Said son they are here yes let’s go to the forest Gongyi Shulan gave orders glanced at Mo Wu and Qingzhi who looked like enemies

One sentence brief introduction May my life be ten years long I hope my wife will be happy in time The emperor wants to ask you to marry him Emperor Xuande stood up in shock Was Aiqing designed by some woman Gongyi Shulan said without changing face Please ask the emperor to be your minister and the Princess of Fuyi County of Ningguo, Mu Tingyun, to marry you, Aiqing! How can you not think about it? Emperor Xuande’s legs softened and he sat down again.
Cautious feet slipped into the water and died, and came back after being reborn.
She made up her mind that beauties and water like tigers need to stay away.
It’s just that this new beautiful lady looks familiar. Later, Mu Tingyun smiled slightly when he heard that the emperor’s nephew wanted to send my husband to the north. Emperor Xuande waved his hands in horror. Yi Shulan’s supporting role, Huo Boxi Chapter 1 Marriage in Xuande Seven Years The warm sun shone on the bricks and glazed tiles of the imperial city, reflecting a faint radiance.
The clear sky flew past a few birds and perched on the high eaves with animal heads to comb their hair. The originally quiet palace suddenly became louder, and the birds fluttered and flew away.
The emperor wanted to ask you to marry him. Emperor Xuande stood up in shock. Was Aiqing designed by some woman? Without changing his face, he said that he would like to invite the emperor to be his minister and the princess of Fuyi County of Ningguo, Mu Tingyun, to marry you, Aiqing, how hard are you to think about it, and you really want to marry Douer? This appearance is indeed such a sense of surprise in his heart.
Emperor Xuande touched his chin and looked at the bowed minister under the steps.
Thinking that Douer was going to marry out of the house, his heart was complicated. He coughed and said that what Aiqing said was true, but you You should know that Princess Fuyi is the queen mother’s most beloved little sister. If the queen mother agrees, the subject is willing to ask the queen mother to marry Gongyi Shulan, and immediately answered the words, which means that he, the emperor, does not care if he agrees or disagrees. Emperor Xuande’s throat is itchy. He coughed twice and waved his hands, saying that I will inform the Queen Mother about this Aiqing is waiting to be called at any time, it is getting late Aiqing has just come back from Yuncheng and has worked hard, go back and rest, thank you, the emperor, and your majesty. After the back of the clothes gradually disappeared, Emperor Xuande stood up awkwardly, took big strides and walked quickly towards the harem Follow up with the emperor, take it slow, take it slow, Gongyi Shulan finally took the initiative to ask Ying to be my little uncle, and I had to tell the queen mother quickly, saying that Emperor Xuande was so excited that he could fly to the Queen Mother’s Ningshou Palace immediately And Concubine Shu’s Bao and Princess didn’t know how to cry when they heard the news? Due to pedestrian traffic on the street, the speed is slow. Gongyi Shulan is sitting upright with her eyes closed. She seems unaware of the hustle and bustle outside the carriage. Suddenly, the carriage stops when the sounds outside gradually start to rise. I only heard a female voice crying and shouting that the Prime Minister wronged the good people and killed innocent people indiscriminately. After a while, the attendant Jiu An raised the curtain and asked the Lord what should be done.
Let her cry and listen to what she said. Without opening her eyes, she said lightly that Mu Tingyun was lying on the window sill at Lianli Pavilion next to the street, looking at Gongyi Shulan’s carriage. When she saw someone making trouble, she frowned and pointed at the woman who pulled a girl to kneel in front of the carriage.
Who would dare to stop her? I seem to hear her scolding brother Mo Wu, your ears are good to hear her scolding, Mo Wu is afraid that she will go out of the window in a moment of excitement and pull her, saying that if the girl can’t hear clearly, let’s go down and so on. Mu Tingjun raised her eyebrows, I heard that the prime minister wronged my family Liu Lang, I would like to use death as a proof of Liu Lang’s innocence, but please give me an explanation, or I will kneel and die here today, my poor Liu Lang died of injustice How do we live as orphans and widowed mothers? You just went to someone with high positions and powers without any reason. We can only go to the underworld to reason. The porcelain vase needs to be big, but not small enough to fall.
It sounds like an interesting thing.
Qingzhi immediately turned over and fell from the window, directly falling in front of the porcelain shop next door, scaring the people inside and outside the shop and screaming again and again. Putting up her skirt, she ran downstairs to leave the crowd and was about to walk in. Mo Wu hurriedly covered her head with the veiled cap.
Jiu An saw Mo Wu’s head sticking into the carriage with the tip of her eyes, saying that Lord Fuyi Princess is here.
Gongyi Shulan suddenly opened her eyes Standing up, the wife Mu Tingyun, who is about to die, is very clear in the whispering crowd. You are not trying to ask for an explanation for your family Liu Lang. The princess can help you.
The crowd is noisy again. Who is the princess? How do I know that there are several princesses in Sujing? Tsk, do you think this is the princess who? He is very authoritative, his brows and eyes are cold and the corners of his lips are straightened, as if he wants to say or not At this time, Qingzhi came over with a few people carrying the porcelain vases, and after Mo Wu reminded her, she regained her composure and directed Qingzhi to help the lady back, and the others took out the porcelain vases, put them in the middle, and smashed them The more broken the better, the people around immediately took a few steps back when they heard it, and waited until the people in the shop smashed the expensive porcelain bottle on the road between the woman and the carriage with distressed faces. Mu Mu Tingyun smiled. Speaking of me, in the early days of Beiji Kingdom, the founding grand master stepped on charcoal to ask the emperor to re-examine the Xu Zhao case.