Seeing that he just said this sentence calmly Xu Zhe was stunned and forced a smile what did Dodo say We have been together for

Chapter 1 The bell at 11:30 brought the customer to the reception room, and Xu Ying at the front desk went to the sales area to inform the account manager Tang Lun. Tang Lun, whose customer visits had been zero for three consecutive days, was overjoyed and straightened the tie around his neck.
Straightforwardly, she straightened her suit and trotted to the reception room. Xu Ying poured a glass of water, went in and out, took the door of the reception room and went back to the front desk. I browsed through the folder from top to bottom.
The interviewer’s name, Xu Zhe, gender, male, ethnicity, Han nationality, place of origin, Jiangsu, job training, lecturer, and mediocre resume.
It’s a little worth noting that the work experience column was filled in by a young man named Xu Zhe.
The three financial companies I joined are all well-known companies in the industry, and the frequency of job-hopping three times in three years should be just right for me.
The sales department of the company has been fully recruited, the administrative department’s support staff is still a lot of vacancies, and even the financial manager is the manager of the second sales department, and the job of interviewing is pushed to the front desk Xu Ying, who has just graduated. In name, it is the front desk, but actually it is also the work of copywriting, recruitment and interviews. You also need to know some business matters. On the wall facing the front desk, there is a fifty-inch display screen showing silver futures The line chart is Jinhui’s main business.
Now Xu Ying also knows how to read the line trend and analyze indicators.
Of course, it’s only a superficial understanding.
It’s impossible for her to do a technical analysis. Take Xu Zhe’s resume and interview form.
After reading it, Xu Ying thought about the general process of the interview.
Before the interview, she looked at her makeup in the mirror. Normally, she doesn’t pay much attention to her appearance in the company, but if a good-looking one comes suddenly Boys have to pay attention.
This is a woman’s nature.
Xu Zhe’s boy looks pretty good. As the company’s business card, he should pay attention to his image.
Xu Zhe in the big office is looking out of the window with his chin resting.
There is no special scenery, only rows of high-rise buildings, but for employees who work in the office area for a long time, even if there is nothing outside the window, it is the most beautiful scenery. At least there is sky, and the office area is like a cage no matter how big it is.
Irony A person spends the most time in a cage in his life. There was a slight sound of footsteps at the door.
Xu Zhe gently withdrew his eyes and put on a serious look. Xu Ying, dressed in business attire, knocked on the door, pushed it open and walked in. Sitting opposite to Xu Zhe, Xu Zhe has a professional smile on Xu Ying’s face. She has just left the school and her student spirit is still on her face. When she smiles, it makes people feel like a spring breeze.
Xu Zhe nodded with a smile.
My name is Xu Ying.
Manager Xu shook hands with her and then left.
Xu Ying smiled and said, “I’m not a manager, but let’s call it that first, Mr.
Xu, let me introduce myself first.
Generally speaking, self-introduction is the first part of the interview. process and most self-introductions are It’s the same, but it’s nothing more than which school he graduated from and what kind of work experience he has. Xu Zhe’s self-introduction is no exception. His education is a bachelor’s degree. On his resume, he said he was a first-class undergraduate in Jiangsu. Xu Ying nodded after listening to his self-introduction, glanced at his resume and asked, Mr.
Xu, you wrote in Hongyuan’s work resume before that you were an account manager and your performance was good. Why did you leave? Xu Zhedao’s company moved to the suburbs Went to Xu Ying nodded and said, the second Dingsheng Investment, you did a good job and left, Xu Zhedao, because of the company’s operating problems, there was already a situation of salary arrears before I left, and the third company closed down for two Xu Ying said with a smile a month ago, so it seems that you are very unlucky.
Xu Zhe shrugged and smiled with her. Mr.
Xu, you are interviewing for the position of training lecturer. You know that this position has high professional requirements. I have enough understanding of Xu Zhedao.
I majored in financial management at university and received professional training. After graduation, I started from the grassroots in Hongyuan Dingsheng and Yinye. I think I have a certain understanding of stocks, funds and futures. Your previous work achievements It looks pretty good, but you look very young, and you may lack experience.
There are very few trainers under the age of 30.
Can you give me a piece of paper and a pen? Xu Ying was taken aback for a moment. Xu Zhe smiled and said, “Give me a piece of paper and a pen, let me prove that I am qualified for this position.” Well, Xu Ying was a little puzzled, but she still gave him a piece of paper and an ink pen. Xu Zhe turned back after taking the paper and pen. Glancing at the display screen facing the front desk, he could just see the line graph on the display screen through the glass door behind him.
He only glanced at it and wrote a formula on a piece of paper. Manager Xu’s current silver futures point on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is today.
If there is no market, the point fluctuation will not be very large. It is expected that the fluctuation from the opening to the closing point will not exceed. I am now making an estimate. I believe that if there is no unexpected market, my estimate will be very accurate.
He said it quickly on paper. After calculating, Xu Ying stared blankly at him. This was the first time she had seen such a situation in an interview, and then there was a moment of silence. The calculation formula on Xu Zhe’s paper became more and more written, and Xu Ying looked at him across from him. About a quarter of an hour after the formula was written, half of the back of the paper was already taken up. Xu Zhe put down his pen and handed the paper to Manager Xu Yingdao.
The paper looked at every number and letter on the paper, and she recognized it, but when they were connected together, it became a mystery. For a while, she didn’t know how to respond. He could only hesitate and say, “Let’s wait until the market closes.” Xu Ying is also the interviewer.