Said that Wang Xinyues thinking is really unique this Situ Yueer was speechless by what Nangong Yu said Slowly turned his back to Nangong Yu

Yihuang raises the butcher knife again.
Three years ago, the world-renowned spiritual doctor announced his withdrawal from the arena.
At the same time, as the leader of the world’s number one killer group, Yihuang also announced that the wing-killing group sealed the knife, causing the world’s black and white to fall into a month-long crisis. Three years after the shock, a sudden genocide attack awakened the two great powers. Dusk fell and night fell. A lonely figure stood on the top of an unknown mountain, looking down at the constantly flashing fire below the mountain.
From time to time, gunshots came from below to break the night. The calm night covered the figure running back and forth down the mountain, but he couldn’t cover the sight of that figure. Even in the dark night, he could see everything as clearly as in daylight. The battle of thousands of people lasted for three hours. The sound of gunfire under the mountain. The gunshots are becoming more and more frequent and denser, as if they are in a final struggle. The figure on the mountain seems a little impatient, slowly raises his left hand and gently grasps it down the mountain. After completing such a simple movement Afterwards, he turned around and left before leaving.
He dared to do something in Qingxia City without knowing his life. The scene turned to the foot of the mountain, where there were no more people walking around, and all that was left was puddles of blood and scattered guns. That’s it. One day after thousands of people disappeared from this world, no one would have thought that there had been a battle here.
In the evening, the Yiyue Pavilion is located on the bank of the Qinghe River. The retro tea house is divided into two floors. The first floor is for wine and the second floor is for tea. Only the owner of the teahouse knows that there are two men sitting on the seats near the window on the second floor. I said you, you are a bit cruel this time, the man who is a little bit evil said in a strange way, his slender fingers ran across the exquisite teacup on the table, revealing a softness from time to time Wuyi’s Dahongpao is not bad and has a bit of taste, but I don’t know how to taste it. I’m afraid I will spoil this cup of good tea.
After this sentence, the two fell into silence. Ignoring Jing Hao’s doubts, he said to himself that the so-called emperor must have the ruthlessness to kill the world before he can forgive the world’s benevolence.
This is the only way for the emperor to kill and be kind.
What’s more, with our current strength, it is more than enough to aspire to the top. There will still be those poisonous snakes that spy on us and give us a fatal blow at any time when we relax. Then I’m afraid we will be miserable.
If we really want to be carefree, we must get rid of everything that is against us. You know Who were the people yesterday? Do you think they are just mercenaries? They are murderous weapons cultivated by a certain force, and they have already laid a net in Qingxia City.
They seem insignificant, but they can play a fatal role in special circumstances. These people can’t I have no objection to keeping the benevolence and righteousness in your heart, but it is not now that Nangong Yu’s words made Jing Hao fall into deep thought.
After a long time Jing Hao picked up the teacup and drank the tea in one gulp, with a sinister smile on his face again, I finally understand why the boss asked me to talk to you about that battle, dare not ask me to educate you, but ask you to teach me maybe This is the reason why you can become the leader of the Yisha group and the genius doctor of the Spiritual Medicine Museum, right? There are a lot of power relations mixed in. This is also a helpless move. Did you read the news a few days ago? You mean the three clans were exterminated.
Yes, you know.
This time, there is a big trouble.
After finishing talking, I will not continue this topic Jing Hao.
I glanced out of the window and happened to see the beautiful figure standing under the willow tree on the other side of the river. I couldn’t help but chuckled and turned my gaze to Nangong Yu again, saying, that girl, what are you going to do with her? Nangong Yu, who is quite unique, is a little silent at this moment. I don’t know that the leader of the 18-year-old wing-killing group, the owner of the Lingyi Museum, these identities all indicate that the world he lives in is unimaginable to ordinary people.
The normal existence, now he can’t give this girl any promise, just let it be The girl who was waiting for him, Nangong Yu couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction in his heart, how happy it is to have such a girl by his side