Seeing Lin Ruoxis expression is a little abnormal and subconsciously thought it was the little boy standing next to the student council president who annoyed

What do you call your grandpa? My ears are not deaf.
The old man plucked his ears slowly and talk about it. Why don’t you agree and ask why grandpa? Are you willing to spend your whole life with a woman you have never met before? Who says you haven’t? Ruoxi, you have seen this child before when you were one year old, Ye Kaihuai, I just turned sixteen, how could anyone get married so early? Your bastard father gave His Majesty’s daughter to you when she was sixteen Abducted and then threw you, a little bastard, to me five years later. I don’t know where you are at ease now. My respected grandpa, please don’t call me a younger bastard who is related to me because of blood It’s not good for you, old man. Lock it up. When did you agree to let him out? The old man was offended by Ye Kaihuai’s teasing.
Bang the iron door of the reflection room and slam the old man through the iron door.
The small window on the door said to Ye Kaihuai in the room, don’t try to escape, I’ve already put a ban on the iron door, even with your strange power, you can’t open it, think about it carefully, I’ll tell you Ruoxi, that child looks good, pull him down Well, grandpa, that old woman who sells steamed buns in town, you said she looked like a fairy, but I took a look and it turned out that she was a fairy, and when she came down to earth, her face turned first. You said that the girl named Ruoxi was beautiful. Anyway, if you don’t marry, you have to marry.
When the time comes, I’ll tie you up too.
The old man who was suspected by his grandson of aesthetic problems became a little annoyed.
The old man left angrily. Ye Kaihuai lay on the only bed in the reflection room and began to think about countermeasures for himself He is a time traveler. In his previous life, he was a folk artist who loved archeology. In layman’s terms, he was a tomb robber. However, in Ye Kaihuai’s view, he was not robbing tombs, but helping the dead ancestors to rediscover the treasures they left for future generations.
It is a good deed with infinite merit.
Of course, it is not too much to make a small fortune and earn some hard money when doing good deeds. In Ye Kaihuai’s eyes, the only difference between him and the National Archaeological Team is that they have certificates and they have no certificates.
They are undocumented.
A national civil servant who does not receive a salary, when he did a good deed, retribution came, and he did not know what mechanism he touched.
When Ye Kaihuai opened his eyes again, he found that he had changed from a young man in his twenties to a person the size of a thermos bottle. Fortunately, since the age of twelve, Ye Kaihuai has followed his father around various cemeteries, large and small, and has seen many weird things. Ye Kaihuai quickly calmed down and analyzed the relationship between the servants who took care of him.
Talking to Ye Kaihuai, after a month, he roughly understood his identity in this life. In this life, his name is Ye Kaihuai. The old man he quarreled with just now is named Ye Zhen.
His grandfather in this life is said to be very famous in the whole mainland.
Magisters and great magisters are generally relatively rich.
It can be seen from the quality of the personnel who take care of Ye Kaihuai and the home furnishings that it is true. The same great magisters are generally also rich. It is relatively busy. Since Ye Kaihuai was able to walk on the ground, he often did not see Ye Zhen for two or three months.
It is correct to live a life without worrying about food and clothing. For Ye Kaihuai, who has no big ambitions in his previous life, he is already very satisfied. As for turning back into a baby, it will grow up again anyway. You can’t be dissatisfied, isn’t that how Ye Kaihuai happily relived his childhood until today, the grandfather who came back from the imperial capital Anping brought him a gift for him.
The news is like a bolt from the blue. You can’t sit still. You can’t tell what that stubborn old man will do if you wait so stupidly. It seems that you can’t stay here anymore. Ye Kaihuai lying on the bed turned over and sat up. He decided to leave here, at least outside. Hidden for three to five years, waited for the limelight to pass, and then came back. Ye Kaihuai ran to the door first and looked through the small window on the door.
The outside was fine. No one quietly moved the bed aside.
Ye Kaihuai skillfully put the bed on the ground A stone slab was lifted to reveal a hole.
This secret passage was dug by Ye Kaihuai when he was a child. Children always search very hard, especially Ye Kaihuai who has a wealth of knowledge.
In order to punish Ye Kaihuai who made mistakes, Ye Zhen usually locks Ye Kaihuai in. In the reflection room, there was a hungry meal as a punishment, but the magic height was one foot and the height was one foot five. After being hungry once, Ye Kaihuai took advantage of Ye Zhen’s chance to go out and secretly dug this secret passage to the kitchen every time he was locked up until the dead of night.
Ye Kaihuai followed this secret path to the kitchen to have a full meal, and then went back to the reflection room along the secret path.
When Ye Zhen released him the next day and asked if he dared to commit the crime again, he just had to honestly say no.
It’s okay, because the secrecy work is done well. Until today, no one in the castle except Ye Kaihuai himself knows the existence of this secret passage. Follow the secret passage to the kitchen. The cooks have already rested and had a full meal. After that, Ye Kaihuai quietly left the kitchen. Go back to your room and start packing your luggage.
Money is essential when you go out.
One hundred and three gold coins and seventy-five silver coins.
These are all Ye Kaihuai’s property.
There is no way to see the difficulties in life in the town every time I go out. The person Ye Kaihuai can’t help but want to help out. Fortunately, if it’s not the end of the month, if he leaves at the end of the month, he may not be able to keep the 75 silver coins, but this money is a bit small. How about finding someone to sponsor Ye Kaihuai Holding the money in his hand, he said to himself, and acted as soon as he moved, Ye Kaihuai put the money in his hand into a purse and put it away, packed up a few changes of clothes, wrapped them up, and moved them lightly to the basement of the castle where the belongings were stored. When I walked past Ye Zhen’s room, I heard the voice of the butler, Fu Bo. Ye Kai came to the door curiously, and heard that Fu Bo was talking about his marriage with Ye Zhen.