Seeing that the girls eyes were already swollen from crying she could only sob silently and when she saw the old man Lin Yi she

Oh, Lin Yi feels like his heart has been hit by a heavy hammer again, so I won’t tell you, Yu Xiaomei said wait a minute, I’ll send you a very interesting photo, please take a look Seeing that Lin Yi was talking, he hung up the phone and sent a photo he just took with Weixin. The photo is the entrance of this high-end club in front of Lin Yi. In the photo, a man in his forties is very intimately hugging a The profile of a girl in her twenties. That girl is Yu Xiaomei. Lin Yi and Yu Xiaomei are classmates. Lin Yi is a major in film and television literature. They ran to the capital together to work hard, but the cruelty of real life caused the two high-achieving students who were full of ambitions to fall to the bottom of the society. The script written by Ye Ye can only be exchanged for a few thousand yuan of living expenses After giving birth, even living in this metropolis is difficult, but Lin Yi has always believed that as long as he persists and works hard, there will be a day of success, but now it seems that Yu Xiaomei can’t wait for the society to be a big dye vat.
Like her classmates, Yu Xiaomei indulged herself for a brand-name bag and an opportunity to appear on camera. In the end, she was still tainted by filth.
If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes today, Lin Yi would not have believed that the person she loved had changed.
In fact, it was as early as a year after graduation. Duo Linyi already felt that Yu Xiaomei had gradually begun to change, but Lin Yi thought she was just unavoidably vain like ordinary women and didn’t take it to heart, or that Lin Yi was just avoiding and unwilling to accept the relationship between the two The fact that the relationship is getting weaker and farther away, if it wasn’t for the fact that I chose to walk to the subway station just now to save two bus dollars, I wouldn’t have seen that scene, I wouldn’t have seen through Yu Xiaomei’s lies, maybe I wouldn’t have been so heartbroken Lin Yi stood dumbly at the door of the hotel, clutching his cell phone. He was waiting for Yu Xiaomei’s call.
Maybe she misunderstood that the relationship between Yu Xiaomei and that man was not what she imagined. Maybe she was just afraid of thinking too much. I lied to myself that I was working overtime or even misunderstood that the girl was not Yu Xiaomei.
Lin Yi was looking for all kinds of excuses for himself, but he just didn’t want to believe that the reality in front of him was actually too cruel.
One minute, five minutes, ten minutes, the phone suddenly vibrated After a while, Lin Yi hurriedly pressed his heartbeat to unlock the screen, but what caught his eyes was the balance of the phone bill, notifying Lin Yi with a long sigh, closing his eyes and looking up to the sky.
This result can be said to be within Lin Yi’s expectations, or it can be said to be him.
Lin Yi hated Yu Xiaomei’s deception and betrayal at this moment of cruelty that had been escaping all this time. Ke Lin Yi also has regrets in his heart, regretting why she chose her, regretting why she chose this fucking major, regretting why she didn’t change her career after graduation, found a suitable target, scanned the target state, and the target is suitable for parasitic time-space jump start Lin Yi suddenly heard a strange sound in his head The voice hurriedly opened his eyes, only to find that everything in front of him had changed. The brightly lit high-end clubhouse, the bustling streets in the center of the capital, were all gone at the moment, and replaced by a messy dormitory, which was his college dormitory.
A few roommates I was brushing the copy of World of Warcraft there, the time-space jump was completed, and the parasite was successful. Does the host need to read the system manual? Lin Yi lay on the bunk in the dormitory, his head could hardly turn around, and he subconsciously said in his heart. This system is developed and manufactured by Jiuwei Biological Institute.
The nine-dimensional omnipotent peak life experience system can provide the host with the peak life experience of the host in the infinite parallel world, so that your life will have no regrets.
At the same time, the host’s biggest regret when parasitizing is that he chose the wrong girlfriend, so this system sends the host back. Before confirming the relationship with your girlfriend, you will be asked to choose again Lin Yi blinked and thought, this means that I have been reborn, no, this is not as simple as rebirth, this system will send you to a different time point after the first startup of this system It will help you search for you in different dimensions at the same point in time, and extract all kinds of knowledge, skills, and specialties it possesses for your own use, so that you can perfectly experience various peak life achievements.
I am very good at grasping key points.
There is no free lunch in the world, so I thought in my heart. Just now you said that I am parasitic.
Am I now the worm host of Cordyceps sinensis? Don’t worry, this system is a nine-dimensional biological development. There is nothing that can make them experience a sense of accomplishment, so in order to fill the emptiness in their hearts, this system was developed and provided to creatures of various races so that the host can gain a sense of accomplishment by achieving a peak life. Nine-dimensional creatures will share these senses of accomplishment with you, so in principle It is said that this system will not cause any negative impact on the host. Of course, if the host wants to use this system, it must let the nine-dimensional creature feel the sense of accomplishment created by you, or consume a certain amount of achievement points to activate the corresponding system function achievement.
What is the value? Dongdong Lin Yi asked in his heart that the achievement value will be calculated through three aspects. First, your sense of accomplishment after completing a certain thing. Second, the sense of accomplishment you help others get will be partly credited to your name.
Thirdly, strong emotions such as admiration, love, admiration, hatred, fear, etc. from others can also be transformed into your achievement value according to the corresponding ratio. The first point and the second point are understandable.