Said brother Suo look at this altar this altar is used to sacrifice stone dragons it has been abandoned for many years the middle of

Fighting wits and bravery with the Qinglongtang, circling among the three major families, exploring the land of dragon prosperity, going to the ancient desert city, ancient tombs, ghost ships, evil spirits, ninjas, desert hells, demon royal descendants cast spells, and the plot is tense and suspenseful.
St. Ruyi Sword Soul Tomb Witch Poison The plot is tense and the content is full of mysteries and suspense. Who will get the treasure in the end? A total of 10,000 Eight Banner soldiers, Wan Zhuangding, under the leadership of the Ming Dynasty general Wu Sangui, marched into Shanhaiguan to capture the capital.
In present-day Beijing, China, the princes of the Eight Banner Banners and the dignitaries of the Qing Dynasty advocated that the looted treasures should be returned to the pass for peace of mind and enjoyment. Prince Regent Dorgon Criticizing the short-sighted relatives and nobles who continue to supervise the army to attack the Central Plains, but secretly arrange for their confidantes to secretly build a treasure house outside the pass in order to prevent them from being expelled by the Han people in the future to be used by the descendants of the Eight Banners to make a comeback.
Inlaid with gold and inkstone in the ancient year, I am Guan Tiansheng in Beijing. Everyone calls me Dasheng. I have been driving a taxi in Beijing for several years. Now the price of oil is getting higher and higher. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m depressed, my phone is ringing again, buddy, where are you killing the customer? Li Huai’s voice comes from the phone, you’re spouting shit again, I’m a model taxi driver in the capital, it’s hard to hold a lantern these days If you keep blowing, blow it again, there will be a sandstorm. The devil has made a lot of money today. No matter how I listen to the sound, I am full of joy. You have fooled a few upstarts with those fake antiques.
I still have an old wicker chair in my backyard.
Put on a trademark of huanghuali and sell it for me. It will be 50% of the account. Li Huai and I did not know the word Huai when we were young, so we omitted part of it and called him Li Gui. Later, when he called it smoothly, he directly called me devil. As soon as the collection of antiques became popular, the devil went all over the country to drill and scour a lot of objects from the Ming and Qing dynasties and made the first pot of gold later.
Seeing that there are not many decent things on the market, I set up a store in Panjiayuan. I spend the whole day tinkering with collections that can’t be explained, true or false. When the market is good, I can catch a local rich man and two upstarts. In the words of the devil, it will not open for one month, open for three years, and I said devil. I buried two strings of knives in the backyard last week.
This week, I poured urine in that pit every day. It is probably almost retting. When you dig it out, it will be fresh.
Tongxiu Tomorrow, I’ll pick it up for you and take it to Mengmeng. How about a foreigner win big? I’m brother Disheng, so don’t try to run on me.
Just after the second ring road is blocked, it’s only a little later, and it’s blocked at the peak, so you can’t move.
Forget it, don’t drive out and have a drink. Brother, I’ll show you something good.
See you at the old place, remember to call Shang Wang Banxian, that’s it.
there must be You have to ask the old man Banxian for advice. The ancients said that you can stand without confusion and know your destiny.
Wang Banxian has just passed the age of knowing your destiny.
The relationship between Banxian and us is also a teacher and a friend.
In the early years, Banxian worked as a private teacher. At that time, there was no title of Banxian. At that time, it was Mr.
Wang Yulun.
Later, Mr. Wang became an editor. He edited and drafted manuscripts in a third-rate newspaper, and then spent a while working on antiques and jades. Wang Yulun always regarded himself as an intellectual. The store facing the street is named Songtaoxuan, which specializes in selling ancient books and classics, among which there are also some orphaned copies that have been lost in the market. It took him more than two months. Wang Yulun just didn’t breathe.
The devil’s eyes turned green when he looked at the thread-bound books in the room. I was always worried that the devil would set fire to Wang Yulun’s Songtao Pavilion in a fit of anger. What kind of divination, yin and yang, five elements, feng shui, gossip, and the eight trigrams are well-documented. Any object in Wang Yulun’s hands can tell a historical origin.
The allusions are probably as clear as personal experience.
The official history and unofficial history are easy to come by. I always have a misconception that Wang Yulun is like the devils from the ancient times, and even gave Wang Yulun the nickname of Banxian directly.
He is still idle, people chatter, the next day he is full of spitting stars, and speaks vernacularly at his stall, which makes laymen stunned for a while.
His genuine and fake antiques sell better than others, so that the devil asks what kind of half-immortal It’s unreasonable to just yell and listen to him and charge by the hour. Almost every week, I get together with Wang Banxian and the ghosts to drink some wine and taste side dishes, and listen to Wang Banxian’s miraculous talk about Little Midnight.
The Qingxinge Hotel next to the big fence has become our stronghold. After coming and going, everyone is familiar with it. The owner of Qingxinge often leaves us a quiet private room, even if we get drunk and close. The last two delicious side dishes Wang Banxian call this called Songtao Night Talk Devils look contemptuous while drinking, at most they drink with friends and friends talking about Dashan Wang Banxian read too many books Old store anyway, there are so many century-old stores on the market now. If you grab a handful, no one will teach you. As long as the price is reasonable, delicious and affordable, Qingxin Pavilion covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters and has multiple private room entrances.