Seeing Ling Chens actions Xinger hurriedly stepped forward to ask young master whats wrong with you Ling Chen smiled and said Im fine Im just

From waste wood to weapon refining master, from refining equipment to refining fighting chicken, oh my god, can you imagine? Ling Chen is a distinguished weapon refining master, but he values ​​love, righteousness, talent and is not arrogant, very easy-going. Believe it or not, see for yourself When I stand on the top of this continent, I hope I am not alone. This is Ling Chen’s deep inner voice, so he is suffering and happy, practicing skills, Flowing World of Warcraft, Chapter 1.
Mediocre fantasy. From the open door, everyone saw a boy in brocade clothes of normal height slowly walking in.
Although this boy was born with a handsome face, his face that looked so simple and honest made people feel that he was very kind. This young man is Ling Chen. Although Ling Chen is only eight years old this year, he has successfully condensed his dantian.
At this time, he is conducting a gift test ceremony according to the arrangement of the family patriarch, his father. Warriors will find ways to test their talents as soon as possible after condensing their dantian, because the level of talent represents the level of a warrior’s future achievements. There is no need to make it so long during the Fu testing process, but Ling Chen’s father Ling Luo thinks that Ling Chen’s dantian talent at such a young age must be better than his two older brothers, so Ling Luo decided to consolidate his position in the clan. The Fu test ceremony was held with great fanfare. Although the elders in the clan knew that Ling Luozai was trying to show off, everyone felt helpless about it, but they all sighed in their hearts. The son is still better than the other.
Everyone is curious about how talented Ling Chen is. After all, his two older brothers are too good.
Welcome the third young master into the hall.
Butler Ling Bi opened his throat the moment Ling Chen stepped into the hall.
Greeting Young Master Chen, the Ling family heard the sound and bowed slightly to salute Ling Chen.
Ling Chen had already become accustomed to this. He didn’t make any response, but continued to walk forward. Ling Chen came to the center of the hall and placed a In front of the fortune measuring instrument covered by a red cloth, I couldn’t wait to test my fortune, but was stopped by the butler Ling Bi who was standing aside Ling Chen smiled mischievously when he heard the words, then withdrew his right hand and looked at his father. Hurry up, my child, I really want to know how much my talent is. The current status of the Ling family in Bianyang City is inseparable from the joint efforts of everyone, but our Ling family cannot maintain this status in Bianyang City without the support of powerful warriors, so I hope that you will not only contribute to the family in the future We must also work hard to improve our own cultivation. Only when everyone’s cultivation is strong, our Ling family can maintain long-term prosperity in Bianyang City. Today is the day when my youngest son Ling Chen tests his talents. Our Ling family will have another outstanding warrior born.
Congratulations to the patriarch, congratulations to the patriarch, everyone in the Ling family clasped their fists at Ling Luo and laughed, Ling Luo was full of faces Reciprocate the salute to Ling Luo one by one with a smile, wait for everyone to congratulate, then start to the butler Ling Bidao, please obey the Patriarch Ling Bi, give Ling Luo a fistful salute, and then remove the red cloth to reveal a round Fu Yi Chen, you just need to put your body inside A trace of spiritual energy can be input into the small hole of the measuring instrument, and Ling Bi smiled at Ling Chen. Ling Chen smiled slightly when he heard this, and then stretched out his small hand while circulating the trace of spiritual energy generated in the body and slowly input it into the measuring instrument. Looking at the fiery color shown by the test instrument and the digital butler Ling Bi, he felt something stuck in his throat and couldn’t speak.
Although Ling Bi didn’t call out the talent that Ling Chen had tested, everyone in the Ling family saw the fire.
Ling Chen has condensed his dantian so early, logically speaking, his talent should be better than that of his two older brothers, what is this? It’s because Ling Chen’s spiritual root value didn’t want him, he’s just a mediocre person, he thought how talented he is? Hmm, the patriarch lost face this time, Ling Luo’s face was scorching hot when he heard everyone’s discussion, he didn’t expect it Ling Chen’s talent is so poor that it can only meet the minimum requirements for cultivation.
Every warrior has his own specific spiritual root attribute, and the level of the spiritual root value represents the level of a warrior’s achievement.
Only warriors with a higher spiritual root value can Only by practicing can one grow into a powerful warrior.
There are many types of spiritual roots for warriors on the Tianling Continent, the most common of which are the five elements, gold, water, wood, fire, and earth. There are also other special spiritual roots, such as wind, electricity, fog and sand.
The types of spiritual roots for warriors are Ling Chen, who was born with nature, learned that his spiritual root turned out to be the most common five-element fire spiritual root, and the value was only 1, he covered his face with his hands and ran out.
Chen’er, Chen’er, Ling Luo saw Ling Chen running away quickly Hastily chased them out, and everyone in the Ling family’s meeting hall also dispersed. Ling Chen ran to his room and lay down on the table alone, meditating. Young master, how much is your talent? Quickly tell me a little girl who is about the same age as Ling Chen. After Ling Chen came in, he lay down on the table and hurried forward to ask happily.
Ling Chen didn’t raise his head when he heard the words, which is the worst kind of fire spirit root? In Chen’s room, he saw Ling Chen lying on the table and beckoning the little girl to go out, then he slowly stepped forward and patted Ling Chen’s shoulder lightly.
It is possible that although you are not as good as your two older brothers, but as a father, I will let your two older brothers take good care of you in the future.
Ling Chen raised his head and looked at Ling Luo when he heard this. Dad is not disappointed, you are very happy to be able to cultivate