Seeing Xun Musheng’s shameless little bitch I’ll call you shameless I’ll tell you shameless it’s too late to say that a huge plumred Hermès platinum

Copywriting I love you till the end of the cycle Golden Dawn At first you thought it was a story of Cinderella and the Prince You were wrong Then you thought it was a story of Cinderella and the King But you were wrong again From the heart it might be a disaster A love story between a princess and a reckless emperor, but you don’t seem to be right. Maybe it will end up being a romance between Empress Zetian and blue-eyed Mickey. Or a story about the struggle of an empress. Men are just trophies.
Protagonist Xun Shifengxun Twilight Xiao Shang supporting role Liao An Zhang Qiaoshen Xu Cherry Xiao Rong Other rebirth of entertainment works of a wealthy family A brief review of a small transparent entertainment circle Striving to become an entertainment little crocodile Story of a Cambridge Trinity graduate who was reborn as a high school dropout She thought It is a legend that she was kicked off the wheel platform by the special help of Lord Yan, who knows that the real legend is yet to come.
She met the man who was the most admired financial giant in her previous life. This man even became her husband, and the story did not end there.
Inadvertently, she discovered that her husband was inextricably linked to the cause of death of her family members in the previous life. The author shaped the characters in the details, used dialogues to heighten the atmosphere, and used luxurious and extreme scene descriptions to create a real and illusory background in the entertainment industry.
A unique story is performed in a similarly real environment. This is the second part of the story.
The relationship between the hero and the heroine has changed from ambiguous to passionate to precipitated.
It is exciting to look forward to the final perfect ending. A play called Charlotte. Chapter 1 Do you know Liao An? Light a lemon-flavored cigarette so that when the smoke between her fingers is lit, I can smell the rising smell, as if her office, which overlooks the entire northern part of Beijing, has sprayed too much air freshener. In this world, all conflicts, wars, horrors, chaos, joys and sorrows, and tears It all comes from a reason. People always use the standards of saints to be strict with others, and treat themselves generously with the standards of fools. I raised my eyes from the script and looked at Liao An’s face behind the smoke, without saying a word, and continued to read the script.
Do you have any plans for your birthday? I shook my head, no.
If you have time, I will treat everyone to a hot pot meal. Liao An suddenly came over and asked me mysteriously. I said, let’s go to the private peacock club. I heard that there are beautiful men one by one. They are all high-achieving students from the Academy of Art. The skin is white and tender, and it tastes delicious to the touch. My sister, Liao An, your integrity has been shattered to the ground, and the scum can no longer be glued together.
Three thanks to An’s integrity Liao An turned around on his spacious office chair, talking nonsense I worked so hard to earn so much money for a year, isn’t it just to enjoy life without shame? I can’t see the ring or even the trace of wearing the ring. Liao An suddenly asked me, Mr. Xun and you broke up for almost a year, don’t you think you can’t get over this hurdle? I shook my head, actually. My marriage with Hoon Se-bong broke up and the whole series of things are very complicated At the same time, a lot of details need to be kept absolutely confidential.
I don’t want to and can’t involve Liao Anla in this inexplicable incident.
She is very face-saving and doesn’t ask any more questions. The script has been discussed. We all attach great importance to this cooperation. Our script is a modern urban romance part-time crime-solving small fresh comedy called Charlotte. The main character of the script I wrote is a smart guy with a high IQ but some anti-social personality.
He is good at reasoning and evidence.
The heroine is a university mathematics teacher. Of course, she is very skilled. The heroine used to be the hero’s creditor because the hero’s mother borrowed ten thousand yuan from the heroine’s father. Later, the hero’s mother ran away with the man.
After paying the money, the heroine’s father thought that his money was wasted. At this moment, the heroine stood up and said that he would bear the debt, so the heroine’s father reluctantly accepted the money that the heroine earned from work-study programs since childhood. The money was repaid like this until one day the heroine’s father had a car accident and the money was still not paid off, so the hero rented out his house and used the money to continue repaying the debt while paying the heroine’s father’s medical expenses.
In order to save money, the hero I moved to live in the house of the hostess, so the warehouse was full of strange flowers, and I didn’t worry about anything. The seemingly sweet cohabitation life started like this, and then some unfathomable cases also came to the door.
This story It was born in such a seemingly disconnected plot and logic. I like this script very much. Liao An is also the one who almost cried when she finished the script and patted my shoulder. She really cried. She said that whoever shoots your script will do good deeds. I was stupid and naive at the time. I thought she was telling the irony, but she was telling the truth. Liao An once used the newly made bright red phototherapy nails Tapping on the desk regularly, this is her subconscious action when she is thinking. One minute, two minutes, five minutes, she decided that we should shoot this movie.
I was surprised that she was willing to invest in this movie. Although I really can’t stand the script, but I I have a hunch that we will make money by investing in it. I can’t write great Chinese novels, but at least in my lifetime, I have the ability to spread good novels and scripts for more people to see. To obtain such abilities is to use One plus one script that I don’t like but makes money. I nod. Liao An is a philosopher.
A producer who can be sober and make money seems to have the potential of a philosopher.
I opened the strawberry on Liao An’s desk.
The headline on the front page of the weekly magazine is Xiao Rong who is so beautiful that there is no crescent moon, so dizzy that she looks like flowers and trees piled up with snow