Seeing that Hongqings clothes were not warm enough she was concerned and said that what he said in a gentle voice was always pleasant to

For Yu Hongqing, Rong Heng used to be the bright moon in the sky, the white snow on the top of the mountain, pure and unattainable, but she was a romantic woman in the eyes of the world who was flirtatious, coquettish, lowly and dirty. This man, but he said that he liked her, and she believed all his sweet words.
He pledged each other and dedicated all his loyalty to him.
It wasn’t until he wanted to marry the daughter of the Duke of Wei that she realized that his affection was fake.
She is a chess piece, never to miss Lovesick and Junjue Hongqing, that woman is stupid, she is just a chess piece, his affection is a show A useful woman, but when Hong Qing was no longer useful to him, he decided to get rid of her, but he didn’t know that he had acted affectionately for too long, and he had already become a character in the play.
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Introduction to the first assistant chasing his wife. Lu Manman’s intention.
Women must be independent and self-reliant to have a beautiful life. The sky is cloudy, the wind is blowing, the leaves are rustling, it seems that a storm is brewing, a white light flashes, tearing the sky, the thunder is rumbling, the sky is shaking, and the rain is pouring down from the cracks in the sky, and the fog around the lake is in the distance.
Surrounded by rain and mist, the mountains look like deep dormant beasts watching their prey. A lonely painting boat floats on the misty lake.
Inside the window, a woman stands by the window. A red dress wraps a slender waist and a skirt to cover her jade feet. The curve of her eyes looked out of the window desolately.
Behind the miserable rain, the man in brocade got up and went to her side drunkenly, caressing her shoulders, his lips pressed against her fair and smooth jade neck Leaning softly and bonelessly into his arms, Li Lang murmured softly Li Lang said that you are willing to give whatever the concubine wants.
Is this true? As long as I can give you, I am willing to give you The man embraced her affectionately Then the concubine wanted the woman to smile and stick her red lips towards his neck, but when the man showed an obsessive smile, a cold light flashed, only to see blood gushing out like a gush of blood, the man fell to the ground with a bang, but the lips have not had time to get away Smiling, eyes wide open and unwilling to rest in peace Maybe before he died, he couldn’t figure out why a delicate and pitiful woman took his life like a ghost in the blink of an eye The blood stained the bead and the softness in the eyes faded away, replaced by a beast-like cold-blooded and ruthless light.
She turned her head and looked out the window.
The heavy rain still fell on the ground like a shattered ice mirror, and the white mist blurred.
In sight, she stood quietly for a moment before turning around and squatting down to take out a secret letter from the man’s arms. Hong Qing’s bright red lips curled up into a slight smile, she got up and stepped across the pool of blood unmoved. Walking gracefully, the painting boat standing on the lake is dimly lit, but lonely under the rain and mist, like a ship of a ghost messenger Silent and silent, with Hongqing’s departure, that figure also disappeared in this rainy night. An autumn rain, a cold autumn rain, fell for several days in a row, and finally cleared up this morning, little maid of Hongyuan.
Xing got up and opened the window, the west wind was blowing through her clothes, she couldn’t help wrapping her padded clothes tightly around her body, the outside air was all damp, the courtyard was covered with yellow leaves falling into the mud, the color was smudged, her eyes were gloomy, she closed the door, walked to Hongqing’s house, the door was closed tightly As she gently opened the door, there was no sound inside, opened the embroidered curtain, and entered the outer room. A burst of fragrant orchid musk wafted out from the golden stove. The sweet man wanted to get drunk, and walked to the bed with the carved frame, and found that there was no sign of Hongqing on the bed.
Feeling the brocade quilt is also cold, A Xing seems to be no wonder, turned her head out of the house and went downstairs, just about to open the door, but when Hongqing pushed the door and entered, the cold wind suddenly poured in and the chill carried by her body made A Xing suddenly shudder. Feeling cold all over the place, I couldn’t help but shudder, Hongqing glanced at her, her tone was so gentle and cold, why don’t you add more clothes, Ah Xing’s heart is warm, thank you master for caring about the servant girl, I looked up and saw that Hongqing looked a little tired, I couldn’t bear it I asked the master why he went out early in the morning for breakfast, but it was over. Hongqing said lightly, but didn’t say where she went, and went up the stairs.
A Xing looked at Hongqing’s back. Her slender and beautiful hands were wrapped in plain silk. The figure on the railing is swaying slightly, although she is wearing a wide cloak to hide her graceful figure, but she is still outlining all kinds of styles in her actions Fangfeng porridge is good, Ah Xing just heard that her voice was a little hoarse, maybe it was because of the wind and the cold, Hong Qing’s tone was very low, and she seemed a little lazy. Back in the bedroom, Hong Qing didn’t ask Ah Xing to wait on her to take off her cloak, Ah Xing went Heat up the stove, Hongqing was afraid of the cold before winter, and put the stove in the bedroom. When A Xing put the animal charcoal into the stove, A Xing turned to look at Hongqing.
She took off her cloak, and she was wearing a pomegranate skirt, a slim waist and a plain figure, which is popular now. Concave and convex green cloud-like long hair, only wearing an emerald jade hairpin, the cloud is not neat, apricot’s face has faded, although she has not applied powder, A Xing still can’t help feeling that her master is born with snow skin and beautiful face.
This master used to be Ji Yingying from Kyoto.
At the time of the 28th, she became famous in the capital with a Lingbo dance and her charming appearance, and was sought after by countless princes and grandchildren.
The next year, she founded the Red Garden by herself and recruited talented women from all over the country for training. All the women in Suiyu Square look like rich and noble flowers in the world