Say goodbye Li Xiaoying with a dark face opened the door of the box and touched Li Shao looked at Li Xiaoying who had left

Chapter 1 If there is no problem, just ask for a collection, please recommend Rabbit Country, Yanjing, Huaqing University, not far from the south gate of Jinglin Apartment, a two-bedroom, one-living room for rent.
There is a person who looks left and right and has a well-proportioned body. He is wearing a gray and white ordinary casual suit. Classmates around the age of 10 are staring at the computer screen in front of them meticulously. The left hand keeps tapping the keyboard. The right hand holds the mouse and keeps moving.
Shifting, trimming, straight lines, spaces, and spaces. As time goes by, a very unique and complicated pattern will appear. Slowly forming on the pitch-black screen, this looks very ordinary.
Once you throw it into the crowd, you can’t remember it anymore, but your eyes are as black as ink.
The abyss, the whole person exudes a different kind of temperament.
It is Liu Chi, a sophomore who has no car, no house, no savings, and no savings after years of struggle. On the computer desk in front of Liu Chi is a book of basic principles and precautions of elements and formations. Seeing it, I guess it was a look of bewilderment. After Liu Chi hit the last space bar, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.
After half an hour, Liu Chi stared at the computer screen.
It took him two months to slow down. The designed pattern murmured that there should be no problem this time, right? Liu Chi spent more than a year of his extracurricular life in college for this device.
I’m going to cry. The fifth version of the design of this device that uses arrays to decompose carbon dioxide to obtain carbon monoxide and oxygen for combustion is finally complete. Just to be on the safe side, check again to make sure there is no problem. Carbon dioxide enters from the left inlet and passes through the outermost layer. The wooden line circles around the formation, then follows the lines and enters the gold system heating system on the second floor, and then enters the core fire system burning array eye, which emits a lot of heat. Liu Chi used the mouse to move the drawing on the computer screen for half an hour.
Afterwards, Liu Chi finally let go of the mouse in his hand and leaned back on the chair with ease. Visually check that there is no problem. First try out one to see if there is any problem, then modify it slowly. After saving the part, he looked up and wondered when it was already dark. The sky glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer.
Tomorrow is the weekend, so I can just sleep in.
Liu Chi felt his flat stomach and quickly ran into the kitchen to tinker for a few minutes.
Looking at the empty refrigerator, he shook his head helplessly and forgot to buy groceries. Today, I’m going to eat takeaway again.
In fact, for a Virgo, if it’s not a big night, there’s really no way to eat takeaway One corn on the cob, one eggplant, two hot dogs, and a plate of fried rice noodles with added spices.
Well, it’s almost the same. According to the usual habits, it will take at least a few minutes for the delivery to be delivered. After paying the payment, Liu Chi puts down his phone and rushes directly to the bathroom for a few minutes before eating and drinking.
The full-footed Liu Chi rolled onto the bed sheet with his mobile phone in his arms. The next afternoon, in the industrial laboratory of Huaqing University, Liu Chi stared meticulously at the workbench of the high-precision CNC machine tool. The top of the high-nickel copper plate was moving like a snail half an hour later, Liu Chi took the copper plate off the workbench and put another piece on it, tapped the start button on the console to confirm that the machine tool was running normally, then picked up The newly engraved copper plate picked up the prepared oil and washed it lightly for three minutes. After cleaning, Liu Chi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the unique and strangely beautiful lines. No matter whether it works or not, at least the effect he wanted was achieved by visual inspection. Half an hour later, Liu Chi took down the other copper plate, and after confirming that there was no problem, an excited smile appeared on his face. It was almost a test. He picked up the stainless steel water cup that he had prepared earlier, ran to the bathroom, filled it with water, and wiped it with a click. A copper plate is directly covered from the top and bottom, and it is locked with a card. Gently pick up the water glass filled with water and put it on it.
It depends on whether you want to eat meat or drink porridge. There was a crack between the two copper plates after Liu Chi put the water glass on it.
Directly close together, and at the moment when the two copper plates were close together, the naked eyes saw the silver-white copper plate change from red to black. It took less than ten seconds for Liu Chi to react, and there was a blue squeak. The copper plate above the smoke directly melted, and a big hole came out.
Damn it, Liu Chi swears and failed. Liu Chi picked up the water glass and looked at the two burnt copper plates, but he was surprised when he lost it.
Although he failed this time, the way was right. It seems that the instantaneous temperature is too high. The copper plate can’t withstand the direct melting. How high is the melting point of the high-nickel copper? It can be melted in less than a second, which means that the heat emitted by the combination of the two formations must exceed the degree. This has to be improved. The improvement is not only the material but also the texture of the array. No matter which product ranks first, it is absolutely safe. The temperature should be lowered and finally controlled at about 100 degrees. The heating speed should be braked.
Safety is the first.
Liu Chi used two more A steel plate test saw that it was burnt red in less than ten seconds and couldn’t help but gritted his teeth, but luckily it wasn’t burned.
An hour later, Liu Chi put a few burnt samples into a bag and tidied them up. Leaving the laboratory of Huaqing University Vice President Lin Wei’s office Su Mulin Chen Dongming Ye Yazhi I hope you three will form a team as Huaqing’s seed team to hit the league championship Chen Dongming, wearing a pair of frameless myopia glasses, glanced at Su Mulin He and Ye Yazhi were overjoyed, but they didn’t show their faces and nodded seriously. I have no objection.
I can form a team with Su Mulin.
What I disagree with is a big fool. Xueba and goddess are not called for nothing, although the appearance is a little worse than the other goddess Ye. A little bit, but having an extra name as a top student can completely even out the difference, and Ye Yazhi is not bad.
In Huaqing, he is also recognized as a top student, but he is not as beautiful as Su Mulin, so Su Mulin thought about it for a few seconds.