Shaking his head no need whats the matter Zhang Xingchao noticed the abnormality of the girl brother I went back the girl said in a

There is an old man named Luo in the town who is bedridden with a long-term illness.
It is said that he has cancer. The old man’s chin has a tumor weighing two catties. Half a month ago, old man Luo was dying. His three sons took him to the health center. Doctor Li, who was on duty at the clinic at the time, saw Mr.
Luo’s condition and said that he would not be able to survive that night. In the middle of the night, the old man passed away and walked very peacefully. According to the rural rules, a mourning hall was set up to beat the funeral. After seven days of vigil every night, he was buried.
The second reason is that the funeral home is too far away and the cost is not low.
Cremation is very inconvenient. After the burial, it took another seven days. The voice of the old man, he looked for it suspiciously, the crying sound was getting closer and closer, and finally found that the voice was coming from under his father’s grave, he was startled at that time, but he calmed down quickly and hurried to find someone, Luo’s second son.
Notoriously courageous, dozens of people set fire to him and dug his grave himself.
After digging the tomb, they found that Mr. Luo was still alive. This angered the Luo family.
They called dozens of relatives and friends to besiege the next morning.
The health center scolded quack doctors along the way. Zhang Xingchao was puzzled.
An old man was still alive after seven days in the mourning hall and buried in the cemetery.
He immediately asked Dr. Li who was on duty that night to question him. Similarly, this doctor who has practiced medicine for more than ten years is also full of doubts. He was really dying at the time. An old man in his eighties had cancer.
I couldn’t tell whether he was dead or alive. I was there when the old man died.
He had no heartbeat.
No breath, you know Zhang Xingchao shook his head The police force in the city is so tense that there is no time to investigate this absurd case. He ordered his most powerful assistant, Zhou Qunxia, ​​to evacuate the surrounding villagers and arrest those who took the lead in making trouble and beating people. Let me go and see.
Look at Mr. Luo, the villagers brought Zhang Xingchao to Luo’s house, only to see Mr. Luo sitting stiffly at the dining table, his face was gray, his eyes were dull, and his eyes were empty. Zhang Xingchao saw him haggard and didn’t ask any questions. At this time, Mrs.
Luo brought a bowl of noodles to the old man. In front of him, he picked up the chopsticks stiffly, but he couldn’t hold them steady for a long time. Zhang Xingchao found that this old man Luo was different from Dr. Li’s description. He didn’t have a tumor on his chin, so Zhang Xingchao asked Mrs. Luo what the doctor said Uncle Luo’s chin. Before Zhang Xingchao finished speaking, Mrs.
Luo rushed to say that you said tumor, good morning. When we rescued the old man from the grave, we found that the tumor on his chin was gone.
God has eyes, old man.
When he recovered from his illness, old man Luo threw away his chopsticks and ate noodles with his hands.
Zhang Xingchao looked at the old man and felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong. Swallowing, his Adam’s apple didn’t move at all, it seems that his throat is very dry and he can’t swallow anything.
Ding Ding Ding Zhang Xingchao’s cell phone rang and he picked up the phone, hello Director, okay, okay, I’ll go back to the police station right away, there’s another case. Zhang Xingchao has to go back to the police station quickly. The back of the head caused massive congestion in the cranial cavity.
The time of death was roughly three days ago. The deceased was about 30 years old, but his identity could not be identified.
Zhang Xingchao remained silent. His attention was all on the female corpse covered in holes.
The face of the deceased Li Muxue is the only female police officer in the forensic department of the police station. She is famous for her discernment.
She infers that the deceased suffered a long period of cruel abuse during his lifetime. Desperation and fear in his heart overstimulated his kidneys. Glandular hormones caused eye congestion and other reactions.
The scene and the deceased did not have any clues about the identity of the deceased.
The identity of the deceased cannot be determined for the time being.
Director Tang Yueshan frowned, and it may be difficult to determine the identity of the deceased. The director is right. The corpse is not only severely disfigured, but also has seventy-nine stab wounds and gouges on the body.
The murderer’s intention must have been to destroy the deceased’s physical signs and remove birthmarks, moles, scars and other identification marks. Corpse Tang Yueshan’s face was clouded with clouds. The murderer was too cruel.
He used the method of gouging out the corpse to destroy the signs and clues of the deceased.
This is the first time in my life that I have encountered this case. What do you think Zhang Xingchao is the ace of the police station? Let’s listen to what Tang Yueshan and Xia Li Muxue said in unison. The people in the police station like to listen to Zhang Xingchao’s reasoning process. When all the police officers are in a desperate situation when handling a case, Zhang Xingchao’s reverse thinking and reasoning method always makes people’s eyes shine.
The idea suddenly became clear. The scene of the crime was in a rented house in the suburbs.
According to positive thinking, we can visit the landlord to find out the identity clues of the deceased, but I think this is not advisable.
Since the murderer knows how to destroy the physical signs of the deceased, he must gouged out the corpse. We can imagine that we will go to the landlord and he chooses to commit the murder in the deceased’s rented house instead of when the deceased is out, which means that the crime scene of the rented house cannot provide us with any clues, that is, the landlord does not know the real identity of the deceased, so the deceased is very It may be Sanwu personnel or use false identities to register the rented house. This shows that the murderer knew the deceased very well. How should the identity of the deceased be determined?