Seeing that legendary girl on the side is constantly clicking on something fixed my eyes to see if it was developed by myself suddenly Chen

It’s a bit embarrassing at this point in time. Tencent created Ali, came out, and Baidu also made money.
So what’s the use of rebirth? Unifying the Internet Chapter 1: Rebirth, come back to eat soft rice, what? At that time, he didn’t know that he wanted to be born again, but the previous life could only be in his mind, but now the dream has come true, isn’t it a very refreshing thing? It’s impossible to be entangled. I don’t like money, I’m not interested in money, what I hate most is money Muttering in the corner of his mouth, Chen Yu has already seen that his future self will be like Teacher Ma, wiped his saliva after saying these classic words, Chen Yu is planning a future money-making plan, what is Lu Meimei’s number today? Months, months, isn’t it just the beginning of school? I don’t even remember seeing Chen Yu, who was at the same table in a daze.
He was a little embarrassed. He couldn’t say what happened for decades.
How could he remember so clearly? What year is this year? Lastly, ask if this year is the year.
He remembers that he was in high school in 2009, but it’s important to make sure. The same table, Lu Xue, asked with a strange face, do you not have a fever? Now that the time has been confirmed, Chen Yu didn’t ask any more questions.
Now is the year, so I have decades of forward thinking.
At this time, Tencent should be established soon. Its strength is not so strong.
If I also create an instant messaging software, how about it? It’s not possible to kill Tencent, but when Chen Yu thought about it, he smiled wryly. In his previous life, he was just an ordinary person.
Even if he had advanced vision, what method can he use to kill Tencent now? He has no funds, no technology, and even programming skills. It’s a bit difficult. Give it up for now. Take a look, alright, although the technology is not big, but the soft technology involved in logistics, sales, etc. is a big headache, let’s make a search engine, er, don’t mention it, search engines don’t just have a search box, right? Big guys, don’t panic, I won’t fight with you just think about whether other second-tier companies can do it or not. The same thing is that they not only need technology but also need terrible funds, girl. Is it possible that I have been reborn for decades and it is useless? After thinking about it for half an hour, Chen Yu himself panicked.
He thought that a better life in the future was waiting for him, but he suddenly found that even if he was reborn, he seemed to be unable to do anything now, not to mention defeating those big bosses, even if he made some money.
Money is a bit difficult, don’t panic, don’t panic, easy to catch, he is a reborn person, take a deep breath, calm himself down, Chen Yu is thinking about ways to make money in the future, real estate speculation is a chance to make a lot of money, now Xinfeng’s house price is only a few hundred yuan, in the future, that’s it It’s nothing if you put it in places like Shanghai, Beijing, and Shencheng. Fangdu is 40,000 to 50,000 yuan per square meter.
At this time, you don’t need to worry about buying a few houses in the future.
It’s just a pity that the way to speculate is good. The problem is that you have to have a house to speculate.
Even if it’s a house of a few hundred yuan per square meter, Chen Yu has no money to buy this.
It gave Chen Yu a headache, but there are more solutions than difficulties, and he immediately thought of the song. Many popular songs in the future have not appeared at this time.
He doesn’t know how to sell it, so he writes a novel. Thinking of this, Chen Yu’s eyes light up.
In the previous life, many rebirth novels were copied, and they also made a lot of money.
Now it’s the next generation, and those classic works have not yet appeared. Lvdou breaks the sky and covers the sky, which earns tens of millions of books, but thinking about it, Chen Yu still spread his hands. These novels are not engraved in Chen Yu’s mind. How could he write them exactly the same? Even if he wrote it according to the original plot. Probably, but the problem is that it seems that the writing station has not even been established yet, of course, this does not mean that there is no writing station in 2010, but it still exists, but it exists. There is no reading system, and if you want to write, you can only write for others for free. At this time The author entertains himself in the novel, anyway, when he writes a novel and has no money, when he is happy, he writes a chapter.
When he is unhappy, he does not update a chapter for half a year.
Gambling in the bull market seems feasible, but when I think about it, it’s not the same. Domestic gambling is illegal, so I can only go abroad, but now Chen Yu can’t even afford a plane ticket, why should he bet? Dozens of thoughts Chen Yu just wanted to hit the wall God, are you kidding me? Why didn’t you bring me a system when I was reborn? Even if I didn’t bring a system, I had to give me a disk or something.
Now in this situation, you let me do this Diao Si went all the way to counter attack Mr. Ma, these bosses are very difficult to say, don’t you just study hard and get into a better university, don’t say that it seems really possible Other ways are really not feasible, but studying hard is still possible, right? Did you say that reading can change your destiny? In my previous life, my grades in reading were not bad. Come back again, as long as you use dim sum to get into a better school, it shouldn’t be a big problem. Just like Deok Luxue, a female academic bully, didn’t she just rely on reading to become a female student in her later life? Strong man? He still remembers a class reunion in rebirth Lu Xue came back to participate in the high school reunion at that time and asked Chen Yu to go, but at that time Chen Yu was a bit miserable and felt that the class reunion was just a pretend party and didn’t want to be slapped in the face by others Those with low self-esteem don’t even dare to go, why did I find Chen Yu staring at his deskmate Lu Xue and asked Lu Xue