Shaking your neck do you mean your oxygen is running out The girl looked at Wang Lei worriedly Wang Lei nodded then go back quickly

So Wang Lei used future technology to manufacture robots, build space elevators, develop the solar system, and build immigrant spacecraft, but there are always some people who are jealous of other people’s things.
In order to protect themselves, Wang Lei took out electromagnetic guns, Titan mechs, exoskeleton armor, space-based laser weapons, and other future weapons to teach them. Not everyone’s things can be taken. Chapter Earth Chapter After the new year, New Year’s Eve in the early hours of the year, there was rumbling firecrackers outside the house, and the festive atmosphere was on the land of China. Yang Yi heard the explosion of firecrackers outside a high-end residential area in Suzhou.
Wang Lei fell into a nightmare, hurry up, hurry up, everyone is getting on the elevator, amidst the roar of the heavy machine gun, there was the urging sound of the squad leader, Wang Lei felt that he was back in the time of the mass evacuation, and at the urging of the squad leader Zhang Hailong, he boarded the last elevator.
The glass door is closed, and the noisy sound from the outside is always pressed.
The mute button is pressed. As the elevator rises, the scene in the distance is once again presented in front of the eyes. The scorched black land that can’t be seen at a glance is densely covered with large and small bullet craters.
Countless corpses are flowing bright red on the entire land. The blood was lying on the scorched ground, but this tragic scene did not make those people fade away. Countless people with old-fashioned rifles from the last century rushed towards the last position of the space elevator, watching the crowd approaching the space elevator little by little, and then watching. A ball of fire rose from the base of the space elevator, and then a violent shaking came out Xiaolei, Xiaolei woke up, mother Yao Huilan shook Wang Lei up, Xiaolei went out to set off firecrackers, Wang Lei woke up from the nightmare, his eyes widened in horror, his breathing was short Looking around, the explosion of firecrackers could be heard from time to time, and suddenly a pair of gentle hands patted his back.
Did Xiao Lei have a nightmare? Hearing a familiar voice next to his ear, Wang Lei nodded. Shaking his head and smiling, he looked at Yao Huilan, so much that he forgot that you are so good.
The dream he just had, he forgot.
I took a piece of clothes and went downstairs with a firecracker and a bundle of firecrackers. I went downstairs to the community, put the firecrackers on the ground, took out a lighter, and lit the fuse. Just as Wang Lei was about to run back, he stepped on an old firecracker. A dog gnawed on it.
The mud fell on the ground, the fuse of the firecrackers ignited, and the crackling sound reminded Wang Lei, who had fallen, lying on the ground, listening to the sound of firecrackers in his ears, and pictures suddenly appeared in his mind.
Pictures of the battle against the Centaur poured into Wang Lei’s mind one after another.
Wang Lei only felt that his brain was about to explode.
It took a while to recover.
Wang Lei struggled to get up from the ground and sat against the wall panting for breath. After calming down, Wang Lei began to look through the extra memories in his mind, but most of those memories were scattered and intermittent, but soon Wang Lei I saw a very familiar picture, explosions, gunshots, the squad leader’s urging, and the space elevator, yes, this picture is What happened to the scene Wang Lei saw in his dream just now? Wang Lei muttered to himself that these are all your memories. A clear female voice came from the corridor.
Wang Lei instantly looked towards the dark corridor.
Say goodbye to being nervous, I won’t hurt you, and I can’t hurt you either. A beautiful long-haired beauty walked out slowly from the dark corridor, and looked at the tall, straight black beauty Wang Lei who appeared in front of her with a vigilant look.
I asked how do you know what I’m thinking and who are you? Hehe, of course I know what you’re thinking in your mind.
The beauty pointed to her head and smiled and said, Hey beauty, do you think I’m a fool? You obviously In front of my eyes, the beauty smiled and said, but the voice rang in Wang Lei’s mind, causing Wang Lei to tremble.
How can you be sure that what you see is true? At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps on the stairs Xiaolei Xiaolei, I’m here. Oh, Xiaolei, why are you sitting on the ground? Yao Huilan hurried forward to join Wang Lei.
It’s okay. Mom just fell down. Why are you so careless? Did you get hurt? Yao Huilan scolded Wang Lei while observing Is Wang Lei injured? I’m fine. Mom, I’m sure Wang Lei is okay. Afterwards, Yao Huilan is so angry that you tell me how old you are, and you’re still so uneasy. Even setting off firecrackers, you can even fall to face your mother’s nagging.
Talking about Wang Lei, I was a little embarrassed and embarrassed. There was someone beside me, but Wang Lei soon discovered that my mother seemed to be unable to see the beautiful woman standing in the corridor.
Look, is there a woman in the corridor? Wang Lei pointed at the beautiful woman and said that Yao Huilan followed her son Looking in the direction of the pointer, there is no woman. There is only a pitch-black corridor. Yao Huilan turned around and knocked on Wang Lei’s head.
Who would scare anyone at night? How could there be any woman? Hurry up and go back to the house and lie on the bed. In the corridor, she looked at her beautiful woman with a smile, then went back to the house with the support of her mother, and helped Wang Lei to the bed. Impatiently urging me to hear what I said, did you hear it? Yao Huilan took a last look at Wang Lei and closed the door. Seeing the door closed, Wang Lei was relieved. It can be seen that your mother loves you very much. The sudden voice scared Wang Lei. I jumped, why are you here? I said I was in your mind. Where are you? I said that the beauty also nodded Wang Lei’s head. Didn’t you say that the head is in my head? Why did you meet me? The beauty rolled her eyes and said how many times I have said that I am in your head