Said it touched me you don’t understand it touched me it was on the back what happened for a moment Xing Ze’s brain went blank

When the savior Harry Potter is preventing Voldemort’s resurrection, Xing Ze is destroying a terrible ritual in a dark and backward town. When Voldemort is resurrected, Xing Ze wanders the dark forest in search of ancient secrets.
Ze travels through dreams to find a way to save the world.
This is an unknown story. This is a buried history. There are no heroes here, only a stranger who wants to return to Earth. The sound of metal collisions made Xing Ze open his eyes. He looked around in a daze, then suddenly reached out and touched his chest.
There was no blood as expected, no bullet holes, and no severe pain. Didn’t he die? He was shot three times and fell into the river.
Unless a miracle happens, he won’t be alive. Besides, where the hell am I? Speed ​​to wake up his drowsy brain to figure out the current situation. When the brain recovers and begins to accept and process the information from the body, Xing Ze first feels weak all over the body, and second feels his throat is dry and on fire, as if he was shot. He fell into the desert instead of the water. He leaned back reluctantly and took a knife from the messy dining table with his slightly trembling left hand. Then he began to look around carefully.
The scenery and the sound of metal collisions passing by outside the window.
Let’s speculate that he was on a train, and he alone in the small compartment would not be in any danger. Xing Ze thought that he was about to put down the knife, but was frightened by a sudden siren sound. After the fright, Xing Ze I realized something was wrong. Steam trains didn’t do much research on trains, but there were very few trains that whistled like this in 2009. My mother, am I drifting down the river to the industrial age? In order to further confirm my conjecture Xing Ze searched on the chaotic dining table with little effort, and soon he pulled out an English newspaper from under a pile of documents, or rather, a moving English newspaper Year and Month Xing Ze didn’t even realize that he had no obstacle in reading English due to the inner astonishment of the Daily Prophet Daily.
After all, he was a real scumbag in English before, and the headlines in the newspaper shocked him even more.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry A big black-and-white photo is placed in the center of the layout.
An amiable old man with white beard stands behind him is a towering old castle. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Xing Ze seems to have been hit by a hammer.
His head was staring straight at the newspaper, his brain froze due to the overload of information, but one thing is for sure, he died and traveled to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and now he should be heading to Hogwarts On the magic train, at this moment, a sudden change occurred. Xing Ze felt a tingling pain in the palm of his right hand. He raised his hand with a muffled grunt and looked, and saw that there seemed to be something wriggling under the flesh of his palm, which was about to rush out of the flesh at any time. more and more pain Accompanied violently, there are a lot of redundant information. These information poured into Xing Ze’s brain like a tide. The terrible mental and physical torture made him unable to help but cry out at the moment when he was about to faint.
He saw clearly the strange sphere sticking out of his palm.
The terrifying irregular sphere was the chief culprit that killed him in his previous life.
Xing Ze’s hoarse throat soon lost the ability to scream, and after that there were endless Dark Balksara is sitting on the single sofa in the office. This is probably the most comfortable seat on the entire Hogwarts Express train. The comfort brought by the magic sofa cannot be compared with the soft cushions in the carriage.
Not to mention those hardwood seats in the public car, of course only the train conductor can enjoy this privilege. Old Balk has been on this train for more than 30 years.
He thinks the train is his second wife. It’s about half an hour away.
Maybe I can have a drink. Balck said to himself and changed the position of the pipe in his mouth with his hand. The rapid knock on the door put Balck’s mood for a drink.
He sat up from the soft sofa and said in a low voice.
A brown-haired young man hurried in from the door and interrupted Mr.
Balck. He said out of breath, for Merlin’s sake, Bowman called me. The train conductor Balck interrupted the young man in displeasure And don’t keep blah blah blah blah, this will make the passengers laugh at us, sir, of course, no, conductor Bowman respectfully replied while clapping his hands on his chest, after he breathed, the young conductor continued to say, conductor, you have to see The weather outside is very abnormal and it has started to snow.
Balk repeats, have you drunk too much? Bowman is only at the end of August. How could it be snowing? Even though he was doubtful, he never thought that Bowman would lie to himself unless this kid I don’t want this good job anymore.
Balk snapped his fingers, and the half-hanging curtains in the office immediately went up. In order to better see the situation outside the window, he reluctantly left the comfortable sofa and walked towards the window. Very gloomy and tiny snowflakes are flying in the strong wind.
Based on the experience of traveling in winter in the past, a terrible snowstorm will come soon. How is it possible? Surprise and confusion spread quickly on the face of the sixty-five-year-old train conductor, yes, at thirty In his many years of train work, he has indeed seen a lot of bad situations, such as hurricanes, heavy rains, mudslides, etc., but the severe blizzards that occurred in August and September, Old Balk calmed down quickly, and he changed back to his original appearance, thinking about countermeasures in his mind.
There’s still half an hour to the Novorivska village station, right? Bowman flipped through the notebook in his hand, nodded and replied, “Yes, the train conductor, to be precise, there are still twenty-four minutes, provided we don’t slow down.