Seeing Chen Long coming back Lu Ruoxue hurried forward and said are you all right dear principal are you worried about me Wow so touched

The most mysterious base in China, the evildoer who came out of the death prison.
This base has no number, except for the highest chief and the soldiers here. Only a few people in China know of its existence.
Steel walls can even defend against shell bombing, but the steel covering it all makes this place. The air in the base is extremely cold, and people call it hell. In the office, an old man is lazily sitting on a steel seat, with a cigarette between his fingers, happily puffing out the smoke.
In front of the old man, stands a young man with a waist. Straight as a javelin, with the iron-blooded aura of a soldier on his body, he has the aura of being invincible, but facing the old man in front of him, Yang Wei is very humble and respectful.
Holding a file in his hand, Yang Wei glanced at the records on the file. Chief Dao has just received the news that the Dragon King has escaped from the Death Prison. If a prison can hold him, he will call him the Dragon King.
Don’t worry, he must go find that woman. The old man smiled softly and saw that he knows the Dragon King very well, sir Make sure to let the Dragon King get close to that young lady, I’m worried that with his temper, something will happen.
After all, the things in that woman’s hands are very important to us. Yang Wei’s face is full of embarrassment. If the thing in my hand is taken by the enemy, the consequences will be unimaginable, but that girl is so arrogant that all the special forces we sent to protect her have been returned by her, and only that kid has a way to get close to that girl and protect her, isn’t it? Do you still have a suitable candidate? The old man asked Yang Wei, shaking his head, thinking of the arrogance of the eldest lady, he was helpless, but his subordinates were still a little worried.
Chief, look at this, Yang Wei put the file in his hand on the old man with a face of embarrassment while talking. Open the first page in front of you.
Great military exploits. Code name Dragon King. Enlisted in the army at the age of 8. Joined the special forces at the age of 16.
In the same year, he performed the first solo mission successfully and returned. He became the youngest soldier in military history to complete the mission alone. At the age of 20, he destroyed the largest period of destroying hundreds of millions of drugs in China. All missions performed have never been defeated.
Known as General Changsheng and entered China’s most mysterious special forces. At the age of 23, he represented China to participate in the United Nations multi-national joint mission.
He went deep into Africa and personally directed the world-shaking battle in Africa. The smile that hadn’t been maintained for a few minutes disappeared in the same year. In the same year, at the age of 23, she publicly molested the award-giving hostess at the commendation meeting.
She was dismissed and promoted, and she was downgraded six levels within a month, setting a record for downgrading. Reason nine for catching a thief within a month Intruded into the women’s dormitory for the first time, killed eight captives who had surrendered during the African War, and was arrested and sent to the international death prison. The old man scolded his mother for a while, as if he had won a prize, with a hippie smile on his face.
The old man said, “Go to Donghai immediately and keep an eye on this kid. Don’t interfere with his plan, but you must keep an eye on him. Don’t mess around.
Don’t tell me anything else.
” The big basket is here, it’s the chief Yang Wei immediately straightened his waist, nodded in response, turned around and left the office, the old man smoked a cigarette, extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray, narrowed his eyes, and said that the sleepy dragon will eventually ascend to the sky, the dragon king, it’s time to open the era that belongs to you, the international flight In the first-class cabin, Chen Long is holding a Playboy magazine in one hand and stirring a cup of coffee evenly with the other hand. Erlang is sitting loosely in the comfortable seat with his legs crossed.
His lazy posture is as if he just had a fight with someone. It’s the same for hundreds of rounds, but his eyes are peeking ahead through the eaves of the magazine, completely different from his lazy body, his slender eyes are shining with a unique splendor no no no At least it was Chen Long who was muttering a little while the other hand was still stirring the coffee very rhythmically. Sitting in front of Chen Long was a stunning beauty in a milky yellow suit that vividly outlined the woman’s delicate body. Wearing a ponytail, there is no room for exposing a charming and pretty face in the air. His brows are picturesque and refined.
Even if Chen Long wanders the world and reads countless women, he has to at least give the beauty in front of him a score. The beauty seems to find that Chen Long is peeping. After looking up, he blinked ambiguously at Chen Long. Whoops, when did the beauties in China become so enthusiastic? The prey came to the door. How could Chen Long give up and simply throw the magazine at the beauties in front of him and vote for a gentleman? She smiled and said, beauty, are you from Donghai? You are not interested and don’t want to make friends with you.
The beautiful woman said in a cold voice, pretending to be noble, which is a bit funny Anyway, no one around is pretending to be anything. When the plane lands, is it going to your home or mine? By the way, I don’t have a home in Donghai, or I’ll open a hotel. Chen Long spreads his hands and looks like you choose. I was stunned for a moment, and then there was a bit of anger in the eyebrows, bastard, who wants to go to the hotel with you, shut up immediately, or don’t blame me for being impolite I’m flirting with myself and now I’m losing my temper. Isn’t this intentional to play with others? So big but that’s not an excuse you can insult me ​​you have to apologize to me one size smaller