Seeing the person he longed for day and night lying in disheveled clothes in another persons arms she finally knew that such an indifferent high

The old plaything author Tian Ruyu copywriter He is an old man who used to dominate the world but was played by her.
Modern people call this a plaything You can faintly hear the sound of dong dong in the upper ear, one sound like a heavy evening drum, not rushing, low-pitched, it seems to come from the ground, Shen Lan wakes up in a daze, her face is pressed against the wet ground, her eyes are dark, her mind is blank for a moment, she blinks It took me a while to recall my situation. The moment before, she was holding a small shovel and digging a hole in the vegetable garden with her second uncle.
The purpose was to find the treasure that my grandfather told me when he was dying. It was hard to find the target.
I just dug out a few feet.
The second uncle in the big pit was so frightened that she hid aside, and she herself fell to the bottom of the pit along the mouth of the pit.
Now that I think about it, I really can’t think of the reason why the second uncle was afraid at that time, and I can’t think of what happened when I slipped and fell. Damn it, as if in response to her thoughts, something slowly moved up her legs, like a wide-bellied snake, wriggling inch by inch, through a thin layer of cotton sweatpants, the bone-chilling cold came faintly with the movement There was a slight click, like the sound when people move their joints.
Shen Lan held her breath and waited for the thing to reach her waist.
She stretched out her hand and held it down. It seemed like she was electrocuted.
She jumped up from the ground and retreated to the side screaming.
Trembling all over, it turned out to be something in a human hand. Her right hand twitched with her fingers. It turned out to be the lighter that her uncle gave her.
She wanted to ignite it, but her hand shook violently. She tried several times before she succeeded. She raised her head and gasped.
In the pit with a diameter of more than one meter, she curled up in the place where she had just been lying, her body turned sideways, her skin was lifeless blue-gray, but unexpectedly shiny and warm under the firelight. Startled by her scream, the body suddenly moved and there was a light crackling sound. The hand that had been resting on her waist before slowly stretched out and fell to the ground, and then supported it, which is only seen in movies.
In slow motion, he sat up slowly.
His long, sticky hair like splashed ink slid down from his shoulders, covering two spots on his chest. His body was covered in mud and mess. It was a man, Shen Lan, who was completely dazed. He could only look at him in front of him in a dazed state.
Awakened, he didn’t even notice that the lighter in his hand was getting hotter and hotter He exhaled lightly and raised his head Under the hazy firelight, half of his hair and half of his muddy hair and dirty face looked like ghosts, only those eyes could be seen clearly, deep and distant like a dark night When the star lit up inside turned slightly, strands of chaotic vicissitudes emerged from the bottom of my eyes, my fingertips were burnt, my hand let go of the lighter, and the lighter fell in response, the moon outside couldn’t shine into the bottom of the pit, and the surroundings fell into darkness again, and a huge silence surrounded each other She shrank her feet and slid slowly against the dirt wall behind her and sat down. She was almost curled up into a ball.
Suddenly, she smelled the faint smell of wet soil and a rust-like smell with a faint smell of decay. Crawled her arms up to her bare neck It was slippery and sticky and reminded her of snakes wriggling. She endured the great panic and nausea, not daring to move or breathe. Her eyes were used to the darkness, and she saw those eyes that were close at hand, like obsidian, floating with dark light.
There was a faint heartbeat vibration from the chest that was close to her heart.
It was the sound of the evening drum that she heard before, but now it was a little faster and stronger.
Even the palm against her neck felt warm. She clenched her teeth tightly. Only then could I hold back the trembling, the words that were alive without warning, the voice was hoarse, low and gloomy, as if it came from hell, there was a bang in Shen Lan’s head, and she almost lost consciousness, it seemed that someone had said such words to herself a long time ago, although she clearly said He knew that this was not any kind he was familiar with, but he knew the meaning in his heart. He said that my master, I am back, and as the words fell, there was a low laugh that vibrated from his throat, as if all the bones in his body were trembling, but the voice was very pleasant. Chunchun is like high-grade red wine sliding over the lips and tongue, and when the tip of the tongue blooms, there is a deceptive texture. Finally, Shen Lan couldn’t hold it in anymore.
His jaw was loosened and he let out a breath. The hand that was attached to the neck seemed to be stimulated and suddenly moved to her. Gripping tightly between her throats, her body was as stiff as a fish out of water, and she could only let out a low moan, but he was like a monster with extremely strong hands, his whole body was like steel, he tightly clung to her neck, and his face was also stuck Over here, the long, greasy hair was sticking to her face, and she could clearly feel the ancient fragrance emanating from his body, with the musty damp buried deep in the ground, reminiscent of death, those eyes were always staring at her coldly and persistently She even looked at her with a hint of a smile, like looking at a dying ant.
At this moment, Shen Lan even felt that he knew that her survival instinct had overcome everything.
Holding his arm is like holding a piece of dark iron, and even scratching deeply with your nails is in vain, completely like scratching a piece of iron. The master finally found you.
The deep tone overflowed from his mouth, which seemed to be both pleasant and painful.
There is also a faint hint of excitement.
The extreme sadness and extreme pleasure that arise from the bottom of my heart when I want to destroy everything with my own hands seem to be entangled with deep fetters and entanglements.
However, to Shen Lan’s ears, it is completely a neurotic expression. I don’t know it. She almost gasped for breath before she could utter a complete sentence, feeling her whole face was swollen, her brain confused, her eyes straightened, her head leaned back as far as she could, her hands were mechanically scratching his arm, but it’s a pity that the monster ignored her completely.
The strength remained undiminished, and she was still in the posture of killing her. Suddenly, the bright moonlight moved to the top of the cave, and a straight beam shone in.