sent out Chi Chis crazy voice came again it was him I smelled his scent he came back Bai Luoyi covered his ears the decibels sounded

Chapter 1 The biological father, Bai Luoyi, is still digesting the information. Her mother said that she is not the beautiful, gender-ambiguous, melancholy man across from her biological father.
To be honest, this face says that their brothers and sisters also believe that the evidence is the scales on your hands.
You must return to your ancestors with me as soon as possible. Dibai Luoyi rolled up his sleeves. These are scales, not ringworm.
Sometimes they itch after the 18th birthday. The doctor can’t see what it is.
It’s a little too much, the bracelet is nice, it just fits around her biological father’s insistence and her mother’s love for beauty Bai Luoyi was forced to embark on the road to find her ancestral land Bai Luoyi regretted more than once why she listened to her biological father without bringing a lifeguard The boat capsized and fell into the sea. Her biological father was nowhere to be seen.
She was washed into a primeval forest. The huge arbor felt like it was in the Jurassic era. Bai Luoyi scolded God. The key point is that she is so ugly, the feathers on her head are bald, and a big bald grows. Bai Luoyi can’t control so much and goes into the bushes. It’s a pity that not only her mouth is strong, but also her claws are extremely sharp. She hooked the bushes with force, and was torn apart like a bandage. As clean as a torn cloth, Bai Luoyi took a few steps back, swallowed his saliva, without any weapon to defend himself, she is a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, why don’t you kill me first, don’t eat it alive, your mouth is too smelly, Bai Luoyi bargaining, I’m sorry, mom, dad, I might have to go first Let’s take a step.
The newly recognized biological father hopes that you will be lucky not to meet such a monster.
The giant bird swooped triumphantly and prepared to swallow this small prey in one gulp. Bai Luoyi held his breath and agreed not to swallow it alive. Pooh, Bai Luoyi was immediately dazed and washed in blood After taking a hot bath, the giant bird was pierced by a silver tail. The tail was twitched again, and Bai Luoyi was drenched again.
Whose cub are you? Why did you go to the Sunset Forest by yourself? Bai Luoyi was happy for three days and finally met someone.
Skinny Bai Luoyi searched for a long time but couldn’t find any trace of a human being. A huge snake head stood in front of him. Bai Luoyi thought about her eyes.
His body was probably bigger than a prehistoric python. He didn’t pass out. He was a very healthy cub. Big Snake’s voice was a bit disgusting, Bai Luoyi really wanted to faint, but the desire to live prevailed, so he asked in a low voice, the cub you said was me, you didn’t live in a tribe, a stray cub, I’m not a cub, let alone some stray cub, you Look at our difference, are you mistaken? Bai Luoyi swipe his finger back and forth.
The difference in body size is not relative, right? The scales on your wrist are only found in the White Snake Tribe. If it’s really a sign, her biological father is a demon. Isn’t it forbidden to become a spirit after the founding of the People’s Republic? Then do you know Bai Feng? Master Bai Feng has been in seclusion for several years.
You know him as a demon. Isn’t she a little monster? But there is nothing special about her except scales Yes, it seems a little different, stronger than people of the same age The speed is fast, does it count where the tribe you mentioned is the father’s ancestral land? It’s not wrong, but the entrance is a bit dangerous. Forget about the world of monsters.
You have to understand the snake’s head slightly lowered. Bai Luoyi climbed up and looked at the shimmering scales.
It’s like a gemstone, it feels so good to the touch, it’s hard to put it down.
My name is Bai Luoyi, what’s your name? Although this snake is a bit cold, it seems to care about its cubs. It’s so beautiful that it’s white and white. Only tribal warriors have a last name. You’d better cover it up. The cub’s surname is not allowed.
It’s too miserable.
The big snake is very fast, but it doesn’t bump at all. Bai Luoyi, who hasn’t slept much for several days, is so drowsy that Bai Luoyi sits up in a daze before he wakes up.
Rubbing her is not a dream, what era is it now? Primitive tribes want to enter the museum, aren’t they monsters? Why are they so backward? Can she go back to the sparse thatched huts in caves? The man next to you is tall and slender, with slender legs, a face as sharp as a knife, and a pair of ice-blue eyes, deep and far away. She is as beautiful as her father, but her father is beautiful, Bai Lie is handsome, masculine, and speaks so old-fashioned.
Uncle, young man, why don’t you look energetic and pretend to be deep? At this moment, Bai Luoyi hasn’t realized that in this world for a long time in the future, she wants to keep quiet and pretend to be deep. Bai Lie came back so early today. Whose cub is this? Tong is curious that this is too thin and too thin, is the patriarch here? I don’t know what mysterious Bai Tong was muttering with the priest.
He recalled that he had never seen this cub. Knowing that this guy has always been alone, the cubs are far away from everything, and I am afraid that he will take care of him. Walking all the way, Bai Luoyi feels cold. She saw some people wearing animal skins, some directly drinking raw water, and the surrounding areas.
I didn’t see any crops, not a pigsty, not even a dog in the sheepsty, she wanted to cry, Bai Lie stopped in front of a yard, the wooden one brought a yard, the patriarch, the priest, Bai Lie moved away, and Bai Luoyi also greeted the priest with The patriarch is a bit gloomy and not talkative, but this patriarch is somewhat similar to his father. Their relatives, Bai Lie, you guard the outside, and no one is allowed in. The patriarch waved his hand, Bai Lie looked at Bai Luo Yi, and left the room. The rest of the people with surnames are all single characters. Bai Luoyi went to the countryside to do as the Romans do, it scares you. It seems that your father still has some things that he didn’t tell you, more than a few things. Did you know that this place is so backward and she has to pack it three years in advance?