bought for two hundred yuan.
The tricks of telecom scammers are becoming more and more bizarre. I don’t know that it took a few kicks in the head from a donkey to come up with such a brainless trick.
If you were the Seven Fairies, I was still the Jade Emperor. What a brain tease. Shan Liang is slightly handsome and extremely resolute. There was a disdainful smile on Sunshine’s face, but even though he knew it was a scam, he clicked in curiously. He just wanted to see how the other party cheated money. If he clicked on the link, the bank card might be stolen by the other party. Then Shan Liang doesn’t have to worry at all because a poor guy like him doesn’t have a bank card. As soon as Shan Liang’s finger clicked and lifted up a red gate with a white background, an icon appeared on the screen of the phone, and under the icon was Tianting Mall Four. A large character is only three seconds, the so-called Tianting Mall will be downloaded and installed automatically Because people who have never used a broken mobile phone can’t understand what it’s like to be stuck. It will make you have the urge to drop the mobile phone. He hurriedly pressed and pressed the software to uninstall it directly. But when Shan Liang’s finger pressed the software The moment I got on the phone, the phone directly entered the mall. Face recognition is in progress.
Please wait patiently. Something like a scan suddenly appeared on the screen of the phone.
In the box is Shan Liang’s wheat-colored face.
Why can’t it get a virus? Dan Liang felt that the situation was getting worse, as if the phone was out of his control after clicking the link.
In order to prevent the so-called virus from invading, Shan Liang frantically clicked the return button, but the screen still displayed that line of words Shan Liang’s eyes were ruthless, and he simply pulled the battery down, which made that line of stubborn font disappear.
Shan Liang held the mobile phone that was not corroded by the virus, and he was still in fear. Curiosity really killed the cat. Shan Liang’s voice just fell suddenly. There was an urgent cry from afar, Shan Liang, Shan Liang, he hurriedly raised his head and saw that it was a woman, although she looked only 27 or 28 years old, but that kind of maturity seemed to have penetrated into her bones, her smooth and fair face was exposed to the sun It is even more dazzling under the sunlight, but the brows are not as intellectual as before, but more flustered, sister-in-law, what happened? The person who came was sister-in-law Duan Lihua, Shan Liang picked up her mobile phone and hurriedly greeted Huang Shiren to your house Duan Lihua stopped in her tracks, she had no time to slow down, and said out of breath, isn’t it time yet? Shan Liang’s face became serious when he heard that The well-known bully relied on his brother-in-law to be a small official in the county to do his best. If it hadn’t been for the treatment of his grandfather a few days ago, Shan Liang would not have chosen to borrow money from him, but the date for repaying the money is far from coming.
This guy must be a bad person, Huang Shiren probably has an impure purpose.
There are also a few gangsters from the town who went with him.
Duan Lihua frowned slightly and said in a suppressed voice.
When he woke up, his face was even colder and frightening, he didn’t say anything, he ran straight home, be careful, Duan Lihua yelled concerned, watching Dan Liang’s figure quickly disappearing into the woods, heaved a sigh, it looks like that woman’s place in your heart That’s the most important thing. Although the road was still muddy after light rain, Shan Liang didn’t intend to slow down, but ran all the way to his home. The poor adobe house’s sound insulation is not very good. The man’s voice is threatening, little dumb, don’t talk to me, I’m telling you, let Shan Liang use that fish pond to repay the debt today, or hee hee, you can go back and be my brother’s wife Shan Liang has already expected it This guy had no good intentions, but he never expected that he would be so bold as to put his idea on his sister’s head.
Although Shan Liang called her sister, she was actually picked up by his grandfather. She was Huang Shiren, who planned to be Shan Liang’s wife. Where is she now? The debt is clear, and Shan Liang came to snatch his wife, so how could he bear it? Shan Liang picked up the shovel in the yard and rushed directly into the adobe house with anger What do you mean by coming to your bloody now? Huang Shiren was concentrating on admiring the beauty of the dumb girl in front of him, and his saliva was almost drooling.
Suddenly, he was so shocked when someone drank like that. The hairs on his back stand on end, right? Ahh, the dumb girl, Xiao Ai, seeing her younger brother coming back, seemed to have a backbone, she hurried over Huang Shiren and came to Shan Liang, sister, are you okay? Ah, Xiao Ai waved her hand to indicate that she was fine, but she was about to continue gesturing, but Dan Liang held her hand, sister, you go behind me Xiao Ai nodded, walked behind Dan Liang, and looked at Huang Shi with a worried face Ren and others Huang Shiren couldn’t help jumping when he saw Shan Liang coming in with a shovel in his right eyelid, and the mole on the right side of his cheek also trembled, but he calmed down in an instant because the younger brothers beside him had already firmly protected him. It’s right behind me, it’s not the end of the day, but I want you to pay back the debt now, or give me six thousand yuan with interest quickly, or the fish pond is the same as your dumb sister Huang Shiren narrowed his dark eyes slightly