Roaring to stop Tang Fan from making a move I give up I give up the leader of the Shenhuo Mercenary then shouted that if

The beginning of the chaos The electronic calendar on the wall shows the year, month and day Tang Fan twisted his buttocks to make himself sit more comfortably Watching Linjiang TV station, I am the host Wang Qing.
The temperature has been dropping recently. It is hot in July, but it has the meaning of winter in December.
All viewers and friends must pay attention to the work of preventing cold and keeping warm.
The beautiful host who is very popular in Linjiang City brings With a professional smile on his face, he said that the following will broadcast a week’s news for everyone.
From the June issue to yesterday, there have been more than 100 missing people in this city for no reason. Dear viewers and friends in front of the TV, try not to go out at night. A mouse the size of a pug dog was found in Liancheng Development Zone A giant two-meter-long centipede was discovered in Yuanpu County.
The oranges planted by Lao Wang, a villager in Baiyun Village, Dongshui Town, are already ripe.
Seeing the smiling face of the beautiful host Wang Qing, the seductive plump red lips broadcast it.
It’s a surprising thing. Tang Fan muttered, put down his cup and straighten his clothes. Even though it’s summer and July is the month with the highest temperature in the four seasons of the year, just like what Wang Qing said in the broadcast, the temperature has been soaring in recent days.
So now Tang Fan is wearing two pieces of clothing, one thermal underwear and one casual jacket Tang Fan has watched this program for a month without knowing how many times.
When he first watched it, he was surprised.
It was like a millstone. A scorpion as big as a basketball and a mosquito as big as a basketball are really a novelty, but now such strange things happen every day, so-called normal.
Now Tang Fan will be surprised only when he hears that the mosquitoes have changed back to their original form. It must have started in late June. At that time, a meteor shower appeared, and the content of the news every day was almost the same. It was either reporting the number of missing persons, or reporting where mutated animals and insects were found, and with the passage of time, the information of those animals and insects The body seems to be getting bigger and bigger. The oranges that were supposed to be only available in winter unexpectedly appeared in July. All kinds of signs completely contradicted people’s cognition. Even Tang Fan, a nervous person, felt puzzled It is said that some sensitive people are already thinking wildly.
Now the prophecy that the end of the world is coming is spreading everywhere on the Internet, and it is well-founded, and more and more people speculate and participate in it, setting off a frenzy of public opinion, even in reality on the Internet.
There have also been various organizations, large and small, such as the Doomsday Survival Club, the Salvation Society, and so on.
Tang Fan was once invited to join. He grabbed the remote control and changed it at will.
In response to various weird phenomena that have occurred frequently in recent months, everyone The audience is very puzzled. Now, biologist Dr.
Wang is invited to explain to you the question about the variation of animals and insects.
In fact, we should look at it from the perspective of genetics.
It is the changes in genes that lead to the variation of animals and insects.
Wang Said in a slow voice, the first time he opened his mouth, it was just nonsense. From the very beginning, he discovered the mutation Insects, we began to conduct research and collected various samples, and finally confirmed that the variation of animals and insects is closely related to the unknown energy that appeared in the air in late June. It can be said that the variation of animals and insects is caused by unknown energy. What exactly is energy? Will it have an impact on us humans? This unknown energy, we have found through research that this energy is contrary to what we know.
It is a negative energy. Let me give you an example, such as sunlight, which is a positive energy.
Then this kind of unknown energy is the negative energy opposite to sunlight.
It is somewhat similar to the moonlight formed after sunlight is reflected by the moon, so we name this unknown energy dark energy.
Of course, some people jokingly call it magic energy. Dr. Wang pushed Pushing away the glasses, there was a smile on the always serious face.
So far, we have found that this dark energy only affects the genes of animals and insects, and has no effect on humans. This dark energy is from the meteor shower in late June. Afterwards, the density of dark energy at that time was not as high as it is now, but it has reached our research. We found that the higher the density of dark energy, the faster and larger the mutation of animals and insects. When Dr. Wang said this, I couldn’t help but think of it. Didn’t the monsters and ghosts in myths and legends just absorb the moonlight and cultivate themselves to achieve evolution? It can also be said, but from a scientific point of view, there are no such things as monsters and ghosts. Everything is evolution caused by genetic mutations.
This kind of dark energy is the factor that triggers the mutation of animals and insects.
We can imagine that one day we will see mosquitoes the size of elephants and bees the size of hippopotamuses.
In this way, we humans are not facing a major crisis.
Don’t worry, although these animals and Insects have mutated, but we are also focusing on research. We have cracked part of the genetic code and they are dangerous, but they also bring new opportunities to us humans. You can imagine that if the secret of this evolution is cracked, what will happen to us humans? We can also make breakthroughs in genetics, perfect, become perfect, become stronger, and we will also enter a brand new era.
Dr. Wang suddenly waved his hands like a fanatical believer and roared, unusually excited.
Tang Fan showed a sneer. Silly, if the mosquitoes are the same size as elephants, I am afraid that human beings will be extinct.
Think about it, when mosquitoes become the same size as elephants, when they suck human blood, they will directly pierce people out. The big hole is like an instant kill, and there are so many insects in nature. Think about the army of insects like mountains and seas. What a terrifying scene. Turn off the TV. Tang Fan is too lazy to watch it again.