Seeing him in surprise Ji Ze speaks so fast I don’t hate you I’m just shy I’m not so close to girls I don’t know

Chapter What’s going on Young master, do you know how busy I am today? You really hit me a lot. The young man leaned his head on the car window and listened to the irritable voice of the manager on the phone. He moved the phone away with disgust. A little farther away, his beating voice is lazy, implying two points of impatience, like a big cat whose sleep has been disturbed, An Le, who is driving in front, can’t help but shiver, and he can already imagine the furious appearance of the manager on the other side.
After a second, Zhao Qiansun’s roar followed.
Ji Ze, if you don’t give me an explanation today, go explain to the media yourself tomorrow. Are you okay? After drinking a few glasses of wine, his skin is fair and he has a drinking-like physique. At the moment, he looks very threatening. Ji Ze waved his hand, but he was sober. He sent An Le back. He threw himself on the sofa to prepare for the cat. Lie down for a while and the phone rang again That man’s majestic and rigid face, I saw the news that you caused trouble again Ji Ze admired what happened just an hour ago, you knew it so quickly I’m not sensible.
After becoming an artist, I became more and more lawless. Jize felt that these words sounded boring. He glanced at the call log. Dad, the last time we communicated was more than two months ago.
The reason why you called me after such a long time After scolding me for saying this, the other end of the phone suddenly became quiet. After a while, Ji Haichao spoke again. His tone has become much calmer, but the topic has become weird.
Have you ever dreamed about your grandfather Jize? He has been filming every day recently.
Too tired, basically go back to the hotel and fall asleep, basically don’t dream Ji Haichao’s next words made Jize feel even more weird. I dreamed of your grandpa every night in the last week, saying that our family is going to have a little ancestor, and the old man told me to do it. Treat the little ancestor with good filial piety Ji Haichao also described the little ancestor he saw in his dream as a little girl who looked a little bit older and dressed in a red ancient costume. It is not surprising that the little girl is his granddaughter just because of her age, so the filial piety in the old man’s original words He really couldn’t say those two words.
Ji Ze, if it wasn’t for his father’s voice on the other side, he must have thought someone was making trouble. His grandfather has been dead for more than ten years.
The pressure is too much.
Aunt Li has good cooking skills, let her make up for you more.
Ji Haichao’s tone became cold again. I’m talking to you about business.
What’s your attitude? There is a problem, he successfully hangs up the phone with his father so angry, the little ancestor Jize in red muttered something to himself, thinking it was really absurd, drunk slowly hit him, he didn’t bother to move, and stuffed it into his arms Lying on the sofa with a pillow, his consciousness gradually became dizzy.
Ji Ze was really dreaming.
Ozawa Ozawa was standing in a mist. Someone was calling his nickname softly in front of him. The voice was old and loving, pouring out the infinite tenderness of an elder towards a junior.
Ji Ze almost His throat was choked up in an instant, and he looked in front of the sound. The mist gradually dispersed, and two figures appeared in front of him.
The tall, thin, kind-faced one was familiar to Jize, and his grandfather had a smelly and bad temper.
The moment the big boy saw his close relatives, all the sharp thorns on his body were hidden, he became soft and obedient, and his voice even carried a little coquettish taste.
It’s been a long, long time since you didn’t come to see me. I touched his skinny hand Gently rubbing his head, like many years ago, Grandpa went to another world. I can’t come to see Ozawa often.
Our Ozawa has grown up so much.
The old man took Jize to look and looked at it for a long time before talking about the real thing. This is The little ancestor of our Ji family, Jize, finally got a little attention and saw the little girl in red standing next to his grandfather.
In recent years, the ancient style has prevailed. Ji Ze can recognize that this is a Tang-made skirt. It looks like it should be three or four years old. The appearance is very cute, the pair of almond eyes are big and round, looking inexplicably familiar, the three or four-year-old ancestor Jize, who is dressed in red, always thinks this description is familiar, but after thinking about it carefully, he can’t remember that in the dream, his grandfather was talking to him.
He said a lot of things, probably meaning that because of some special reasons, the little ancestor wants to come to the Ji family, Ozawa must be filial to our little grandfather and grandma. Ji Ze thinks these words are weird, but in dreams, no matter how weird things are, they can happen to him. Without further ado, he nodded and agreed.
When he woke up, Jize was still dazed looking at his phone.
It was only a few minutes before ten o’clock, and he fell asleep for less than half an hour. In his dream, everything was vivid, even his grandfather’s hand was on the top of his hair. The tactile sensations are so real.
After that dream, Jize finally realized how familiar that little girl is.
She is exactly the same as the one his father described on the phone.
Of course, Jize didn’t take it seriously, and he didn’t hesitate to push the blame to Ji Haichao.
Blame him for being superstitious and talking so decently that he also had such an outrageous dream. The slight smell of alcohol in his body finally dissipated. He got up and was about to take a bath, but he heard a soft knock on the door.
Sheng Jize was taken aback. The house he lives in now is a flat-floor house, and the neighbors are all busy people. He has lived in it for more than a year and has never been disturbed.
He also does not order takeaway or housekeeping services.
Who would? Knocking on the door at this time can’t be a fan, right? He raised his vigilance and opened the camera at the door of the room, but the figure in his eyes stunned him.
It was a little girl who was only as tall as his thigh, wearing a red ancient dress and wearing a delicate comb on her hair. bun