Sadness but he didnt cry but Yue wanted to cry Chen Xiangs methods were not very clever but he was able to fool them around

Xia Mu just fell asleep and woke up to find that not only had he become an escort, Qiushui Huamei’s world, but he had also destroyed the virus, zombie monsters, Xia Mu, who had just woken up from a vegetative state, said that even if he could see the future, his body would be useless.
It’s tattered, sick and crooked, but it was picked up by the boss of Asia’s largest killer organization and treated as a treasure.
You are the last light in this world.
The mysterious woman said that Xia Mu wanted to save her parents, her friends, and the world.
What a fucking meow.
Trouble, this article is realistic.
There are not a lot of gold fingers. There are not a lot of golden fingers.
There are saints who tend to be like thunder and dog blood. There are many cautious ones.
If you don’t like it, please click the little red cross. The supporting role is Dragon Bone, Persimmon, Persimmon, Purple Su, Qiushui, Fu, Jiang Mo, and other profound worldviews. The first chapter is Pandora’s Night, Catch the Insect. Flying outside, there is a sense of depression and desolation.
The sound of beeping horns and scolding sounds from outside the window seems to be due to the traffic jam.
Xia Mu was stunned for a long time before his brain started to function. A neat, clean and luxurious room with a big bed big enough for sleeping. On the small table next to the bed are some fruit supplements and a vase with a few delicate white water lilies in it.
There is a soft sofa next to the window with a creamy white carpet.
If it weren’t for the needle stand next to the bed, Xia Mu would have thought this was some villa. The door of the room was pushed open and a young nurse walked in. She seemed to glance at the position of the big bed habitually, then turned around as usual and was about to close the door. The next second, she froze for a moment, as if she had seen a ghost, she turned around and stared at Xia Mu.
The tray fell on the ground, and all the needles and water inside were smashed into pieces.
The syringe fell to the ground, Young Master Qiu, you, you, before Xia Mu could speak, the nurse yelled and rushed out.
Xia Mu wanted to get out of bed, but his body didn’t listen at all.
It’s like losing strength after a strenuous exercise.
My head is also dizzy and dizzy to the point of nausea. What happened? Xia Mu just remembered that he fell asleep and opened his eyes when he was in a professional class, and came here.
Could it be that he was sick? Xia Mu Mu clutched his head and huddled up on the bed.
His body was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t help moaning in a low voice, and then a few strange scenes flashed in his mind. A large group of doctors walked quickly towards a certain house, including running out just now. The little nurse opened the door the next moment, and a large group of doctors walked in, and these people were the ones that appeared in my mind just now. The leader was a gentle-looking male doctor wearing glasses, Qiu Shao, who called softly. Xia Mu answered vaguely, and now his whole body feels uncomfortable, as if the body is rejecting the soul, but the soul wants to forcibly integrate into the body, which produces a huge rejection. Doctor Xu hesitated for a while and asked Qiu Shao, are you Where is it uncomfortable? The body is woo woo Dr.
Xu thinks it is really strange. Qiu Shuihua’s symptoms are definitely not symptoms after waking up from a vegetable state, but rather like being tortured.
Because of Qiu Shuihua’s identity, he dare not neglect at will and immediately pick up Qiu Shuihua to do it. After a full-body examination, except for the weakness caused by lying on the bed for four years, there is no problem, because there are professional nurses every day, even the muscle atrophy did not occur, but Xia Mu passed out from the pain. Doctor Xu thought about it.
I wanted to dial a phone number, but no one answered after a long time. Dr. Xu sighed and looked at the sleeping boy with some pity, because he had been asleep for four years, time seemed to have forgotten him.
Although his hair had turned silvery white, he was still a boy It looked no different from when he was sent to the hospital four years ago, and his brother, Dr.
Xu, tried hard to recall that the last time he appeared in the hospital was a year ago. Even though he was twins, the younger brother was slender, tall, beautiful, and dazzling like the sun. Every move reveals a lovable affinity. The bright contrast between the lively younger brother and the dark elder brother is hard to believe that they are twin brothers.
Xu still remembers that it was a heavy rainy day.
Qiushuifu is also Qiushuihua’s twin brother. He and Jiang Shao came to visit his younger brother who became a vegetative state. The young man kept his eyes on Jiang Shao from the beginning to the end.
Even his fellow brother was not willing to give alms. He hurriedly explained a few words and left. Knowing the relationship between Qiu Shuifu and Jiang Shao, plus the gossip outside, he also probably knows why Qiu Shuihua fell from the stairs and turned into a vegetable.
The poor child has a lot of jealousy among the nobles. It’s just that he didn’t expect the twin boys to fall in love with each other at the same time.
The same person is still the eldest son of the Jiang family, what a crime! However, Dr. Xu dared not show what kind of person Jiang Shao is with a hundred guts.
He has a military and political background and a wealth of money in the city.
He is definitely a person who walks sideways and no one dares to control him. The Qiu family brothers are just pets that he keeps and plays with. Although they can’t be on the stage, Dr. Xu doesn’t dare to neglect.
Every year, the Jiang family spends several million on this private hospital.
Thinking that Dr.
Xu made another call, Dr. Xu’s call came from a lazy female voice, which was extremely alluring.
I woke up, Qiu Shao, and the phone was silent for a second. The next moment, I cheered up and woke up. That’s great, finally. I can get my share of the money. How should I spend the money? Sure enough, I was drinking from a bar.
After hanging up the phone, Dr.
Xu had mixed feelings.
The second call was to Qiu Shuihua’s nurse, an unmarried young woman.
The woman in charge of massaging Qiushuihua’s muscles