Seeing that Shu Jian was about to run away from the car door opened by Guan Yaqi the pupils in his eyes suddenly lost consciousness

Chapter 1 When I first met my husband, look at her good-looking skin and a pair of obedient children, I really want to be her The very fashionable lady said, Xiaowen, our family’s conditions, you don’t know that you are unmarried and pregnant for a month, and my family looks down on you. You didn’t even give you a meeting gift after you coaxed my parents. The dowry is the only way to get it. Otherwise, nothing will come out of my family. You have to marry me obediently.
After all, you have my child, although you don’t know if it’s my child, right? It’s impossible to compare with that milk tea shop owner. I owe you a loan shark for dating you. It’s impossible to pay you. The man who opened the shop for you looked at what his fiancée Shu Wen said about the good looks of the milk tea shop owner, and then he drooled. After warning my fiancée, Shu Wen squinted at the man’s hands in his pockets, unconsciously clenched his fists and squeezed his heart, thinking it was for this child and the bride price that hadn’t arrived yet, I wouldn’t hold back What about this man? By the way, I remember my best friend told me yesterday that a new batch of medical equipment for experience exchange life has been added to her clinic.
I have to find a reason to try it tonight, or I will go crazy if I stay with this man again. Guan Yanan, the proprietress of the milk tea shop, felt an inexplicable stare at her and looked outside the door, she wondered if it was a passer-by.
It seems that I am still too tired recently.
I need to find a reason to change my appearance and go to relax.
I have to recruit two employees. Otherwise, the secret of the two children I brought back from another world would not be hidden.
Guan Yanan closed the door of the milk tea shop at half past one in the evening, just as she was about to leave the milk tea shop with the key in her satchel. When she got home, she found that one of the young couples she had seen during the day was sitting on a chair under the bus stop opposite her store, and was still looking at her. Guan Yanan looked at the woman sitting under the bus stop in front of her It made her feel the trembling from the bottom of her heart, which was a little more terrifying than her pair of children brought out from another world, as if the woman’s face didn’t belong to her. Guan Yanan remembered that she was in the milk tea shop just now Hearing the man call her Xiaowen, I saw Guan Yanan curiously observing Shu Wen who was standing under the bus stop while secretly walking towards the opposite side. However, Guan Yanan found that Shu Wen’s hair was loose on the ground, and the length of her hair was not like that of a normal person. Good lady, do you need any help? Guan Yanan has already walked in front of Shu Wen without her noticing, and said to Shu Wen.
Before Guan Yanan could react, Shu Wen raised her head and saw that there was Guan Yanan on the left side of Shu Wen’s face. The face of the man I’ve seen before is Shu Wen’s face on the right. You, Guan Yanan, looked at the scene in front of you and wanted to yell, but found that you seemed to have lost your voice. I could only watch helplessly as Shu Wen’s yin and yang face approached me and blew on me.
The rotten smell of the breath finally made Guan Yanan faint.
Chapter 1 Meeting again, but the matter did not end like this. After Guan Yanan was finally fainted by the stench, she suddenly sat up. It looks the same on the surface, but this Guan Yanan seems to have a little evil aura. Shu Wen, who just got close to Guan Yanan and played a prank on her, looked at this Guan Yanan and started to back away slowly, as if this Guan Yanan could bring her something. It’s a big threat.
Guan Yanan looked at Shu Wen who was backing away, with a dazed look on her face when she came to this world suddenly, she knew it well, and then Shu Wen ran away, but a bus card fell out of the fleeing Shu Wen’s pocket.
I saw the bus card written on the card, Guan Yanan bent down and lowered his head to pick up the bus card, and said unnaturally, “they, they, they are here, let’s stop here for the first time”, and the storyteller, Guan Yanan, has serious seam marks on his left face The button appears asymmetrically on the left side of the mouth. When telling a story, he smiles unnaturally, as if his mouth was torn open by someone. What happened to the follow-up story, senior sister? What’s the matter with the bus card? Listening to Guan Yanan at the table telling stories and posting questions, how about I take you to the bus to see for yourself? It is said that the bus stopped running two years ago, and I only recovered my memory after getting off the bus last time.
I just remember that there were countless eyes staring at me in that bus.
I don’t even know how I was so courageous to get on that bus that has been out of service for more than two years at 2:30 in the middle of the night.
You guys are really not afraid. Well, let’s meet at the second bus stop at the Narcissus intersection at 2:30 tonight.
I should go. When I get back from this school festival, I will be dragged by you to tell you a story. I have to prepare for the festival. Guan Yanan shook her hand The mobile phone in the phone seemed to be urging her to prepare for the festival. As soon as she finished speaking, Guan Yanan stood up, walked to the door, pushed open the door of the dormitory and walked out. At this time, the school girls staying in the dormitory looked at Guan Yanan like a zombie.
Feeling trembling in her walking posture, Yumi, who was sitting by the window, looked at her old friend so timid and asked, didn’t Senior Guan Yanan just have a button on her face? Didn’t she just undergone surgery to make her look ugly? Why are you looking at senior sister Guan Yanan with pitiful and disgusting eyes like this? Maybe senior sister Guan Yanan just walked out with a warning to us in her complex eyes? Why didn’t you tell Senior Sister Guan Yanan to help Chun Xuan look at Yumi’s expression of what she wanted to say but didn’t dare to say it, why didn’t you just tell Senior Sister Guan Yanan that she was no longer human?