See Bai Lingxis free and easy feeling she is slowly changing herself slowly making herself better After Feng Yu left Lang Shang still stayed in

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Word count In previous life, she was deceived by a scumbag and died miserably. She was reborn again. She was indifferent and ruthless in her previous life. Revenge one by one.
The two biggest goals in life are revenge and eating Gong Yuechen heard that you want to eat me, no no, I want to take revenge first and then eat you Someone gently pulled the neckline of his nightgown and hinted that I will take revenge for you Now you can Come eat me, come here Bai Lingxi never thought that one day her two goals would merge into one. After eating Gong Yuechen, everything will be fine. Chapter 1 Ning bears the world and lives up to you. A tall and handsome man protects a woman in his arms. Both of them are covered in guns.
The wounded fell in a pool of blood, motionless, even though the man tried his best to protect him and the woman in his arms, he and the woman in his arms couldn’t breathe at all.
A few men with guns around were laughing unscrupulously. That’s great, Xu Wei’an, you actually succeeded in killing Gong Yuechen haha I really want to thank this woman! It’s so easy to trick Gong Yuechen into falling in love with her. Isn’t this courting death? Such a beautiful woman, you are willing to die like this. It’s a pity. Haha, dead body, do you want to play? She had already passed away, but at this moment, a drop of blood and tears ran across Juemei’s face, as if expressing despair and unwillingness.
The red mole at the corner of the eye was blood-stained and became more and more sad.
Bai Lingxi was surprised to find herself floating in the air. She looked at herself and Gong with great sadness.
Yuechen’s corpse looked at the executioners laughing and still shooting and kicking Gong Yuechen’s corpse for fun, her soul frantically rushed towards those who shot, don’t touch him, get out of here, you all get out of here No one can hear it, no one can see her soul pass through other people’s bodies Bai Lingxi looked at Gong Yuechen desperately in the posture of protecting her until he died, he was so proud to die yet still let these people insult him How can I accept it? Bai Lingxi couldn’t help the heart-piercing cry. The desperate cry from the soul seemed to shatter her soul.
There was darkness in front of her eyes, and she no longer had consciousness.
I don’t know how long it took. Cold and unwilling hatred shot out of the misty eyes.
The sun squeezed into the room through the cracks in the curtains. The dark gray room gradually lit up.
I moved my body, as if it had been dismantled and reassembled by someone.
It hurts like a dead person.
Can I still feel the pain? By my side, the man’s deep and magnetic voice suddenly sounded beside her, but it was like knocking in her mind. Bai Lingxi shrank her pupils, her body froze, and the cold hatred on her face instantly burst into shock. She turned her head stiffly, her misty eyes widened instantly, and looked at the face of the man next to her, a face as handsome as a god’s and deep. The star-like eyes and nose are as straight as a peak. At this moment, the eyebrows are lightly wrinkled and the thin lips are slightly pursed.
Gong Yuechen turned out to be Gong Yuechen. Didn’t he and her both die? Atmospheric and luxurious, this is actually Gong Yuechen’s room. At this time, there is a European-style bed that is more than two meters wide. They were naked, the snow-white sheets were stained with red plums, and they were in a mess.
Idiots also know what happened not long ago.
The span is a bit big! No scary scars, exhausted face like dead gray, no premature fine lines around the eyes, no quietness, coldness, no breathing, as if you want to see him in the bottom of your eyes, imprinted in your heart, but he is just younger, he has a younger self, Bai Lingxi pinched him Her thigh hurt so much, so it was really not a dream, she was reborn like a ghost in Liaozhai, but the timing of this rebirth was very delicate She was so happy that the resentment and unwillingness in her heart were temporarily suppressed, and only the man in front of her eyes was in her mind again and again, recalling the scene of Gong Yuechen’s life-saving protection. Looking at the naked man standing up, looking at his muscular back, looking at him wearing the familiar military uniform, 198, his height is handsome, his face is healthy, his complexion is healthy, there is no trace of excess fat all over his body, every detail is perfect The waist has six-pack abdominal muscles and the lines are clear. The forehead below the waist is mosaic.
Bai Lingxi blushed slightly and turned her head to look at Gong Yuechen’s reaction. His eyes darkened. I don’t know what I misunderstood.
I’m afraid I thought Bai Lingxi twisted it out of disgust.
Before turning her head to go out, she looked at her with a complicated expression and said, “Don’t be afraid of me.” Bai Lingxi opened her mouth and said nothing. The sudden surprise made her face this man and she didn’t know what to say. She blinked her eyes, thinking that she is really not afraid of the whole capital.
If anyone is not afraid of Gong Yuechen, she is the only Bai Lingxi. In her previous life, she lived as a joke.
The man she was looking for just used her to get close to Gong Yuechen, used her to assassinate Gong Yuechen, used her to finally kill Gong Yuechen and she Gong Yuechen, who wanted to escape with all his heart, lost his heart and gave up his life because of her. It’s great to be able to meet again. In this life and afterlife, Gong Yuechen.
This time, I’d rather lose the whole world than lose you again. Chapter 2 and me Downstairs Chapter 2 Going downstairs with me Gong Yuechen walked out of the room and went downstairs.
Bai Lingxi shrank into the quilt and a small head popped out tightly clutching the quilt. The bruises all over her body were clearly a bullied animal.
But the eyes of the little beast flashed with excitement.
She has severe autism and is used to hiding when she is extremely unable to control her emotions.
In her previous life, this autism was a torment for her. It took her many years to overcome it, but these are not The point is that everything in front of her made her very sure that she was still alive and reborn in a quiet room a few years ago, and soon she cleared her mind. She went back to the night of her eighteenth birthday because the memory