Seeing Lin Xiao staring at another woman she just prayed at the moment Lin Xiao forgot about himself Oh you are so hot sweat is

The content uploaded by the user begins with Time-Space Express Author Xiao Shulang Chapter Strange Express Life is so comfortable Asking girls to eat and sleep A day has passed anyway, anyway, he is rich, his parents crashed a plane and left him a large inheritance, enough for him to spend his whole life on such days Lin Smile is quite satisfied, although occasionally I feel lonely, but no matter what kind of life is the same, it will get tired after a long time.
Lin Xiao sometimes complains that the days fade out, of course he regrets his life and asks him to play those extreme sports. I’m not interested in life, I can adjust that thing, the thorns are exciting, but if I accidentally lose my life, I miss being able to touch fish with my friends when I was a child. Unfortunately, I lost contact after moving.
It’s been more than a decade.
Sighing and lazily lying down, the phone in his trouser pocket vibrated twice Lin Xiao thought it was a text message and took it out to see it was an unknown page. Is your life dull and boring? Do you want your life to be full of unknowns and surprises? Are you sure, sure, maybe again What kind of money-swindling game? Hehe, I’m sure I didn’t leave.
Anyway, I’m bored, so I’m just playing around.
Lin Xiao muttered to himself in a low voice. Both of them are sure.
He just clicked on one, and suddenly the screen of his mobile phone gave off a blinding light.
Lin Xiao was caught suddenly. I closed my eyes due to the strong light, and when I opened my eyes, I’m so goddamned, which town is this with a very different style of painting? It’s the style of the Republic of China period in TV dramas. The mobile phone in my hand was shocked again.
Lin Xiao Don’t care about anything else, quickly unlock it and take a look, the page is still just different from the last time Congratulations, you are about to become a glorious member of Jueming Express. The company is looking forward to your joining Novice Express Delivery Newcomer Instructor Nine Uncle Mission Location Linlin Town Mission Rating Level Novice Difficulty special reminder Express delivery is not good Delivery missions are dangerous Improve yourself as much as you can to survive Lin Xiao was stunned to see me, is this me playing a game or is my real person participating? At this moment, a ray of light was shot from the phone screen and cast on Lin Xiao Then the clothes and clothes have changed and become in line with this era. I hold a courier in my hand.
The courier has only one recipient name.
Ren Hao The terminal does not provide more functions during the novice task. Please do your best and look forward to it. For your safety, please cooperate with the terminal.
Change within a certain period of time, no one knows who you are, please keep it secret, a few words without beginning and end blend into this place, change clothes, I know how to change my face to protect myself, I also understand this place, of course no one knows who I am, keep it a secret What about personal privacy or this weird company? Lin Xiaodan was thinking about it for a while.
He would first ask someone to ask what kind of place this is. I hope this is the world I know well. Then I will test the newcomer instructor to see if I can get it.
More information is pulling me. How should I say this dress? It’s the kind of robe on TV. Turning my head and looking at the back, I feel pretty good.
I’m wearing it quite like that. Looking at the streets of the town not far away, I can’t go back If you come, you will be safe and wait for me to go into the town to have a look.
Lin Xiao feels that this is not that simple Feast your eyes with a big smile Of course he won’t admit that he mainly looks at beauties Purely natural ah Along the way I’ve harvested a few attractive girls It’s a pity that you don’t have a temperament to speak of Village girl Xiaohui, you are also a big girl You should buy rouge gouache and dress up Dressing up with your little face is awesome. That stinky man has a mellow voice and a waxy feeling.
Lin Xiao turned around and his eyes lit up.
A woman wearing a princess dress and a top hat pulled another woman to choose rouge, but the other one was dressed too old-fashioned. Seriously losing points, the boss stared at the beauty in the princess dress with wide eyes, and even stammered when he introduced it to others.
When he turned around, he saw the sugar seller next to him staring at the woman, almost drooling. The men all pay attention to the woman, Lin Xiao admires this woman for being so calm and looking at so many fiery eyes.
Hey, the saliva came out. Lin Xiao teased this little sugar man.
Mouth awkwardly smiled, do you like it? Lin Xiao pointed at the woman who liked the duplicity. Anyone could tell if she liked it.
If she liked it, she would go up and strike up a conversation.
If you don’t go, how could she remember you? Simple, this is how the girls in our town who have stayed abroad can fall in love with us, the mud-legged little brother said in a tone that is both proud and inferior Candy eater Lin Xiao almost drools when facing a series of candies Miss is very proud. Everyone in the town knows that most people can’t lift their heads in front of her, let alone strike up a conversation. With the promise of my brother, Lin Xiao adjusted her clothes and walked happily. She waited for her sugar man to come and licked her lips.
Is it delicious? Miss, I just came to the town from outside today. I’m not familiar with the place.
Do you know where Uncle Jiu lives? I have to go to him. The first picture of the two beauties is very good, the girl who is a bit rusty is blushing, I don’t know if it’s shy or hot, she lowers her head and looks at Lin and smiles at Uncle Jiu from time to time. He lives at the end of the street and runs a candle shop. You can see Ms.
Ren sizing up this strange man, answered his question, and then pointed with her finger, thank you, I invite you to eat candy. hooked up