Seeing that Gu Feng can easily deal with these gangsters Li Deyue and Qin Zhenjiang also Feeling relieved Qin Cheng watched Gu Feng make a

Wisdom against evil Fengshui masters destroy the world’s number one evil spirit Break through a thousand-year-old situation that no one can break through After hard work again and again, Wang Yang finally grows into the world’s number one god. Chapter Qingqi Master Illness Head hurts, which Wang Yang is this? Slowly opened his eyes, endured the tingling pain brought by his brain, felt the bumps under his body, and finally saw everything in front of him clearly.
He was in a strange car, to be exact, he was lying on someone’s lap in the back seat of the car.
Wang Yang, you woke up, how do you feel now? The young man who was using his legs as a pillow for Wang Yang let out a cry of surprise.
In addition, there are two classmates and four people in the same dormitory. Before they made an appointment to work together to earn money, they went to Tibet to play during the summer vacation.
Today is their fourth day in Tibet. They are fine, but they feel a little headache. Wang Yang shook his head slightly, a little puzzled. Looking inside the car, the car has a lot of space.
There are two people sitting in the front row, and they are the only ones on the back seat.
You have a big gash on your head and left a lot of blood. It’s so important that it doesn’t hurt.
It’s strange.
Fortunately, you were lucky enough to meet Boss Sun and Boss Sun. Boss Sun’s car has a first-aid kit and the head has already been bandaged for you. Soon we will arrive at the hospital. Don’t worry, Sun He said quickly. Wang Yang suddenly remembered that they were the same The four people in the dormitory went to Kunlun Mountain in the Tibetan area to play before. When he took a selfie in front of a steep hillside, he accidentally fell down.
Fortunately, the hillside was not high, only a dozen meters.
When he rolled down, he seemed to hit something and then nothing happened. I don’t know until Wang Yang woke up in the car, did Wang Yang wake up? Suddenly there was a knocking sound behind him. Wang Yang looked at Sun He with some doubts, and suddenly his head felt like being stabbed by a needle.
Quickly passing through his head, he let out a scream and fell into a coma again. When he woke up again, Wang Yang was already lying in the hospital. His head was still wrapped in a thick white gauze. Wang Yang, are you all right? Heads came together.
Besides Sun He, there were two other classmates Ma Teng and Yan Pengchao who came together. Seeing Wang Yang wake up again, the three of them exhaled together. The four of them went together to play in the Tibetan area. A lot of blood was left on them, and the three of them were terrified.
Fortunately, the mountain they entered was not deep. The three of them carried Wang Yang and ran out. Not long after, they saw a large pickup truck. The owner, Boss Sun, was a warm-hearted person. Take out the first aid kit to give Wang Yang emergency care and drive them all to the hospital. Boss Sun’s car is a five-seater pickup.
There were originally four people because they joined Boss Sun. Two friends came to the back with Ma Teng and Yan Pengchao.
The convertible car went to blow the air. Boss Sun drove for more than three hours to arrive at this small county hospital.
I, I, I’m fine. It’s all a mess. Wang Yang covered his head again, and pieces of information kept appearing in his mind, all boring and difficult. Words and pictures that he understands have passed through his mind without control It’s the same as the West, not to mention how uncomfortable it is, and these things also have a unified name, Huangji Jingshi 108 volumes, and each volume has a separate name Wang Yang, Wang Yang, I’m fine, don’t call me more than a dozen Within minutes, amidst the constant shouts of three bedmates, those words and pictures finally passed quickly. There were so many things in his head that Wang Yang almost didn’t spit it out. He opened his eyes and looked at the ward. Wang Yang suddenly appeared dumbfounded. It looks like an ordinary ward. It looks the same as the wards in some hospitals that Wang Yang has been to before. The white ward has ordinary beds, but there is a faint gray fog floating in the air in this ward. This layer of gray fog is very light. It doesn’t exist, but it can be seen clearly.
Wang Yang, are you all right? Seeing that Wang Yang has been in a daze, Sun He couldn’t help stretching out his hand and shaking his head in front of his eyes. Wang Yang immediately shook his head, and a sentence suddenly appeared in his mind.
People who are seriously ill and are about to die, there is a place of death around them.
Someone must have died within seven days.
I am really fine. I remember you told me in the car that a kind person helped me.
Wang Yang shook his head and forcibly drove away. Even more, I couldn’t help but looked around again, yes, Boss Sun hasn’t left yet, you really have to thank them, if it wasn’t for Boss Sun, you are in trouble this time, you wait for me to call Boss Sun, they are talking about Sun He Walking outside, he had just gone out for two minutes, the door opened again and came in.
Two people, about 40 or 50 years old, looked a bit haggard and wore white cloth shoes on their feet.
How are you doing? I was so anxious that I didn’t take some things and came back specially to get them.
The older man said in a low voice without waiting for Wang Yang and the others to speak, he went to the small cabinet in front of the bed and took out a bag, a pair of shoes and other miscellaneous things. After coming out, he bowed to several people and then left Ma Teng and Yan Pengchao looked at each other. The two were just a little surprised. It’s normal for people to die in the hospital.
I just didn’t think that someone died in this bed the day before yesterday. After all, the ward would feel awkward if he knew, Wang Yang stared wide-eyed and stayed there again, his heart was full of shock, someone died the day before yesterday, and he immediately remembered the sentence that appeared automatically just now. Someone died, it’s not something inexplicable, it’s true, Wang Yang, this is Boss Sun, these are Boss Sun’s friends, if we hadn’t met them, we really don’t know what to do. Three people entered the ward, all three were around 40 years old, they looked very friendly, all of them had smiles on their faces, the tallest one, wearing a gray shirt, was Boss Sun, Boss Sun, thank you for saving me