Seeing Diao Chan at the pavilion Diao Chan saw Lu Bu ran into Lu Bus arms and cried I see the general Xu Shiji the

Yuan Yao’s eyes glowed, and said that his father needed money to become emperor, and his son happened to have no money, but he planned to form a heavy cavalry. The beauty I want to interrupt her when Yuan Yao appears, Daddy, this is your daughter-in-law, come madam, let’s get to know you right, what did you just plan to say, Yuan Shu burst into tears and said, I want to betroth her to your son, I hope you all like it The author’s self-defined label is easy.
Chapter 1 Three Kings So-and-so Yuan Yao looked at the classical and luxurious bedroom in the house and couldn’t help talking to himself.
It seems that everything can’t go back.
It’s been three days. No matter what he doesn’t want, it’s a done deal.
Yuan Yao had to accept his identity.
Yuan Yao’s father, or should I say his father, was the Yuan Shu who was said by Kong Rong to be a dead bone in the tomb, Yuan Shu who wanted to be emperor, and Yuan Yao was Yuan Shu’s eldest son. Yuan Yao has nothing to complain about. His identity would be the son of the richest man if he put it in modern times. In other words, he is the Three Kingdoms version of Wang Moumou.
How can those seniors be so embarrassing? Of course, the key is that it is useless to complain. My cheap father Yuan Shu is currently fighting against the Yellow Turban Rebels.
Relying on the process in the history books, the next thing is Dong Zhuo’s entry into the capital. Daddy Yuan Shu realizes the dream of being an emperor. With his knowledge from later generations and his clear knowledge of the development of history books, he does not believe in changing the fate of Daddy Yuan Shu. But now he has to think about what to do next.
What is most lacking in the new century is of course talents.
Chenliu’s Dian Wei, Changshan’s Zhao Zilong, Donglai’s Taishici, these are all like unexplored treasures waiting for the Ming Lord to let them see the light of day again, leaving a subtle stroke in the history books.
The most famous general under Yuan Shu’s hands is Ji Ling, but Ji Ling’s strength barely ranks among the second-rate generals. In order to face the exciting moment of the eighteen princes’ crusade against Dong Zhuo, Yuan Yao urgently needs a first-class general to support his side.
Yuan Yao’s first choice is Yi Lu.
Among the two Zhaos and three classics, Chen Liudian, Wei Gu’s evil son, you have already done what you told this old slave, Yuan Bo, the steward of the Yuan family, came in and interrupted Yuan Yao’s train of thought, saying, “Okay, I know, I’m sorry, thank you.
” It is the job of the old slave to solve the troubles and troubles of the young master Yuan Bo saw that Yuan Yao was not speaking, and then said that if there is nothing wrong with the young master, the old slave resigned Yuan Yao watched Yuan Bo leave because he was worried that talking too much would cause suspicion, so he chose to be quiet and he let Yuan What Uncle does is arrange fifty guards to go with him.
Of course, some gold and silver treasures are indispensable. Yuan Yao is going to say goodbye to the elders at home, but his father Yuan Shu is not at home.
Seeing a beautiful shadow rushing towards Yuan Yao, Yuan Yao knew without thinking that it was his sister Yuan Shan. Ever since Yuan Yao told her a story about Snow White, Yuan Shan has been pestering him all day long to listen.
Yuan Yao tells fresher stories. Yuan Shan is just a cute little lolita now.
She has a pair of big watery eyes and a soft pink skin that can be broken by just looking at it.
The beautiful brother of the country, the story you told me this time is not over yet. When Yuan Shan sees her brother Yuan Yao, she is like a cheerful lark, chirping and asking questions. This is also the one Yuan Yao wants to go out. For a small reason, Yuan Shan taught you the etiquette for your mother. Have you forgotten? This allows outsiders to see how decent Yuan Shan has been since she was a child, and she was eccentric and fearless.
She was afraid of her mother, Yuan Shi.
When she saw her mother Yuan Shi, she hid in Yuan Shi Yao made a grimace with her back turned.
A middle-aged woman appeared in front of Yuan Yao with a gold hairpin on her head. Although she was over 30 years old, her eyebrows still showed her beauty when she was young. Mother Yuan Yao immediately saluted and said that Yuan Shan did not expect her brother She will suddenly salute, her grimacing appearance will be exposed at once when she sees her mother Yuan Shi staring at her with a pair of phoenix eyes, she turns her head and looks at her elder brother Yuan Yao with a pair of playful eyes, knowing that elder brother Yuan Yao is a deliberate mother, I suddenly want to go to the toilet It’s not advisable to stay here for a long time, Yuan Shan didn’t forget to give her elder brother Yuan Yao a kick when she ran away, Yuan looked at the back of Yuan Shan who was bouncing around and left, doting and sighed, this child will still be like a mother when he grows up I will have a headache once Yuan Shan leaves, Yuan Yao of course doesn’t have to pretend, he stood up from the ground and laughed, “Sister Shan is smart and cute and loved by everyone, mother is a little worried, this is not being spoiled by you father and son, and you have been pestering her for the past few days Ask me if all the princes ride white horses? Yuan gave Yuan Yao an angry look.
The prince doesn’t have to be riding a white horse, he might also be riding a black horse. The one who rides a white horse said that it doesn’t have to be the archmage Yuan Yao secretly said in his heart, but he didn’t dare to really say it. She nodded and replied, mother taught me that I heard you were going out, Yuan asked, that’s why the child came to bid farewell to Yuan Yao.
I don’t doubt why mother Yuan knew that any disturbance in this house would not escape Yuan’s ears, including her own old man. Father Yuan Shu is glad that the concubine’s identity is clear to the Yuan family, let’s see whether to say it or not, now there are yellow turban thieves all over the place, why did Yaoer choose to go out at this time? Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles. Traveling thousands of miles is not as good as reading countless people. Seeing the myriad of things in this world, you can learn and put it to good use. Yaoer really grows up and opens his mouth to be a mother. If I stop you from wasting your efforts Xin Yuan smiled all over her face and said that Yuan Yao accidentally said poems that surpassed this era, but it is not easy to take back the words from the mouth. The right is to do it by yourself, right? Yuan Yao has a shameless face and secretly thought that Yuan Yao was chatting with his mother for a while Farewell mother with escort after meeting