Say this sentence but you don’t know why every time then I’ll say it again Thank you He Zhizhou hugged him tightly He still shook

Zhang Jiaoyang scorched the ground like a fire, and there was a heat wave in the air. Jian Linghuai felt dizzy and felt that he was about to be cooked. The voices of several people whispering to each other could be heard next to their ears, and it took them a while to hear what they were talking about.
Turning the other side, there should be one who is half-familiar.
How long will he pretend to be so hot? It’s hard for him to pretend.
I’ve said that sir, if he doesn’t come here today, he’s going to die. If I don’t wake up, I’m going to eat.
When are we going to lie down? So what are we going to eat today? A few people, you glanced at me and chatted about lunch, and the voice was completely unfamiliar. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself lying on a deck chair by the pool, turning his head to look at the middle-aged people who were talking. The man is wearing mainly black servant clothes. The texture of the fabric is exquisite, which is not something ordinary families can afford. He woke up, scattered and went to eat. Jian Linghuai grabbed the corner of the last woman’s clothes and asked, hello, where is this? After a while, those people laughed loudly.
The middle-aged woman in front of her was short and fat, she bent over with a smile. What’s the matter, Korean drama master, you haven’t played enough. You have played it all over the car accident and cancer, and now you are going to lose your memory again. The route is out, Jian Linghuai was stunned for a moment, obviously they knew who you are, who are we? The fat woman gave him a sad look.
An elegant middle-aged man stepped back, his smiling eyes narrowed into a line, and he bent down respectfully, Mr. Jian, do you still remember me? I still owe five hundred until now. Manly, it’s impossible.
Jian Linghuai stepped down from the deck chair. I’ve never lost at a poker table because I’ve never been at a poker table. It can be seen that your memory is not wrong, so why am I here? Jian Linghuai looked around. The magnificent villa behind him is not a property under his name. I have never been here. It is you who have never been here before. You raised your chin in the direction of the pool, didn’t you just find out that the swimming pool was filled with water two days ago, and you ran here to commit suicide? I was obviously in a car accident. The woman rolled her eyes and turned back. It’s been a year.
Can you change your bloody script? Hearing this, Jian Linghuai was silent for a moment, feeling that everything was wrong, and suddenly ran into the room. Strange house, strange layout? These people are all strangers, am I Jian Linghuai? He pointed to himself and asked the servants to follow and nodded reluctantly.
Jian Linghuai then asked if my company is still there. It’s still in preparation, woman, it’s not closed down, your culture has always been limited, Jian Linghuai is impossible, he is a talent who has come out of elite education, Jian Linghuai walked to the center with heavy steps, looked around, and his eyes suddenly stopped on the wall The huge photo is a wedding photo of the two men.
One of the men is exactly him.
What is this? Jian Linghuai pointed to the photo in shock. Who gave it to me? Your own squinting eyes. I went to find someone by myself, Mr. Jian Linghuai, since she was in a coma, she heard them keep saying Mr. Mr. It sounded more like the owner of this house, and couldn’t help frowning. Who is Mr. He Zhizhou, of course you can’t ask for it. The woman replied, He Zhizhou, the name He Zhizhou is too familiar.
Isn’t this one of the cannon fodder in the old abusive novel The President’s Stand-In Lover? Before the car accident, the secretary drove the car and turned on the bluetooth voice to play the novel that he hadn’t finished yet.
It’s because there’s a dodder male supporting role in this book whose name is exactly the same as his, and he jokingly told him to recite the whole text quickly and be careful to read through the book, so he was forced to finish listening to the story with a dark face.
So I found the protagonist Shou as a stand-in. After discovering the truth, the protagonist Shou voluntarily left with heartache and unbearable pain. Then Shou encountered all kinds of high-quality cannon fodder. It was the last cannon fodder Gong who spent more pen and ink.
Not only did he have a better family background and appearance than the slag Gong, but he was also more gentle.
It seemed like an iceberg, but he used deep affection. Once he fell in love with the other party, this affection was hard to transfer.
As soon as Gong compares He Zhizhou, he has become the perfect male second in the minds of thousands of readers. Probably to let Slag Gong successfully catch up with his wife. When the readers are clamoring for a change of attack, the author makes a coquettish operation. He Zhizhou’s wife, Jian Linghuai, suddenly goes online.
This person has nothing in his chest, only thinking about seducing men all day long, adhering to the principle that if he doesn’t do anything for a day, his whole body will be itchy, and he will be tricked by the protagonist everywhere. When the end is about to end, his brain is filled with water and he is about to drive a car to kill the protagonist. At this time, the scumbag suddenly The flash pushed the protagonist Shou away and dumped him in a pool of blood.
He was successfully washed clean, and then the standard dog-blood ending, the original owner really died on the road of the protagonist Shou’s love. Thinking of this, Jian Linghuai silently shut the crow’s mouth to the secretary.
On the face of the year-end award, he stood upright, put his hands behind his back, looked around, and his eyes calmly fell on the servants. Some of them couldn’t help but feel a subtle change in his temperament. They didn’t know what he was going to do. What monster quietly observed his every move Jian Linghuai paced to the front of the photo, raised his chin slightly and stared at it for a long time, suddenly frowned, he stepped forward to straighten the frame of the photo, it was a little crooked, servants, keep busy Jian Linghuai Just give a few orders, turn around and walk to the back door, then sprint and jump into the swimming pool Hey, why did he start again, go get it, don’t jump, don’t jump, you can’t jump here, you go to the roof