Seeing Fahai look over Xiaoqing smiled awkwardly then Fahai said goodbye to Xiaoqing swallowed it and it still hasn’t come out what should I do

Chapter 1: Alien World, Hello Sister, Hello, Your limbs are weak, your whole body is weak, you feel dizzy, and you even have some difficulty breathing Even his lips were dry and cracked.
Fortunately, he seemed to be on a bed with a bowl of water next to the bed.
After barely getting up and drinking the bowl of water, Wang Jiama finally regained his energy and drank too much. There are dilapidated houses all around and it looks very old For the quilt, the current condition is very bad.
Wang Jiama got up and felt that his body was very weak, which is not like his own body. You must know that you are very strong.
The dilapidated room makes people feel sad, and there is nothing in it except a bed and a cabinet.
There is nothing left, it seems that it’s not a hotel hissing, it hurts, am I being attacked? Wang Jiama feels like he has a splitting headache, and then he suddenly falls to the ground.
There are many pictures, strange rituals, strange spells, and himself, that’s me.
It was drowned in a small river ditch, and the white stripes in Tangtang Lang were actually this dead king Jia Ma saw his body crawling in a ditch, standing motionless, and some people stood beside him, including the police uncle. It looked like he was doing a test and the conclusion was finally defined as drunk and accidentally fell into the irrigation canal, causing choking, suffocation, and drowning, but only he knew it wasn’t.
In fact, although he drank alcohol, he was not drunk, but at that time he didn’t understand why, as if his soul had gone out of his body. The body can no longer move, and of course Wang Jiama finds it hard to accept that his death was drowned by an irrigation ditch, and the most important thing is that he is still alive, so who is he? When he came, he had already returned to the bed, and even though he didn’t open his eyes, he could feel two people beside him.
Brother Tai, will my brother die? A weak voice asked in a low voice, as if he was very worried that his brother would leave and would he not? Yes, I have asked Priest Ross to see that Farr is out of danger.
Although he was kidnapped by the Neissers to perform a ritual sacrifice, fortunately, the ceremony was destroyed before the ceremony was completed.
Farr is now only weak and can be raised.
Get up, Annie, stay at home and watch over your brother, don’t let him fall again, you Tai, go out and find something to eat, and after finishing the older friend, who should be in this body, the friend named Tiger left and left the rest of us My sister Anne is by my side, they are the bottom-level people living in the Gray Fortress. According to the memory I just fused, this world is rather strange. Airplanes and ships have everything in life.
Technology can be said to be quite modern, but weapons are quite primitive. It seems that there is something restricting this aspect. Development, of course, this does not mean that the fighting power here is low.
On the contrary, on the contrary, the people here are strong in fighting power. The enemy country’s fighting power is weak, of course, these are the people at the bottom.
Ordinary people produce and provide supplies for these high-ranking people in order to get protection. It just so happens that Farr, who Wang Jiama crossed over, is one of them, and his sister Annie, the reason why Farr was kidnapped and sacrificed is entirely his own death.
Ordinary people insisted on dying to join some church, and were sadly selected as sacrifices. In the end, although they were successfully destroyed by the Metropolitan Police Department of Gray Fortress, Farr was also dying.
The Humanitarian Police Department gave some financial assistance.
But it can only treat Farr, who wants to rely on it to make a fortune, obviously it is impossible. Keke Wang Jiama opened his eyes. Although he still feels weak, he is in good spirits.
The physical weakness cannot be eliminated, but at least it is not. You will faint at every turn, brother, you are awake, it’s great, brother, do you want to drink water, do you want to eat? Annie hid bear biscuits for you. Seeing her brother opened his eyes, Annie jumped out of the bed happily and took it immediately.
I found a bear biscuit from my collection.
I can see that Annie cherishes her biscuits very much, but her brother is very weak and needs nutrition, so she took it out. Thank you Annie, but if my brother is not hungry for the time being, let Annie eat the biscuits. Wang Jiama revealed With a smile on his face, he said with a smile on his face, but he was crying in his heart.
It seems that the family he joined was not rich or extremely poor. Farr, who died according to his memory, went to the church because of the bread and milk provided by the church, his sister. I need these, but it’s a pity that I was chosen as a sacrifice when I went there for the first time, and I almost died, not to mention bread and milk. Almost swallowed it, but at this time, the Police Department came. The chief of the Police Department used a mysterious object to attract void interference and finally prevented the evil god from descending.
After the inspection by the inspectorate, it was found that his soul was intact, but his body was extremely weak, so he saved his life.
If he comes, he will be safe. As for his family in the previous world, Wang Jiama can only say sorry.
Fortunately, he still has a vigorous brother and a The younger sister who is more confident, maybe the whole family is complaining and remembering herself in front of her tombstone at this time. After all, in a family where the whole family is successful, it is rare to be unsuccessful in everything.
Wang Jiama doesn’t think so.
He is just a little ordinary.
People are too successful, which makes him extraordinarily different. In order to escape from this reality, he has been obsessed with various movies, TV dramas and anime for a long time, using these fantasy worlds to numb himself, and finally succeeded in breaking away from the boring and suffocating world.
The world just came to another world that didn’t seem to be very friendly to him