Seeping inexplicable pain her lips were already red and swollen suffocating Tian Tians breathing became more difficult her mouth opened wider and finally she lay

The first half of the sentence refers to Yan Xing, and the second half of the sentence refers to the painter Lan Tian’s solo exhibition.
Tian Tian, ​​the daughter of the coal boss Tian Dazhuang, talked about this abstract painting on the wall. The painting is about cherishing the hymen and staying away from a one-night stand.
When there was a muffled sound, the goblet in Tian Dazhuang’s hand fell, and he knew that his daughter was not a fuel-efficient Deng Tiantian, who was dumbfounded by the surroundings, continued to slap chicken blood and spit all over you.
Looking at the overall outline, it represents the female genitalia, while the jagged cracks in the chaos represent the torn hymen. The whole picture looks gloomy and dull, reflecting the artist’s despair and remorse at the time.
The crowd gradually came back to their senses and after pondering for a long time, they all nodded their heads and acted like they had a deep understanding. She is indeed the daughter of Yun Tian Dazhuang, a high-achieving student in the Academy of Fine Arts. Who would be ashamed to refute face, but there is someone who doesn’t have good eyesight to accompany Mr.
Ye Yan Xu who came to see the painting, pursed his lips and said “no big deal” Tian Tian, ​​who was always in a state of excitement, seemed to have been poured with cold water, and turned her head in a daze, Mr.
You disagree with Yan Xu, but she smiled without saying a word, Tian Tian felt a little glaring looking at that smile After a moment of daze, she quickly collected her emotions and turned around.
She had no time to worry about the man who dismantled her. At this moment, she had more important things to do.
Tian Tian smiled sweetly at the crowd in suits. This painting is like a wake-up call.
Women take good care of their own vaginas and don’t let married men penetrate them, otherwise they will suffer conscience condemnation and contempt from society, just like my beautiful and beautiful stepmother Jia San’er, Tian Dazhuang, who has nothing to lose, can only hold it firmly Clenched fists are so strong that the flesh on the palms of the hands seems to be squeezed through the cracks, ugly as his face is seriously out of shape like a typhoon passing through the border. This is the first time Tian Tian has called Jia Zhen as Jia San’er in public before Tian Dazhuang. Even if Tian Tian poured wine and threw a glass at his youngest son Tian Zhen’s full moon banquet, he didn’t show any anger, but this time Tian Tian was talking nonsense at an art exhibition where celebrities from all walks of life gathered. Not far away, the woman who was hugged by the real estate crocodile and smiled happily was not the ex-wife Shu Lingli who signed the divorce agreement just a few days ago, who was Tian Dazhuang? Shu Lingli, a half-aged mistress, is finally willing to sign the divorce agreement without going to court without making a fuss. It is well known that Tian Dazhuang only paid a one million breakup fee to settle the matter cleanly and quickly without leaving any future troubles. During the week, the ex-wife has already joined the giants of the real estate industry, she is full of spirits, and she is so arrogant, Tian Dazhuang’s temples are jumping, and the fat on his face trembles like a convulsion.
Conceitedly thinking that sending Tian Tian, ​​who has never touched a paintbrush, to a well-known art academy in the country can resolve her hatred of herself, but she does not want to do this, but adds a crime to herself and listens to Tian Tian’s helplessness in front of others. San’er just gave birth to a big fat son, they thought I was an eyesore at home, so my dad brought it up non-stop. How urgent it is! My ex-wife is in the arms of another man who is much more beautiful than me, and she has ulterior motives towards me. Looking at it, Tian Dazhuang couldn’t lose his dignity no matter what he said, so he turned into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles again, bowing the shell and explaining with a smile, the girl graduated from high school this year, of course she has to go to college, this kid, don’t listen to her nonsense and make you laugh. In the business world My friends thought about Tian Dazhuang’s status as a coal boss, and they all laughed it off, but Shu Lingli’s half-smiling stare made Tian Dazhuang uncomfortable. But I can only knock out my teeth and swallow my own tears of sadness. Here, Xiang Tian Tian has completed the purpose of this trip, turned around and whispered in Tian Dazhuang’s ear before leaving the venue. It’s no use dad regretting it. My mom has to thank you It was you who gave her a new life, and if there is fire, she has to hold her back.
It is easy to get internal injuries. Jia Saner is full of desires. You can’t just say it. I heard it on the soft carpet, but I felt suffocated in my ears, but the gloomy mood didn’t last long.
As soon as Tian Tian turned from the door of the banquet hall to the exit, she was inadvertently caught by a scene. In a corner of the spring hall, a tall and tall man hugged a petite and lovely woman. After the two kissed passionately, they began to take off each other’s clothes. Tian Tian walked forward curiously. The man was handsome and handsome. Although the woman looked young and beautiful, she looked closely But the more I look at it, the more I feel that there is a very subtle second temperament lurking in her body.
Tian Tian’s curiosity grows stronger.
She, who claims to be able to read people, frowned slightly. The two completely different auras blend together. How can I say it well? They mix and match and they can kiss together and even develop further. The most important thing is that they have been stuck together for so long and haven’t killed anyone. It’s rare to see the man’s kiss and big hands all attacking the woman in his arms, Tian Tian’s curiosity sharpened She has never seen a man with good looks who can embrace a bastard, and the satisfied and happy expression on the man’s face made her, a former honorary member of the Appearance Association, wipe the corners of her mouth a little wet. The innate jealousy made her look contemptuous while silently reciting the words “violently destroying things”, but she kept walking quickly and approaching without stopping, eager to have a panoramic view.
Unexpectedly, a strong big hand clamped her wrist from behind.
In the next moment, Tian Tian, ​​who is delicate and soft, has been dragged away from the passionate scene by the owner of the big hands.
She stopped at a certain corner. Tian Tian turned around angrily and was about to stare to death.
This ignorant person was shocked in the end