Seeing that Sun Zhengyis mind was about to be completely crushed by the endless abuse suddenly there was a sharp and piercing sound everyone in

Going through a world like shit, Li Qingming cursed Li Qingming, as the name suggests, he was born in Qingming, so he had such a simple and clear name.
Sometimes Li Qingming wondered if he was born in Chongyang, would he be called Li Chongyang? Said that Li Qingming didn’t like his name very much because it was too ordinary and ordinary, and felt that his parents named him too casually. Of course, Li Qingming was also very lucky that there was no dog egg festival, otherwise his name would be really fucked up, but Li Qingming couldn’t think of it. What’s more, one day in the future, this name is really not so ordinary. The name looks ordinary, and this person has nothing to brag about.
He belongs to the kind that won’t bubble up when thrown in the crowd, but Li Qingming didn’t expect to be alone like this. Ordinary people actually time travel one day after being drunk. When he woke up, he came to a parallel world similar to the earth. The only difference is that he was alone in this world. Qingming thinks that her awesome life is about to start to rise. Those novels are written like this.
After time travel, one is either born in a wealthy family and immediately reaches the end of life, or some time travel is born poor but talented. Humans are powerful step by step beyond all sentient beings to stand on the top of the world, or as a whole person like him can travel over and pick up treasures casually, or with the help of the little old man’s ten thousand year ghost. He is still the same as usual, not worse.
On this Yinghuoxing planet, he has no money to eat, no money to stay, wants to work, and because he doesn’t have an ID card, no one wants him.
Even once, he was checked by the local police station.
He almost thought he was going to be arrested. Repatriation Of course, if he can be repatriated back to the earth, he has been here for a week now, not to mention rising to the top, in this different world, a big counterattack in life, and now there is no place to stay. I didn’t take a bath for a week. I didn’t eat for a week. After the meal, he couldn’t bear to beg along the street, and he didn’t have the guts to rob him. He completely relied on tap water from various places to satisfy his hunger. Every day, after pouring this large amount of tap water every day, his whole body collapsed.
Li Qingming suspected that in a few days, he might become the number one. A person who starved to death after time-traveling now wants someone to say something in front of him.
If time-traveling is good, he must slap him with a big mouth. Of course, the premise is that he still has the strength.
What should I do? I can’t go back this time. You can’t really starve to death, right? A pair of green eyes are sweeping up and down the street, everyone is frowning, covering their noses, walking around it from a distance, mother Li Qingming is cursing inwardly, I don’t know if he is scolding these people who hate him The passer-by is still himself, the sky is slowly getting dark, I don’t know where to go, there is a very strong fragrance coming from all around these days, Li Qingming has tried his best to avoid this kind of place with dense restaurants, because he is afraid that smelling the fragrance will make him hungry, although this world seems to be I didn’t see any delicious food. A loud noise came from It came from Li Qingming’s stomach.
It was a serious protest from the stomach that hadn’t eaten any food for nearly a week under the huge smell. Li Qingming smiled wryly and wanted to leave, but this person was so hungry that his brain wanted to walk, but his legs couldn’t.
The smell of walking is so delicious! Li Qingming swallowed his saliva desperately. At this moment, what came to his mind was the scene of eating the overlord meal.
Qingming’s name is so ordinary, how did he do such a brazen thing? There may be many reasons to support it. Now eating a king’s meal is a big deal. In the future, it will be developed ten times and a hundred times. When it comes back, it will be a good name. The so-called hero does not ask the source. In the end If you succeed, then everything before it is not important Or the backbone of the poor prevents him from doing this kind of thing.
Standing here for an unknown period of time, when the surrounding life gradually turns from turmoil to silence, only the sound of sweeping and closing is left.
A simple and honest voice rang out, little brother, are you hungry, come to me Business is not good tonight, there is still a lot left for you to eat. A sweaty middle-aged man wearing a tank top full of oil stains beach pants and flip-flops appeared in Li Qingming holding a plate full of rice, chips and fried chicken. Li Qingming was stunned in front of him for a long time before he came back to his senses. He looked around and pointed to his little brother to eat. Seeing that you have been standing for a long time, you must be hungry. Eat it.
The uncle handed the plate to Li Qingming with a simple and honest smile. Qingming instinctively took it and looked at the tempting plateful of food in front of him, a choking feeling in his throat, little brother, you eat first, I still have things to do, and I have to clean up first, the uncle turned around, limped on one foot and staggered away Li Qingming looked at the uncle The leaving back was filled with gratitude that cannot be described in thousands of words.
With tears in his eyes, he wolfed down the plate full of rice, fried chicken and French fries. This meal was probably the most in his life.
The most satisfying meal I’ve ever eaten. Although it’s unpalatable, it’s still satisfying.
This person only knows how to cherish a full meal when he loses it. After a full meal, he burps with a long sense of satisfaction.
Li Qingming found it among many food stalls.
Thank you, uncle, the middle-aged uncle who gave him the kind meal Li Qingming looked at the mess around him and then saw the uncle’s limping feet