Seeing that Annie stood up suddenly it was really Annie you are dead Annie was taken aback Uncle Burkel what are you talking about didn’t

In the hot summer, the air conditioner in the library of Yenching University is turned on coldly. The world outside the door is being roasted by the oven of heaven and earth, as if the gods are angry and want to boil the whole world. There are three people standing. To be precise, they are two men and one woman. The judges must be talking about a bloody drama, two men competing for women, and another man who is robbed by the second generation of rich women and forcibly divorced. More sincerity and less routine. If it is true As everyone guessed, Lu Xiaoqi might still feel better. That’s right. Lu Xiaoqi is one of these two men and one woman. At the moment, he is sweating profusely. Not only is he hot, but he is also angry.
Let me repeat Zhu Yuyan and Wang Zhengfeng.
We are from the same department, but I am so unfamiliar with him. You are simply inexplicable.
Lu Xiaoqi’s roar was so loud that it almost covered the cicadas around him. To the boy who has been silent at the side, Dao Zhengfeng gently, you heard that he has no interest in you at all, why bother you? I don’t believe that the boy named Wang Zhengfeng finally stopped being silent, suddenly became excited, rushed over with red eyes, grabbed Lu Xiaoqi’s shoulder and asked Since you are not interested in me, why are you showing mercy to me three times? A group of gossip students who were hiding behind the library door and eavesdropping suddenly sprayed what kind of ghosts and gods are unfolding! My two-handed classmate is a gentleman who moves his mouth but doesn’t move his hands.
I say you are fine.
I will show you three smiles.
I don’t want to accompany you, let’s say that Lu Xiaoqi lifted his foot and left, he regretted that he didn’t look at the almanac when he went out in the morning. It’s been a long time to see any strange people. He told himself to meet the back who watched Lu Xiaoqi go farther and farther.
Wang Zhengfeng rolled his eyes and became dizzy. Zhu Yuyan, who was on the side, was frightened and quickly stepped forward to help Wang Zhengfeng. Don’t look at her slender body supporting a big boy, but she didn’t seem to be struggling at all. She just stared viciously at Lu Xiaoqi in the distance and said in a low voice, “I won’t let you go.” Your Lu Xiaoqi, male, is the number one student in the college entrance examination in Jizhou Province, and because he is an orphan, he was admitted to Yenching University for free. This year, he is a sophomore. Now it is summer vacation.
Ordinary students rarely stay on campus except those who are busy with postgraduate entrance examinations or have experiments to do.
They all went home, but Lu Xiaoqi had no home, he stayed in the dormitory every morning, went to the library to study by himself, and went out to work in the afternoon, although the school exempted the tuition fee, but other living expenses, etc.
He was completely on his own.
He is a sunny boy, he has experienced far more hardships than the average peer, but those experiences did not make him extreme and narrow-minded, but made him stronger, as if to compensate him for the gift from God Given his extremely handsome face, Mi’s stature is considered tall among Asians. Years of hard work should have made his complexion dark and rough, but it seems that he is gifted.
No matter how hard he works, he will go to the construction site to move bricks. When he came back to take a shower, he turned into the jade boy again, which made him very envious of those bronze-skinned male stars in movies and TV shows. Zhu’s woman has been dragging and tearing for a long time, and she can’t catch up with work. Today, Yanjing’s fresh market will have a large amount of seafood in storage.
It is said that besides the coastal cities of the country, there are also a lot of airfreight from other countries, so there is a lot of work today.
The boss called in the early morning to notify the fresh market was crowded with people from far away. They are retailers from nearby and far away or the pickers of big supermarkets who came here to grab new sources of goods.
Lu Xiaoqi bypassed the transaction. The lobby went into the warehouse at the back Uncle Nine, I came from a distance Lu Xiaoqi saw a familiar figure from behind and greeted loudly, son of a bitch, I know that when the weather is hot, people become lazy Nine Uncle is a strong middle-aged man with dark skin See Lu Xiaoqi raised his brows and cursed at him, but his eyes were very warm. Ninth Uncle is the general manager of the fresh market who is in charge of stocking. He usually takes good care of Lu Xiaoqi. In his words, if my child was still alive, he would be as old as you. Yes, Uncle Jiu’s son was abducted by human traffickers many years ago, and his life and death are still unknown. Because Lu Xiaoqi is hardworking and sweet, he fits Uncle Jiu’s temper very well, so Uncle Jiu treats him like a nephew.
Seeing Uncle Jiu, he is a little angry. The explanation is just that he leaned over with a playful smile and conjured up a glass of iced watermelon juice from behind Uncle Uncle, the weather is hot and the fire is gone Use a forklift to fork these sea harpoons to the district.
Someone will come to pick them up later, humming a little tune, taking the cup and leaving.
He has no children now, but someone is thinking about buying juice.
It feels so beautiful in his heart. Lu Xiaoqi smiled and responded skillfully. Moving things with the forklift, I suddenly remembered that the classmate named Wang Zhengfeng seemed to have a lot of background. I heard that his grandfather, grandpa, and father were both officials in Yanjing City.
I seemed to have offended someone today. Seeing that Wang Zhengfeng looks so kind, it shouldn’t be something.
You are evil, Lu Xiaoqi shook his head, trying to get these messy things out of his mind.
Since junior high school, he has been confessed to because he is handsome, but this is the first time he has been chased by a boy. To be honest, Lu Xiaoqi was frightened.
He does not discriminate against homosexuality. But it’s not that he himself is really blessed to suffer because he was thinking about it. When he forked to the first box, he didn’t operate well.
Because of the vibration, a large wooden box on the side was overturned from the top and landed on the roof of the forklift. Fortunately, the quality of the forklift is excellent. The guardrail of the roof is made of pure steel, so the forklift was not crushed, but the box was cracked. The plastic sun visor on the roof was also broken. The frozen fish and crushed ice in the box