Seeing Tang Wuer not talking anymore Louis nodded in satisfaction so you agree as long as you stay I will promise to pay you double

There is no best method in the way of holding the sword, and there is no end in the way.
Let’s see how a young man wields the sword for the obsession and anger in his heart in the realm of Taixu God.
A group of photos were taken that made all the heads of state urgently start the meeting.
The first global joint summit of the United Nations was held in Shanghai, China on the year, month, and day. A photo was displayed on the huge screen in the center of the conference room. This photo showed a The volume of the Gundam layer is about four times that of the Earth.
Each layer is engraved with a giant tower full of mysterious runes. It is slowly coming from outside the solar system.
Obviously, this tower is not naturally formed. None of the runes on the tower are exactly the same, which means that the race that built the tower has tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of times the amount of information on the earth, because even if all the characters of human beings are collected, it is impossible to use them without duplication. It is very difficult to cover the entire earth, let alone a single province of the earth. The second global summit of the United States of America was held in Beijing, China, in the year and month of AD, and an exciting news was brought by the Galaxy supercomputer for a period of one year. Monthly calculations successfully calculated that the trajectory of the giant rune tower does not conflict with the orbit of the earth, and it was detected that there seems to be no sign of life inside the tower. It is expected that it will gallop past the earth’s atmosphere in a year. The information began to be disclosed to the public. The third United Nations summit was held in the United Nations on the year, month, and day of the AD. The news that shocked the world was brought again.
Like an egg hitting a stone, Neptune is completely removed from the solar system, but the giant rune tower continues to advance steadily without a single pause. Human supercomputers can no longer calculate the trajectory of the giant tower.
Humanity has entered the countdown to survival and destruction.
Beijing time, the warm sun disappeared from the human field of vision, and the earth fell into darkness. The giant rune tower covered the entire sky, but according to the signs observed by satellites, the giant rune tower stood still above the earth. Fortunately, the world was not destroyed. Unfortunately, the earth was due to Affected by unknown factors, the revolution has stopped, which means that human beings will lose their light forever, and the whole world will fall into panic. On the third day when human beings lost their light, the bottom of the giant rune tower suddenly burst into milky white light, covering the whole earth.
Human beings above and below all disappeared mysteriously out of thin air. No one knows where they went, and no one knows whether they can come back. The giant rune tower that stayed above the earth for three days began to move forward. The earth ushered in. The long-lost sunshine and only half of the moon left.
Year, month, day, Beijing time, human society has initially recovered and stabilized. Hundreds of millions of players from the Earth have descended on the city of miracles on the first floor of the Illusionary God Realm, Sadavia, the first chapter of the Illusory God Realm. The shocking news.
On the ninth floor, there is a sharp-mouthed monkey with cheeks that looks like a dwarf. The dwarf, who is not more than one meter tall, ran all the way in the city, shouting this sentence, and finally stumbled into a crowded adventurer’s tavern. When he entered the door, he tripped over the high threshold and fell. He gnawed mud and knocked over the billboard at the door, making a loud noise, and everyone in the tavern seemed to be familiar with it, not even interested in looking back at the dwarves. Those who were drinking were still drinking, those who were gambling were still gambling, and those who were arguing were still During the quarrel, only the old man with two gray beards and two meters tall and strong muscles stood at the bar and carried his back on his back.
He walked slowly towards the dwarf and gently mentioned the dwarf, who was carried in mid-air like a puppy, Sam. For the eighth time this month today if you don’t give me a reasonable explanation I’ll throw you in the backyard Godalas Hack Boss Hack listen to me I’ve got a shocking big news Absolutely big news Knights of Glory The first strategy team successfully broke through the ninth floor. The first kill on the ninth floor is the sword princess Irene.
The dwarf Sam who was carried by Huck was not intimidated at all, but showed a frightened expression and excitedly announced the news. Seeing the whole tavern, no matter whether they were drinking, guessing, gambling or even quarreling, they all stood up and looked in shock at the dwarf Sam who was being held in mid-air by the boss Huck. The noisy tavern suddenly fell silent, and it seemed that even the air froze. The boss, Huck, unknowingly let go of his hand until the dwarf Sam fell to the ground and made a loud noise. He didn’t realize it. Today, all the drinks are free.
Long Live the Knights of Glory, bursts of cheers echoed in the tavern, clinking glasses and laughing endlessly.
Even the dwarf Sam, who usually fell to the ground and no one would take a second look, was lifted above his head by the excited adventurers in the tavern.
Everyone in the safety zone on the first to ninth floors of the Taixu God Realm fell into a carnival to celebrate this historic moment. In the hustle and bustle of ordinary celebrations, in the corner of the Adventurer’s Tavern, there was a handsome but a little thin man.
The boy in the tavern waiter costume did not fall into the carnival like everyone else, but looked even more lonely when he heard Irene Boss, I’m off work, and the boy who didn’t get an answer from the boss sighed and walked out of the tavern, leaning against the tavern Looking at the already dusk sky on the wall outside, I can’t help but think of a day three years ago, I’m sorry, I have to move forward